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  1. Larsen,

    When Lipseys had a special run of New Vaqueros in .44 Spl, I purchased a set of stainless steel from Long Hunter.  Now, I've always wanted to shoot .44-40 and planned to have custom cylinders made by Gary Reeder, but I decided to check with the Ruger service centre here in Canada to see if I could get another set of .44 Spl cylinders from them.  I could so I bought a pair which they fit to my guns.  After I got them guns with their new cylinders back, I sent them to a gunsmith I know who reamed them out for .44-40.  Now I can shoot either caliber but for the past 3 years have exclusively shot .44-40.  So when Ruger says the New Vaqueros can't be chambered for .44-40, they aren't correct.

    Kananaskis Kid

    1. Larsen E. Pettifogger, SASS #32933

      Larsen E. Pettifogger, SASS #32933

       As I noted in my response on the thread SOME people have had .44-40s custom made.  I said Ruger says they cannot be produced on a mass production basis.  The reason is the cylinder base circle was changed from the Vaquero to the New Vaquero to accomodate the smaller frame.  All manufacturing has tolerances.  Ruger has to be able to ensure that a maximum size case will fit in a minimum size chamber, etc.  The max size .44-40 rims won't the min size rim recess in the ratchet so Ruger won't (at least so far) make them.  Hard as it is to believe Ruger actually knows how to make guns.  You had yours custom made and can control the type of brass used in the gun.  Joe Blow buys a gun and any ammo he can find.  If it don't fit Ruger will get a nasty letter.  What I wish Ruger would do is make a dual cyllinder .32-20/.32 Mag in the New Vaquero.

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