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  1. Morning Larsen, if you dont sell the rugers in 32 mag at winter range please contact me. Thank You Oak Creek Martin

  2. Got one more item and the box to carry to the swap meet is full. This is a very rare, very early Navy Arms .36 Remington. Correct navy size frame and 6 1/2" barrel. Serial number 51 with the Navy Arms, Bogota, New Jersey barrel address. Very scarce vintage C&B. $275.00.
  3. I have talked to several people that are bringing guns to the swap meet. Still hoping they will post. The swap will, as usual, have a lot to offer. Several of the items in my initial post have been spoken for so I went through the infamous "closet" and dug out a few more. I will have the handguns at the swap meet. I will probably only bring long guns if someone is intersted in them as they are a pain to transport. Pair of Ruger .32s with adjustable sights. $650.00 for the pair. Ruger buntline .32 with adjustable sights. $375.00. American Derringer M7 Ultralight in .380 ACP. With holster and dies. $250.00 American Frontier Firearms conversion in .44. These are scarce and were produced in the U.S. from imported forgings. $375.00. Colt 1911 (1991) NIB with extra mag and holster. $750.00. Colt Cowboy from Custom Shop. All blue with faux Ivory grips. Never out of box. $1,100.00. Ruger 10/22 takedown. Never out of box. With two Ruger hi-capacity mags. $250.00. Stoeger Coach Gun. I bought this to photograph an article for the Chronicle. Lots of annoying problems which were fixed for the article. New springs, triggers are much lighter than stock, auto safety removed. Everything done except chamfering the chamber mouths. Basically a new unfired gun with a free action job. $425.00.
  4. Can you tell me more about the Colt Lightning .38?  Condition, s/n, photos.  Thanks, Oregonian

  5. I was out of town for a couple of days. I think I have responded to everyone's emails or PMs. If you sent a question and did not get a response let me know. I'll look through what I have and try to mark which ones have been spoken for. The Merwin and S&W are both sold.
  6. Pair 3rdGen Colt, 7 ½” barrels, .357, early models. Has original grips and custom wood gunfighter grips by Classic Single Action in Tucson, Arizona. Excellent condition. $2500.00 pair. Colt 2ndGen Calvary model, .45 Colt, 7 ½” barrel, BP frame, bulls-eye ejector, conical firing pin, custom faux ivory grips, cased. Bob James action job. Very nice. $1,400.00. SOLD Pair 2ndGen Colt 1851 Navy, very rare round trigger guard, cased sets, arbors fixed and guns tuned but unfired. First year production “C” series guns. $1,200.00 pair Pair blue Ruger Single Six, .32 mag, very rare 5 ½” barrels, short stroke, Bisley hammers. Aluminum parts replaced with steel. Original hammers and other parts in box. $1,200.00 pair. SOLD Pair stainless New Vaqueros, .357, 5 ½” barrels. Complete Shotgun Boogie short stroke and spring kits. $1,500.00 pair. SOLD Pair of ASM 1stModel Richards Colt Conversions (rear sight on adapter ring), .38 Special/Long Colt, nickel-plated. Arbors have been repaired. $450.00 pair. SOLD 1stGen Colt, wall hanger but probably could be shot. Made 1897. .45 Colt. $500.00 SOLD 1877 Lightning revolver, .38 Colt. $500.00 S&W New Model #3 in very scarce .44-40 caliber, shootable condition. $500.00 SOLD Merwin Hulbert copy by Anitua Y Charola. Very high quality licensed copy, .44 Russian. $500.00 SOLD Two Belgium Centaur 1860 Army revolvers. $125.00 each. SOLD Remember, In God We Trust, but all others pay cash.
  7. Wednesday is the busiest day at Winter Range with side matches and the warm-up matches. Several shooters on last year's shooter survey noted they could not attend the swap meet because of the busy schedule. The only time vacant on the schedule for the entire week was Thursday night. So, Winter Range decided to try holding the swap meet Thursday evening. Someone here on the wire suggested that a thread be started with listings of guns that will be available and this might help bring people back to the range after they are done shooting. So here goes. The swap meet will be from 5:30 to 8:00 pm on Thursday evening. I'll start the list with a separate posting. Hope you all can make it.
  8. Here is one of my Lightning pushers. This one is made from a .30-30 and some aluminum rod. Fits in a cartridge loop.
  9. I have been trying to get more information but the Match Director for the WB match is out of town.  Basically the WB side matches are not in the schedule because the WB shooters decided a few years ago that only people signed up for the WB match should be able to shoot the WB side matches.  So, the side matches have basically become an ad hoc affair.  Depending on how tired people are they hold the side matches on Monday, Tuesday, or both after the match shooting for the day has ended.  They use props and targets that we do not include in the regular side matches and decide what they want to shoot themselves.  Since only WB shooters can shoot the WB side matches the shooters just spread the word among themselves.  This year there are 133 shooters signed up for the WB match which is the most that have ever shot the WB match anywhere in the world.

    1. Back 40 #23910 L

      Back 40 #23910 L

      Thanks Larsen, I greatly appreciate your response.

  10. Larsen, I've been reading about the expansion of classes into sub categories, provided the numbers exist.  Will you be offering Elderstatesman Duelist or Silver Senior Duelist at WR?. How many will you need if either is offered?  I am Currently signed up  for WR as a Senior Duelist, because at the time there was nothing more offered, but at age 71 could qualify for either Elderstatesman Duelist or Silver Senior Duelist, if offered.......and would be willing to make the switch...


    Your thoughts please.  Thank you  Rootin Tootin 21707

  11. I'm thinking of making a 7 1/2 Ruger Vaquero. I have a barrel from a new model Blackhawk that will fit an Old Model Vaquero but want a blade front site since it needs to be a Vaquero with a 7 1/2 barrel to be legal for SASS.

    Duece shoots 7 inchers that he built and thought I'd try and build one to see if there is any benefit over my 5 1/2's 

    That's  why the question. 



  12. after pouring off the dirty water, rinsing and pouring off the rinse water I just pour the brass and SS pellet mix into the separator and start turning. I see no need for putting water into the separator. My separator has a Claim Shell type top that closes and keeps all the SS pellets inside. After a few turns, I just pour the pellets back in the tumbling drum, ready for a new batch of dirty cases. You are gonna LOVE the results you get with the wet tumbling. Just for your information,  99% of my brass cleaning is on Straight walled cases such as 38 spl and 32 H&R, and I have no problem with pellets hanging inside the cases. I doubt that you will have any problem with the slight necked down 44-40. It might become a problem with some highly necked down rifle cases. However I did some 7.69 X 39 cases and had no problem.

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