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  1. Steampunk Cowboy / Cowgirl is NOT a recognized SASS Category, however, some clubs and at least three state championships in 2017 will recognize it. Here are the dress guidelines that I have been working from when several of us "kicked around" formalization as recorded by Saint Muffy of the Watercress sandwich with the crusts cut off. Steampunk COWBOY/COWGIRL “Steampunk” is defined as “Victorian Science Fiction”. The Steampunk genre is influenced by period writers such as Jules Verne, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and H.G. Wells, and modern authors such as H.P. Lovecraft. Shooters are encouraged to combine elements of early Steam driven / mechanical / industrial design into their costuming and to their gear. “Westernpunk” extends the metaphor to the old west period as exemplified by literature and media such as “The Wild, Wild West”. Any Main Match revolver. Revolvers may be shot in any SASS–legal shooting style, except Gunfighter. Must use any SASS–legal main match rifle. Must use any SASS–legal main match shotgun. Must use any SASS–legal ammunition. Steampunk users are encouraged to add Steampunk “flair” to their main match guns as long as the enhancements do not alter function of safety of the firearms. These would include adding gears, Cerakote Firearm coatings (http://www.cerakoteguncoatings.com), leather enhancements with fantasy elements such as carving, buckles, gauges, switches. Firearms enhancements do not count as satisfying costuming requirements. Costuming: Must choose at least five of the requirements listed below. All clothing items must be worn appropriately during all shooting events and awards ceremonies. Goggles (welding or aviation) worn as Eye protection or as an accessory. Any Victorian head gear constructed of Felt, Straw, cloth or leather. Including but not limited to: Pith helmets, Military caps, Deer Stalkers, and leather flight helmets. Pocket watch with Chain, Pendant or Pin watches. Gauntlets / Cuffs Backpacks, shoulder pouches, Bandoleers (Shotgun and / or Cartridge) Vest, or waistcoat embellished in steampunk motif. Scarf or tie. Knife or tools (screw knives do NOT qualify), tools would include wrenches, screwdrivers, hammers. Knife or tools all count as one element. As an example, a shooter could not wear gauntlets with 5 screwdrivers and be considered as satisfying the requirements. Spats, gaiters or Botas. Period gas masks or plague doctor masks. In addition to the above items, ladies may choose from the items listed below in order to compete within this category: Period watch, split riding skirt, bustle, hoops, corset, Victorian style hat (straw allowed), period jewelry, period hair ornaments (e.g., feathers), snood, reticule (period handbag), period lace up shoes, camisole, bloomers, fishnet stockings, feather boa, cape. Men may wear kilts or other period regional garb. Footwear: Victorian shoes and Boots are required and must be of traditional design. “Engineer Boots” with deep lugs are permitted. Edited 12/16
  2. For sale or trade. Last summer, I was dropping garbage off at the dump when I spotted a PRACTICALLY NEW jogging cart for twins. I was like... So I brought it home and snuck it into the basement. I had it for weeks before Bea even knew it. I recently finished converting it into a "gun cart". It holds 6 long guns and 4 Single Action Revolvers. Rolls real smooth! I made the front box extra large to hold a small cooler with all your bullets and stuff. It is for sale (since I already had 3 carts). Price is $300, and can be delivered to the local North GA, Southern TN, or SC matches, or make trade or other Reasonable offer. I'm partial to Rugers, A Widdermatic Henry .22, could use a tuned Satin Nickle Stoeger, pretty open as long as it isn't a "hi-point", or Taurus, or Rossi. Trade value is $500.
  3. Cemetery, You WOULD think so, but it isn't the case. Not sure why, but even the Chiappa manual shows the top shell set back from the bottom. http://chiappafirearms.com/downloads/manuals
  4. Stagger your shells when you drop them in. Bottom shell forward of the bottom shell. Like this.
  5. I hear you. If you are coming to the GA State match in a couple of weeks, I'll let you try it out. But I thought you shot outlaw? What could be more "Outlaw" than a "Terminator" cut-down 1887?
  6. OK, so let's be a little bit more specific. Stoegers and Biakals will need action work out of the box or you'll have to beat them against a tree to get them open, especially if you shoot Black powder. Stoegers come in both 1 and 2 trigger versions. Confederate Colt shoots a single trigger faster that I've seen most people run SKB's. I have HEARD (meaning no first hand experience) that the Stoeger single trigger models can be finicky. Stoegers can be had in 20", 26" and 28" lengths, with the 20" being called "Coach guns" and the 26" and 28" being the "Uplanders". IIRC, the "Supreme" are the models with single triggers. Some Coach guns have been offered in a nickle finish over the years. One model with dark (almost black furniture and shiny chrome" and two versions with matt chrome (one with a pistol grip stock and one with an English stock). My wife, Bea Itchin' has actually worn out a Stoeger. When Joe West said it couldn't be tightened up any more, I offered to get her an SKB; however, she said that she'd just take another Stoeger Uplander. Go Figure. I don't know that much about Biakals other than after you get an action job they run fine and are on par or even a little better than Stoegers. SKBs. Most folks using SKBs are using either the model 100 or model 200. SKB also made guns for Ithica so you'll see them as well. 99.999% are single trigger. I have heard rumors of ithica SKBs with two triggers but have never seen one. I'm NOT sure what (if any) differences are between the two other than the 100 has a splinter forearm and the 200 has a fat beavertail. I have the 200 with nickle (coin finish) and engraving. Now one thing I am certain of is that the SKBs have an inertial trigger system. This means that the recoil from firing the first round, resets the trigger so you can fire the second barrel. Very light rounds may not reset the trigger. That is what Dirt Merchant and others can fix for you. Many people do what is called a "Mechanical trigger" modification that will reset the trigger without any shock impulse. I believe that this is what Johnny Meadows does but don't know for sure. The Browning is on par with the SKB. I've never held or shot one, so I can't say much about them. What I have HEARD from others is that they don't open as far as an SKB; however, that may be hearsay. Stevens 311 - Back when I started Cowboy Shooting, a lot of folks used Steven's 311 SxS. At the time you could pick up good, field grade guns for about $200. The biggest draw back to them was that they had this HUGE, SHARP locking lug right between the barrels. If you slammed shells in, you could easily cut your hand (I know Bea Itchin' did a few times before she went to a Stoeger). Spanish Doubles - Over the years thousands of Spanish SxS were imported to the US. Many of these are fine field guns, but use the Greener Cross Bolt lockup. This is very strong, but can't really be made to open fast enough or far enough to suit most people who play our game. Best to avoid them. OK, that is about all I know or think I know.
  7. Pretty much what Dawg said. Or one from Dirt. If you are REALLY on the fence, start with a Stoeger that has been tuned up nicely. The camera was on a tripod and I was using a time delay. No one was threatened taking this picture I ran one of them for years before I upgraded to a SKB with a Mechanical trigger. I truly love that shotgun. SKB 200 with 26" barrels. I can't bear to cut them because they are choked "Skeet and Skeet" and I've been told that is rare. Of course, you could just go "Full Crazy" and get yourself an 1887...
  8. Hey Blue Wolf,

    Thanks for getting us on Posse 5. Could I ask you to change me and Bea from "49'r" to Cowboy / Cowgirl?

    I appreciate you!


  9. No, I have no problems with Remington STS or Winchester AA Featherlights.

  10. H.M., email me at dave.steier@bellsouth.net about the 1887 Shotgun. I'm in Gainesville, GA. Where do you live?

  11. Cowboy Action Shooting is much more fun the managing Avaya Systems!

  12. Great bumping into you at IAUG. If it ever comes to Utah or Georgia we'll have to shoot at the Conference.

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