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  1. BAH! Push it yourself! It builds up your muscles for Martial Arts, Marshal TKD.
  2. Just in case you aren't on either Krazy Kajun's or my Email list, Due to the weather forecasted for this weekend the match at River Bend Rough Riders has been cancelled. Hope ya'll stay home and stay warm this weekend.
  3. I need this gone before my surgery. It is taking up too much room in the garage.
  4. check Ebay for "used" Tuxedo shirts and jackets. Many are very period correct and are VERY reasonable. I also wear "Police pants" as "faux" Cavalry pants. You can get them for like $13 a pair from LA Police gear.
  5. I'm guessing it will be priced 3 times more than a Ruger or S&W.
  6. I'd like 3 of those for practice targets! Just need the stands.
  7. Triple D, they are made by Chiappa. They ain't cheap (about $1,200). Don't bother with the "fast load" option. Just get the regular gun and send it to Lassiter.
  8. Seems like a good time to post my Steampunk 1887 to give Billy some ideas.
  9. Nice, I hope you send it to Lassiter for an action job. I love the Chiappa he worked up for me!
  10. Charlie, I would estimate about 40 lbs for the cart and jogging stroller, and another 7-10 for the front box (empty). Rolan
  11. Caddo To my knowledge, the Blackhawk has always had the front site blade secured with a roll pin. The blade actually sits down in the base of the front site, and must be drilled. A roll pin is then used to secure the site blade. I took a picture of my Blackhawk and a picture of the latest Blackhawk from the Ruger Website. Both show the pin for the front site. A HUGE shout out to T-Bone for helping me out! He put a grin on my face! Merry Christmas!!!
  12. Deuce, Your mailbox is full. Please PM me so we can get this done! Merry Christmas!
  13. I believe he said it was his brother-in-law, who didn't do it "professionally".
  14. OK, I am spoiled. I bought some Ruger Blackhawk site replacement blades from Slick McClade. But now he can't get them anymore from his supplier. So now, I'm looking for a replacement, pin-in site blade for my two new Blackhawks. Does anyone know any other sources?
  15. Yeah, I keep in my rolodex next to the "Vega and Pinto Mechanics".
  16. So are the Cherokee Cowboys in Gainesville, GA. Registration at 8, Safety briefing at 9. 4 stages then pot luck and annual awards.
  17. Feel free to make me an offer on this cart. I could use a Ruger 10/22, Maybe one of those Widder Henry rifles, a Mossberg Mariner with the extended mag tube... Cash always works.
  18. I've been dealing with Ron for probably 10 + years and he has always treated me like family. Deal with confidence.
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