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  1. Grinnin' Jim,

    You won your category.  I have your First place poker chip.

    Will you be at next week's match at Hiawassee?  It is Maverick Milt's club.

    5 stage match, FREE.   Chatuge Gun Club

    1. Grinnin Jim

      Grinnin Jim

      WOW!!! I won something, that is so awesome, was that Cowboy?  Hey I had a great time today, you and Bea are awesome, heck everyone there were!!! 


      I wish I could shoot Chatuge but I can only shoot every other weekend (work) so I have try to find a shoot in 2 weeks and hopefully I can catch you at then!!!


    2. Grinnin Jim

      Grinnin Jim

      I plan to shoot with the Cherokee Cowboys in Gainesville on  the 24th! Hopefully I will see you there! 

    3. Rolan Kraps, SASS # 24084 Life

      Rolan Kraps, SASS # 24084 Life

      We'll see you on the 24th then at Cherokee!


  2. Hey Blue Wolf,

    Thanks for getting us on Posse 5. Could I ask you to change me and Bea from "49'r" to Cowboy / Cowgirl?

    I appreciate you!


  3. No, I have no problems with Remington STS or Winchester AA Featherlights.

  4. H.M., email me at dave.steier@bellsouth.net about the 1887 Shotgun. I'm in Gainesville, GA. Where do you live?

  5. Cowboy Action Shooting is much more fun the managing Avaya Systems!

  6. Great bumping into you at IAUG. If it ever comes to Utah or Georgia we'll have to shoot at the Conference.

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