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  1. Looking at the pic. of the barrel and mag. tube, looks like the barrel band has moved forward, the mag. tube and action rod shouldn't come out of the barrel adapter like that. Other possibility, the stop ring on the mag. tube has come unsoldered & it will need to be repaired. Rob
  2. My 700X loads. I started with 158 gr. bullets, 3 gr. 700X, Now 125 gr. bullets, 3.5 gr. 700X, these are my 38 loads I use in both rifle and pistol. Works good for me. 45 Colt cal. loads, 205 gr. bullet, 6 gr. 700X, 45 ACP 200 gr. HB, 4.5 gr. 700X . 38-55 Load, 255 gr. RNFP bullets, 8.5 gr. 700X, long Starline cases. All my bullets are made by Bear Creek. I bought two 15# Kegs of 700X from a friend for $75.00 just open the other keg last year, I'm sure it will out last me. I do find it a little dirty so you may be cleaning brass more often. Rob
  3. Thanks for all your replies. Still waiting to get it, it was hard to open in the store, going to need some work. Rob
  4. I just bought a new CZ hammer gun, looks great. Will I be happy ? I usually shoot a 97, with a lot of stages only having two shotgun target I thought I would try it. Open to any comment good or bad. Thanks. Rob
  5. Dakota Brown was looking to make that swap about a month back. Maybe check with him. Rob
  6. Does it say Winchester on the butt plate ? a pic. would be nice. Thanks Rob
  7. Long Fingers, I made some, made the ears on one to look more like a mule, long and up. Mule was gray with white muzzle and feet, Horse was a painted pony, pinto, white and ginger. The ginger was on the body going in to the legs also. If you want to Email me at robatmine@comcast.net with the help of my wife I may be able to send you some Pics. not a puter guy. Rob
  8. Your shell stop look find. If you find a welder you may want to take your other 97 to show him what needs to be welded back, as little welding as needed, less grinding for you. The picture Big Boston sent show how little it is. Go slow when grinding and checking fit. Good luck. Rob
  9. Yep, Looks like they're gone. Like I said you need to find a good welder that can weld a little bead back in there, then you need to with a Dremel and some stones shape it back, it's a job but it can be done. Maybe you can find another receiver or maybe you have a bunch of spare part, that's up to you. Rob
  10. What Gambler said, best done with carrier out of gun. Tabs can be broken off, then you have to find a good welder. Rob
  11. There is one of each on Gun Brokers, very pricey.
  12. I have the Browning model, other then name and cosmetic, I think they are the same rifle. I think the wood is a little nicer on the Browning. The bore is .376 on mine I shoot a .377- 255 gr. bear creek out to 200 yds. can't see much farther with these old eyes, does great. I think pick a name, you will be happy with ether one. Rob
  13. Wouldn't matter, probably wouldn't see after the second round anyway, have fun.
  14. Widderman, the helpful Marlin man. Rob
  15. The early model 97 riot guns were made for law enforcement, prison guards, railway agents and bank guards. The reason for slam fire, fast follow up shots. They went to war, WW1, they added the heat shield and bayonet lug. There is a adjusting screw behind the trigger to adjust so that the hammer only drop when the gun is fully locked up. Hold the trigger down, run the action, 6 rounds out real fast. Wow that was fun. Rob
  16. Thank you, that is what I thought, you would ask him to open the action if no rounds found, no call.
  17. Shooter brings unloaded 97 shotgun closed, hammer down, to staging table. Stage DQ or Miner Safety ? Thanks Rob
  18. What is the diameter of the 38-55 bullets ?
  19. Watched it last night, that was his claim to fame, he was the only one to kill John Wayne. John got killed again in the Shootist. Rob Another one was the head Indian in The Missing, that guy was bad and creepy.
  20. Watched it last night, that was his claim to fame, he was the only one to kill John Wayne. John got killed again in the Shootist. Rob
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