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  1. I don't know why one would not just change the spring. One can always put the original back in after the match.
  2. The best way to loose a friend is to get involved in thier money decisions.
  3. If you really need some free lead go to you local range with a little garden shovel and a coffee can and you have a pound in 15 minutes.
  4. For goodness sake don't mess with an attempt to catch a few bb's. The exposure to powdered lead outweighs the savings. As mentioned, just buy reclaimed shot.
  5. Cry once and buy a 73. A 92 will leave you quickly frustrated, and wishing you had just saved a little more a bought a 73. Both the Uberti and the Winchesters are excellent rifles. The Uberti is competition proven and spare parts are readily available. The Winchester 73 is also a fine choice but parts are scarce. PS the Taylors & Co. and the Cimarron are both Uberti's they are just importers, not manufacturers. The only difference is the roll stamp on the barrel.
  6. Your kids will be out running a 92 in one season. Get the 73 and you will keep them interested, and competitive. When did Uberti start making a 92? If he was looking for a 92 he would have asked about them.
  7. Cry once and get a 73 Uberti makes a 73 Ladies and youth carbine. They also make a 19" round barrel 73 carbine, and a 18" half round barrel rifle very light and easy swing.
  8. Lol! No Army Captain would abreviate Captain with "Capt" instead of the proper CPT, nor would any member of the 82nd spell Airborne with two words.
  9. Never had a problem either. I sure hope you are correct. I hate knee jerk, reactionary rules caving to the cries that "We have to do something!"
  10. Well in light of today's events, my guess is that it is about to become much more difficult to fly with your firearms.
  11. Here is the legal definition Gun Control Act Definitions Silencer 18 U.S.C., § 921(A)(24) The term “Firearm Silencer” or “Firearm Muffler” means any device for silencing, muffling, or diminishing the report of a portable firearm, including any combination of parts, designed or redesigned, and intended for the use in assembling or fabricating a firearm silencer or firearm muffler, any part intended only for use in such assembly or fabrication.
  12. It's a stay open feature that good SKB smiths can cut into the lug. Not a mod to attempt yourself. It was very useful before the new closed action rule but still a great option to keep it open when discarding.
  13. They also haven't been made in 30 years, so scarcity also drives prices. Pards have no problem paying $1350-$1650 for a race ready 73 but moan about the price of a tuned SKB or BSS.
  14. Can't go wrong with either, I like Rugers, they are tuff, American made guns.
  15. I was told so that loading officers could ensure shooters were loading lead bullets.
  16. There was a recall on those. Go to the Springfield website to check serial numbers. If your pistol was upgraded there will be a roll pin in the grip safety.
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