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  1. Haven’t been to a lost brass match in a very long time. Are there any still around?
  2. Correct, they do not have an 07 manufacturers FFL. They can’t manufacture firearms.
  3. I just got an interesting email from Taylors & Co. They are introducing an American made 1873 chambered in 9mm
  4. I highly doubt you will find a Cimarron 87 for under $400
  5. I was hoping to find past scores maybe, but can’t seem to find anything online.
  6. Negative. Did not want to disclose. Don’t really care about real name. I want to know his alias.
  7. So I got two sets of Vaquero Bisley’s in one set 357 ones set 45. I bought them from a shop in VA that was handling a SASS shooters estate. I would like to know his alias. I don’t even have a name just the FFL handled the transfer. Son in law says he was a big man and from VA the only buckle was a Comin’ At Cha 2011 Champion. Who can solve this mystery? Ready, set, GO
  8. Satan came up with detent balls and springs, to make me swear and loose my temper.
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