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  1. 1 hour ago, Pat Riot said:

    F*** YouTube!


    Here’s what I don’t get: Why can’t pro 2A groups form their own video channel? Why all the pomp and circumstance manipulative bull shtuff over YT?

    Every 2-3 years there’s a bunch of falderal about YT and we need to take action and blah blah blah…

    Gimme a flippin’ break!


    I’ll tell you why 2A groups don’t get together. Money and control. These a$$tards need to pull their heads out of their keisters and quit playing American Indian while their nation is overrun by lily white eyes with feelings. Idiots!







    There! Now I feel better.


  2. 10 hours ago, Hashknife Cowboy said:

    Now I am not a gun writer, I am a gun shooter.  Periodically something is manufactured and it is elevated from want to need.  So I found myself needing a new Marlin 1894 in .357/.38.  Now when it comes to CAS I shoot .45 and 44-40 and have yet to become a part of the .38 culture, I just like bigger calibers.  So this was not a CAS need.    Being a previous Marlin owner and connoisseur of lever rifles, I took the plunge.  I had seen the rifles at big box gun stores, but was holding out for the smaller LGS and managed to find one.  Here we go....


    First off it is pretty, the wood, the checkering, the bluing, externally it is a pretty rifle.  I still prefer walnut and blue steel so this is right up my alley.  I actually read the entire owners manual, no surprises there, and commenced to take it apart as if I was going to clean the rifle.  From what I could seen it appeared to me exactly like my other Marlin's but internally the various friction points were nicely lubed by the factory in all of the right places.  It did not need a oil drain plug like some of the off shore rifles we buy for CAS.  The machining appeared to be spot on throughout the rifle.  To sum it up, Ruger did it right.  So after  some reassembly it was off to my favorite shooting location to see how this rifle performed.


    I shot it at 25 - 50 - 75 and 100 yards from a bench.  Using factory Hornady 158 gr XTP ammo in .357, it was dead on.  75 yards was ideal, but out to a 100 it was a shooter.  Then off hand I shot it as  one would in a CAS match, and it cycled consistently.  No glitches in .38 or .357, accurate as can be using iron sights and old eyes. I am very happy with the rifle Ruger brought back.


    Now the downside.  The action and trigger can use some work, not the worst out of the box but it is lawyer approved.  For my purposes, a pick up rifle, I will not have it tuned in the near future.  The sights are good but I would prefer a brass bead in the front.  The sling attachment points detract from the aesthetics of a lever gun, I can do without them.  I have to question the rubber butt pad, it is not a recoil pad just hard rubber.  It is nice and doesn't slip but I still prefer the old Marlin black butt plate.  Overall though, it is a keeper and a shooter.


    I have seen these priced from $975 to $1499...inexpensive they are not.  Overall it is a solid rifle and I can expect to see it hanging from my saddle or carried afield in search of pesky varmints. 


    Just some thought from a fellow shooter...



    Thank you for your business 

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  3. 16 hours ago, SGT. ELI 35882 GUNFIGHTER said:

    I set one up for a shooter using the tapered spring and making a hollowed mag tube cap and it holds 10 .38 specials.

    Was that the one you did for Hud?

  4. 19 hours ago, Colorado Coffinmaker said:


    Dirt Slider-n-Dusty Lady-n-Everybody,


    Thanks a bundle for putting up wid beat up me and my Cap Guns.  I had an incredibly MARVELOUS Day.  Hope to be better next month you betcha!!

    Great to see you Mike

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