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  • Birthday 07/04/1968

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About Me


John Barleycorn


Year joined SASS: 2007

Favorite Category: Gunfighter & FCGF

Rifle:Uberti 1873 357 Mag. by Colorado Coffinmaker

Shotgun:IAC 9th Gen 97 12ga By Banana River Outfitters or SKB 100 by Johnny Meadows

Pistols: Ruger NMV's by Longhunter


Occupation: Police Motor Officer, Yeah, they pay me to strap on a gun and badge, and ride a Harley all day. I'm stuck in a cruiser in the colder months, but it beats a desk job any day of the week.

Wife's Alias: Bdoc


Email Address:



Reason Behind the Alias:

It's another name for that refreshing, golden, yeasty, adult beverage. Need I say more?


Favorite Cowboy Movie(s):

Tombstone, The Magnificent Seven, The Outlaw Josey Wales. Non-Cowboy: Patton, A Bridge Too Far, The Last of the Mohicans, The Longest Day, Gettysburg, Dr. Strangelove, Big, and too many more to list.


Favorite Cowboy Saying:

Shoot em now, Abe, shoot em now! Shut up, Lige.


Other Hobbies:

Spending time with my sons doing anything. Hanging out with Bdoc. Motorcycles, firearms collecting, my Cowboy Action and modern firearm business that supports my CAS habit, and reading, I used to brew beer and make homemade wine but have not had the time, or inclination in years. A little bit of hunting and fishing but it's mostly to spend time with my dad.

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