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  1. Because they support law Enforcement 100% Officer Kuzak shoots for team Glock. He survived an ambush and was shot 5 times. He’s a local Pittsburgh hero.
  2. We care because there are rules to this game. When we go to SASS clubs we expect the rules to be followed. This is the reason you can travel all over the US and even other countries and be able to shoot the match.
  3. I hope that it does keep pards shooting, and I anticipate new .22 rules.
  4. So do we change the rules, or kick the can down the road?
  5. I’ll clarify, after this shortage. I’m envisioning shooters that shoot (and have always shot) centerfire ammunition just deciding, you know what? I’m switching to .22’s the match director is happy to see me and take my shooters fee. I’m done reloading/buying factory ammo. Do we just disregard the rules (permanent relaxation) or change them? I have no problem shooting with young ones using .22’s never have, and I have always supported special accommodations being made for a shooter that can’t handle center fire ammunition.
  6. Since just about every match director would rather see shooters slinging lead with .22’s than staying home I understand and agree with the relaxation of the rules. What concerns me is once that door is open, will match directors close it when primers and ammo are readily available but for sure more maybe much more expensive. You are always going to hear “I’m saving my ammo for (fill in the match)
  7. This is a fantastic match folks. Large flat range, plenty of parking and RV space, a huge swap meet, and group of workers that dedicate themselves to making this a terrific weekend. I hope to see you there! The Barleycorn’s registered tonight.
  8. So far it’s been very good, they are pulling clips that are relevant and the guest host comments and adds his perspective. Mark Stein has the best shot at the job.
  9. In all seriousness the Dr Grip is excellent for writers cramp
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