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  1. I have received two different rulings on the following scenario.  They come from Black Pin+ qualified individuals. I would like a consistent ruling going into EOT.


    Rifle and Pistol are not involved.  Shotgun instructions say 6+.  SG is last with 6 targets separated so one shot will not take down 2 targets.


    When shooter gets to SG position, one of the SG targets is down.  (5 of 6 are standing)  The shooter clearly misses the first standing target and is not close to the downed target.  The shooter proceeds to use 5 shots to knock down the standing 5 targets.  At this point, 6 SG targets are down with 6 shots.  Is the shooter:



    B- Needs to shoot one more SG directed at the SG target that was down before the shooter arrived at the SG shooting position.


    What is the call per PWB and the groups that guide PWB?  I will follow that guidance if the situation comes up.

  2. 4 minutes ago, mean gun mark said:

    The museum is not in a secured part of the base, you do not go thru a security gate to get there. There is plenty of parking and can accommodate an RV with no problem. It’s a great museum and you should plan a full day visiting.   If you are still nervous about the firearms your welcome to park your Rv at my place, assuming you have a tow vehicle. I live approximately 30 minutes north.


    Thank you, that's what I was looking for!  I'm looking forward to visiting it!



  3. 9 hours ago, Phantom, SASS #54973 said:

    So are there any other SASS rules that you disregard?



    I know the rules.  There are interpretations.  I respect those.  Do you?

  4. On my way back from EOT, I'd like to stop at Air Force Museum.   I will have a RV with all my guns in it, locked appropriately for interstate transport.  Can I drive to the Museum and park there?  I don't know if you have to go through Gate Security to get to the Museum.  Any help would be appreciated!


    Null N. Void

  5. If anyone interferes with the shooter, I will give a reshoot.   A shooter may not be familiar with me or my voice.   If he or she hears an incorrect command regardless where it comes from, and responds to it, I think that a valid reason for a reshoot.   We also want the shooter to respond to safety commands regardless of where they come from.  Unless, we go to "no coaching allowed", we are in a grey zone.  I'm ok with it as it is.

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  6. Is the chamber/barrel clear?  My guess, without having the rifle in hand, is that you had a squib.   When you tried to chamber the round the last time, the momentum of the firing pin extension or a stuck firing pin fired off the round.

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  7. Coleman Deluxe Camp Kitchen, Packaway, Portable. Handy utensil hooks and mesh shelves provide additional storage space. 39.4 x 19.7-inch food prep area ideal for chopping ingredients and 26.4 x 15-inch side table. Accessories in photo not included.  Only used a couple of times.  We upgraded to a motorhome.



    Camp KItchen.jpg

    Camp Kitchen Instructions (1).jpg

    Camp Kitchen Instructions (2).jpg

  8. Here's what you are looking for, I think:




    We have one, and it works fine.   It's one of the smaller ones and is 12V powered.  It comes with a 120V adapter.  We've used it through a couple of hurricanes.  The small ones have a temperature setting which can be refrigerator temperatures or freezer temperatures.  The larger ones have 2 zones.


  9. I have two IAC.  One A marked is my match gun and is excellent if used with Winchester primers.  The firing pin is slightly off center and the flatter Winchester primers work better.   The other is CB marked, but doesn't eject as well as the A gun.  I've never had a problem with it in a match, it just required a lot of tinkering to get it to work reliably.  

  10. Mini-Camper for Sale 6x8' Fully Equipped!
    2018 Range Runner by Runaway Campers

    •Front Cargo Carrier
    •Premium Container Store Wire Mesh Drawers and Shelves.
    •Full size 5 inch thick foam mattress
    •Curtains and rods
    •LED Light
    •Lockable Cargo Box
    Standard Features
    •Fully Welded Steel Frame Construction
    •3500lb. Rated Dexter RV Axle w/EasyLube Hubs
    •Dual Folding Stabilizer Jacks
    •Front Jack with removable wheel
    •15" White Spoke Wheels & Tires
    •30"x20" Tinted Safety Glass Windows w/Screens
    •Two - 22"x42" RV Locking Entry Doors w/Keys
    •Two - 110v Power Strips w/Standard Connection
    •White Fiberglass Exterior and Aluminum Trim
    •2" Ball Coupler
    •Standard 4-Prong Trailer Light Connection
    •Rear Accessory Hitch
    •5,000 btu A/C with Marine Grade Vinyl Cover
    •LED Tail Lights
    •Bottom Mounted Spare Tire
    •Diamond Plate Fenders and Front Wall Protector
    •Weight: 765lb. (varies slightly according to options)
    •Interior: 70.5"W x 94.5"L x 42-46"H
    •Overall Dimensions 11'4"L x 65"H x 94"W


    2018 Range Runner 2.jpg

    Range Runner Inside 2.jpg

    Ranger Runner Inside 1.jpg

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