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  1. Mine is suppose to arrive by mail today.  Of course I still worry hundreds might jump on the computer this morning and beat me in.  That would be heartbreaking but surely I am safe.  So, so many people have expressed an interest in attending that it is a tribute to the Territorial Marshals for the fine matches I hear they put on.

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  2. Talked to SNS casting and they expect a 20 to 25 percent increase.  Got my order into hold me, with what I have, a couple of years.  At my age/health not sure I want to go out much further.

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  3. I have never been to a match bigger than a State match but I really want to go to Land Run, at least once in my life.  I have no expectations of winning anything,I just want to go and see vendors, meet people from many different areas, and have fun shooting.  Hope all of us who want to go can go.

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  4. In my book you will never have too many, especially the ones you like best.  You have a nice supply but it sounds to me the two of you shoot a lot of monthly matches and based on what you put you should keep at least 350 on hand just in case your press goes down or something comes up where you do not have time to reload.


  5. We use the CAS Scoring App and are very satisfied.  Personally I do not care for PractiScore as they use a P for penalties which can include misses, procedurals, and Spirit of the Game all together.  Twice a club I shot with had the scorekeeper accidentally hit the Spirit of the Game penalty and it was not noticed till much later.  In fact on one I called the person who had been miscored about two days after the match and alerted him.   That being said, a lot of people use PS, I am just not a fan.

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