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  1. I shot with a guy at the Waldorf, MD club (Potomac Rangers) in the early 2000's who shot an Evans. He was having to have brass custom made at about $3 a pop until Starline started making .44 Super Mag. brass at 39 cents each as .44 Mag. did not work. He had a lot of really neat guns, pair of Colt Bluntlines, etc. Dressed like a RR Engineer and lived in VA. I believe he was a retired Marine. The Evans was really tricky to load and to show clear. Being around it was worth the hassle. At the time, there were a few available in the area for about $700.
  2. Doc Shapiro - Sorry to hear about your hand issues. I really miss going to Waldorf and shooting in the sand pit and the long distance gong. The whole area turned into townhouses.
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