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  1. Lawman - For some unknown reason, the Wire stated that you cannot receive messages. Please try to PM me.


    Church Key

    1. Wasatch Lawman
    2. Wasatch Lawman

      Wasatch Lawman

      Sorry, I am out of town and just read this.  My address is

      Mike Gerhardt

      4458 W  1500 N

      Plain City, Ut.  84404


      what is your PayPal account?

    3. Church Key, SASS # 33713

      Church Key, SASS # 33713

      Lawman - It's:  petergrahn@aol.com


      I'll mail the package tomorrow and let you know the tracking #.


      Church Key

  2. Widowmaker - I tested out four different types of new commercial ammo with my stock Glock 20 and again with a Lone Wolf 6" barrel. This was an attempt to get the Underwood ammo to work for me. The results are as follows: Glock 20 Ammo Test 1/25/17 Manufacturer Load Average FPS Extreme Spread FPS Standard Deviation Barrel Armscor 10mm 180gr. 1117 41 15 Glock 4.6” HPR 10mm 165gr. 1223 29 11 Same Remington .40 180gr. 899 32 12 Same Underwood 10mm 180gr. 1269 67 28 Same Armscor 10mm 180gr. 1166 19 19 Lone Wolf 6” HPR 10mm 165gr. 1298 9 9 Same Remington .40 180gr. 942 20
  3. I was born in Boston, so have to root for the Pats. That said, I want to see Brady face the Comish and give him a big raspberry, then watch the coach present a deflated football to him.
  4. Boulder Canyon Bob - I'll buy your scope. Sent a pm with details.
  5. Wondering if anyone has one of these sitting in the basement just gathering dust? I dug out my 10mm Glock G-20 from the bowels of a safe and have decided to fiddle with it some. Added a Lone Wolf 6" barrel and plan on trying different loads. The novelty has already worn off of winter and I'll finish up my CAS yearly reloading in a week or so. Need something else to fill some time, otherwise will have to start on the home honeydew's. Anyhow, appreciate if someone has this stuff they are willing to part with. Trying a bump to top.
  6. Badger - From the SASS Shooters handbook - Compiled and Edited for SASS By The Range Operations Committee, Version 21.8, February 1, 2016. This is copied from the Ammunition Section of the handbook: “Revolver and rifle ammunition may not be jacketed, semi-jacketed, plated, gas checked, or copper washed. It must be all lead. Molydisulfide, polymer coated bullets, or equivalents are acceptable.”
  7. I've been a contributing member of the NRA since 1962. They send me mail requests for donations at least every month, plus numerous phone calls which I have on call block. I consider it hounding. If I did not agree with their overall goals, they would have been totally dropped by me many years ago. No such issues with SASS.
  8. I've never had a bit of trouble either buying or selling. This is my go to place for cowboy stuff.
  9. I marched in the 1953 Eisenhower Inaugural parade with the Washington, DC McKinley High School Jr. ROTC cadets. We carried Springfield 1903's with chrome bayonets. They were switched out next year for M1's. The 03's were a much nicer drill rifle. It was the high point of my scanty military career. I still have my sabre from my lofty position as Company C Captain, as officers had to buy them (got it used for $15). When I was a Master Sgt., we were issued drill swords that were stamped "US 1862." Wonder what they are worth now? Anyhow it was a long march down Pennsylvania Avenue from behind the
  10. A minor update: Ordered my Chey-Cast bullets this morning, just got an emule that they have been shipped. Like dealing with Amazon, only faster.
  11. Sirrius radio channel 70 is all you ever need to listen to for the Blues.
  12. I just ordered 2K .38 125gr. TCFP Hi-Tek Supercoat from Chey-Cast. Free shipping + 10% discount until 1/22. My past experience with them has been excellent.
  13. Get to the correct page via the SASS website and bookmark it. Not rocket science. SASS is not Google. Not their problem; it is on your nickel.
  14. Trailrider - Save yourself some work and just buy some .445 Super mag. cases from Starline. Not super pricy and you can get as few as 250.
  15. Lumpy Gritz - I also installed Wolf mag springs at the same time, forgot that I ordered them with the spring assembly. Did not solve the problem. I was thinking about a 24 # spring, but just not worth fooling with. This is the only Glock I've ever owned that's fussy and not totally reliable. It works fine with Armscorp and Remington ammo, so I'll just give the Underwood away.
  16. My Glock 20 works fine with Armscorp 180 FMJ's, but not with Underwood 180's. It cycles the slide too fast, trapping the ejecting brass. I've tried a Wolf 22lb spring setup, but it still does it. I don't reload for this critter as it is just a plinking gun for me. I shoot a box of 50 every now and then. Can get the Armscorp's for about .40 cents each, so reloading is just not in my current picture, considering I'd have to get the kit for my 550 at about $150 for the setup. I do keep an eye out for a used kit; no luck yet.
  17. Pat Riot - Tried again (I use AOL) and got the following after playing some spam games - "click on the store fronts," guess that AOL is a no-no for them, very user unfriendly for a sales organization: matts@tippmannindustrial.com: SMTP error from remote server for TEXT command, host: aspmx.l.google.com ( reason: 550-5.7.1 Unauthenticated email from aol.com is not accepted due to domain 's 550-5.7.1 DMARC policy. Please contact the administrator of aol.com domain if 550-5.7.1 this was a legitimate mail. Please visit 550-5.7.1 https://support.google.com/mail/answer/2451690 to l
  18. I tried emailing them to get an idea of their MSRP and the email bounced back as undeliverable.
  19. The Lyman Reloading Handbook, 49th Addition Ninth Printing, published by Lyman Products Corporation, Middletown, CT, January 2014, lists a Relative Burn Rate Chart in Appendix D (page 458): Bullseye (Alliant) is #4, Titewad (Hodgdon) is #5 of 114 powders listed. Close enough to be a substitute.
  20. I also might try a single barrel trap gun some time for giggles. It tosses shells about 20'; will keep the TO hopping.
  21. Been doing CAS for a while and switched to a 97 from a SXS over 10+ years ago. I'm going to try going back to a SXS for a change of pace. Wondering if anyone else is going to switch CAS items for the new year?
  22. The older version is double action, while the new one is striker fired. For pocket carry, I prefer the old one which is like a DAO revolver aka Smith J frame. Don't need a light trigger pocket carry gun if I ever need to pull it.
  23. I'll be shooting with Humphry Hooks' crew at the NRA in Fairfax, VA in their nice warm indoor range. Full CAS, including shotguns. Hoping that 2017 be an improvement over 2016 for everyone. Happy New Year.
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