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  1. My neighbor sold his 1-1/2 year old Chevy truck for $6K more than he paid for it. Classic supply & demand marketing aka Economics 101 basics. Reminds me of the old story about the guy who walks into a cigar shop and asks for a box of El Producto Queens. Proprietor gets a box and states $45 please. Buyer says Joes only charges $37.50. Proprietor: Why didn't you buy them from Joe? Buyer: He is out of them. Proprietor: When I'm out, they are only $30. 


    You charge what the market is willing to pay. Once supply catches up with demand, the prices will stabilize.  I remember the ads in magazines after the end of WWII showing a crystal ball with the lettering inside "There is a Ford in your future." 



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  2. I compete in 10 meter air pistol with the Rockville IWLA by shooting at my basement range and scanning then emailing the targets to the league's scorer. Use a Morini 162MI pistol. The test target that came with the gun is 10 shots through one hole. It's an Italian design made in Switzerland. BTW - In Europe they are called weapons. The highest end guns have electronic triggers. I'm a troglodyte, so mine has a mechanical trigger. It still cost as much as a Colt SAA.  

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  3. The film Pentax lenses and bodies are still in demand. Their lenses are still compatible with all Pentax digital bodies. Specialty lenses (long and fast) go for big bucks. Google the Pentax Forum which has a bunch of very nice folks and a wonderful want ad section. I have to keep myself away from the want ads as have six lenses for my K-70 and just added a seventh. Will sell a duplicate focal length to remain at six. Sold a bunch of film Pentax's and their lenses for fair prices. BTW - The premier Pentax film repairmen is still in business at fair prices.  Good film cameras sell at wild prices on eBay. Sold my last film body, a mint 1962 Yashica Mat LM for $275. Prior to that sold an RB67 with a bunch of extras in a rabid bidding war. Film and processing is widely available via the Internet. I just don't feel like waiting anymore, though have the hankering for a Voightlander 120 folder, which was my first "real" camera. Still have a hand-held light meter to use with it.


    I quit Nikon's when they started messing around with lens mounts. Sold everything and switched to Pentax. Only issue is the newer digitals are more computer than camera, with a very steep learning curve. My K-70 has a 152 page instruction manual with many exotic features only a nerd will love.

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  4. The ATA gun safety rules are simple:


    10.  All guns must have the action opened and contain no live or empty shells at any time, except while the shooter is on the firing line. A break open gun’s action may be closed when it is in a gun rack but it shall not contain a live or empty shell. Repeat offender(s) of these Official Rules will be given a 30 day suspension upon a second violation of these Rules; a third violation of these Rules will result in a 90 day suspension; and further violations will be reviewed by the Executive Committee for further disciplinary action.

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  5. I've been a long time seller on eBay; not anymore. They can go pound sand with their direct bank account requirement. I had PayPal problems a long time ago. Have had excellent service from them for the last five years or so. They squared away a scam from China over a Morini airgun front sight in a very prompt manner. Use it a lot.

  6. Their is a medicine that works well called Sileo. Available at a vet. You squirt a measured dose (by weight) into the dogs mouth. Pricy (about $48) for 3 or 4 doses, but worth it. Fireworks are legal where I live. Its a noisy mess for about a week. As a mater of fact, going to pick up my dogs dosage today.

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  7. I remember pictures of George Herter holding a .401 revolver with one foot on some dead African animal and touting the caliber as able to kill anything that walked the earth. Always thought he was a self-promoting loudmouth. I still have a 1972 Herter's catalog. Everything he sold with his name on it was always: "The world's finest......" Spent many an hour reading their annual catalogs in the 1960's.

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  8. The owner of a local gun shop in Martinsburg, WV personally makes a weekly trip in a big truck to a large-scale distributor in PA and is able to get reloading stuff regularly. He has a full stock of shot (7-1/2, 8, 9) at $39.99, and I picked up an 8lb jug of Titegroup for $179. Perhaps supply is beginning to catch up a bit. He had some CCI pistol primers for $89 which seems a bit high + I don't like CCI's. Anyhow, I'm a happy camper as can keep reloading for trap; factory shot shells are no where to be seen.

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  9. Just posted this on the Trapshooters Forum, but thought it might be of some interest here.


    I started back to reloading shot shells when the ammo shortage hit and WallyWorld ran out of shot shells. Up to then, it was almost a wash cost-wise as STS's were about $7 a box at WallyWorld and I could sell the once-fired hulls that never hit the ground from my trap shooting for 10 cents each to cowboy action shooters. Reloading was costing me about $4.60 a box; just not worth it.


    Anyhow, started back reloading on my MEC Grabber using Clays, which I also use to load metallic cartridges. Had a decent supply of Clays, but was starting to get a bit nervous about eventually running out. Then found a supply of Titewad. Loaded up some shells with it and they worked fine. Had to add a brass MEC washer under the powder hopper to stop the fine powder leakage. This led me to ordering a few spare MEC parts from MEC as everyone else was out of spares. MEC had extremely fast shipping, got everything in three days. Excellent service from them. They also included a 2021 price list in the package and this is where things got interesting and the idea for this rant started.


    I am a pack rat about manuals, etc. and had a 2002 MEC price list stashed away. Compared it to the 2021 list as nothing much had changed format-wise between the two, except the prices. They were shocking to me. I'm listing stuff that I have or once had, with a price comparison. As a baseline, the US Consumers Price Index (CPI) has caused inflation to increase exactly 50% since 2002. Something that cost $1.00 in 2002, will cost $1.50 today based strictly on increases for inflation. Here's what I found out:


    MEC Hydraulic 9000 $888 to $1,619; increase = 82.3%.

    MEC Grabber $303 to $632; increase = 108.5%.

    MEC 600 Jr $107 to $255; increase = 138.3%.

    MEC Super Sizer $61 to $151; increase = 147.5%.


    Summing these four items gave an average increase of 95.5%, almost double the inflation rate. My speculation is that the greater increase for the lesser $ items (Jr and Sizer) is that their lower cost when compared to the bigger ticket items did not ping their sales very much. I don't remember what shells and their components cost in 2002, but I'm sure their price has gotten nowhere near doubling. The same thing with firearms. Remember buying a Taylors Uberti 73 then for $1,000, they now list for $1,342, an increase of 34.2% which is well below inflation. Not sure what to make of all this, except I now realize why all my presses are bought used. Would rather save money for components.


    I plan to dig around and see what Dillon prices have increased in the same time frame. Will post my findings.


    Also, found some Cheddite primers on-line at a cost of $38/1K + $12 shipping + $39 Hazmat. Bought 2K. Drives the price of reloading a box of shells up about $2. At least I can shoot them; not like the shells made out of unavialium.

  10. Turkey Flats Jack - I have one Browning Invector Mod (.705) and one Full (.069) I'll ship for $25. I can take PayPal. If interested PM me with shipping details.

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  11. Turkey Flats Jack - Any idea what choke constrictions you are looking for, as I have a bunch of extra Browning Invector chokes that will fit factory threaded Stogers? Will sell them very reasonably. Just let me know.

  12. I was in the Jr ROTC (High School Cadets) at McKinley Tech in Washington, DC from 1951-54. At one point was made  first Sergeant of C Company and was issued a Government-property NCO sword that was stamped 1862 on the hilt along with a Springfield 1903. Had to turn in the sword when I was promoted to an officer. Bought a used saber at a uniform shop for $15 that I still have. Officers had to supply their own sword and Sam Browne rig. It's a Knights of Pythias Uniformed Rank sword made by Horstman of Philadelphia, PA between 1893-1935; 32" in length. It's engraved "T C Williams". Tried to find out who he was, but no luck.     

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  13. There was the little matter of nasty fighting on a hill and some very tough folks with bayonets: Little Round Top was successfully defended by a brigade under Colonel Strong Vincent, who was mortally wounded during the fighting and died five days later. The 20th Maine Volunteer Infantry Regiment, commanded by Colonel Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, fought its most famous engagement there, culminating in a dramatic downhill bayonet charge. The battle at Little Round Top subsequently became one of the most well-known actions at Gettysburg, and of the entire war.

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  14. I live about 5 miles from the Martinsburg, WV airport which is home base for the 167th Airlift, an all C-17 Squadron. They replaced the C5A's which earlier replaced the C-130's. It can get noisy at times. The C5A's were the worst, but the C-17's are not quiet. They fly quite low when practicing touch and go's. We can usually tell when something big is going on as lots of heavy planes head one after the other in the same direction.

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  15. Small Regular Sebenza manufactured by Chris Reeve (CCR) about 2003, with an S30V Blade 58-59 RC, Titanium Handle and just received the Chris Reeve's Spa Treatment. This consists of: Authentication, Inspection, Tuning, Cleaning, Reblasting, and Sharpening. They re-issued the Birth Card, and Packaging, added a S31 Lanyard Pin (Blue), and a Replacement Lanyard Paracord. Also included is a syringe of CR Knife Grease, and an unused Leather CR Holster. The knife is now in “as new” condition.


    I bought it new in 2004 and carried it daily and it served me well. I've reached 83 and am downsizing stuff as my only son passed away last summer and my wife does not have a clue what to do with these types of items. I showed it to her and asked her about it. Her answer was “I'd probably sell it for a nickel.” Time to let someone else use and enjoy it. Will ship everything shown in the following pics for $275, via USPS 2 day insured Priority Mail. Accept PayPal, check or MO. Was going to post it on eBay, but they have changed their payment methods effective May 21 and I'm no longer selling anything through them, as I do not care for their new payment requirements requiring direct access to my bank account. The first "I'll take it" posted here gets it. 

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