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  1. OP update as of 1/23/20 – As suggested by several folks, finally contacted Taurus Customer Service via telephone; took two tries, finally spoke to a live rep after a 23 minute hold. They emailed me a FedEx label, so no shipping cost. Had my info in the system, but apparently only deal when pinged with phone calls. Anyhow, will post and update when the saga is finished.

  2. My low-light glasses are a pair of Fuji 7X50's which are the standard US Navy issue binocs. That said they are too heavy to routinely carry. I use a pair of refurbished Leitz WWII 6X30's for EDC.  Steiner's are excellent glasses. I suggest that you try a pair of their 8X30's as they are light weight and basically todays military standard issue.

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  3. Recently posted this on GlockTalk, thought it might be of interest here:


    I recently got a new Taurus Spectrum from Bud's for $140. I carry a S&W Bodyguard .380 and thought that the Spectrum would make a good replacement or backup as it's lighter and recently received a very good review in the American Rifleman; my bad!

    Disassembled it to see if it needs lubing, was fairly clean and lightly oiled. Managed to put a mild kink in the recoil spring when reassembling, was a red flag that I should have noticed. Contacted Taurus via their website and wanted to know how to buy a couple of extra springs. They never responded to me (another red flag).

    Tried to dry fire it with dummies and had several jams (red flag #3). Took it to the range and got multiple misfeeds and jams; managed to get 9 shots before completely giving up. Sent a repair request to Taurus via their website. Been two days, no response from them. Am now at red flag #4. Also, their warranty fine print states that I have to ship it to them on my nickel. This is at least $50 based on a recent transfer to an FFL in Ohio.

    I'm going to see if one of my trap buddies or the gun shop where I did the transfer will buy this POS for $50. Now I understand why Taurus has a lousy reputation. They work hard to earn it.

    I've bought many new guns in the past. Over time have had to return a S&W 62, Ruger Bisley, and a SCCY SC-2 for repairs. All have had shipping paid for by the manufacturer; not so with Taurus. Lesson learned, never deal with them again.

    Rant Over

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  4. Am safe cleaning. Have five US surplus magazines for the 9mm M-9 pistol aka Beretta Mod 92. These are used "ASSY 9346413-iM291 03/2010", in decent condition and hold 15 rounds. Understand they were made by Checkmate and have the sand upgrade. I cleaned them for use with a Chiappa M1-9 that I recently sold with seven magazines. Anyhow. they are just taking up space. Cost is $50 shipped via USPS flat rate. Will only ship to states where 15 rounders are legal, not CA, MD, etc. First "I'll take them" will get them. Accept PayPal, personal check, etc. If you want them, post here and send me a PM with your shipping details, will send them out the next day.

  5. FYI - You do not have to carry a bunch of magazines on your person. WB rules allow for pre-staging of mags: "Additional magazines or loose ammunition the shooter may wish to have beyond those the shooter can carry in magazine pouches or ammunition loops may be staged at locations and manner of their choice.  Additional magazines and loose ammunition to be staged may be brought to the line in any safe manner." This is directly from the January 2019 WB rule book (ver. 12-2) in the section entitled "HOLSTERS, CARTRIDGE BELTS, AND BANDOLEERS". 


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  6. 5 hours ago, The Original Lumpy Gritz said:

    Been carrying a Chris Reeve, Sebeza for the last 20yrs.

    See no reason to change....


    I'm with Gritz, except my Sebenza is only 18 years old. Usually sharpen it once or twice a year.

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  7. Been there, done that with a Kel-Tec P32 left in a jacket pocket. Found it a time later when I put the jacket on and felt a lump. Also had a Ruger Mini 14 that I put cased in a closet after my long distance range got shut down and completely forgot about it until I was moving to a new house; duh!


  8. I load the small & large primer cases with the same loads. I use 4.5 grs. Bullseye under a 230 gr. bullet. My Ruger SR1911 does not always cycle reliably with 4.0 grs. Bullseye.  Quit fiddling with 1911 springs when I stopped shooting bullseye matches and got rid of my tricked-out 1911's. Still have a cigar box of springs! Now only use the Ruger for Wild Bunch.

  9. This is from the dust bin of my memory. There is  screw on the front of the left side of the receiver which holds the lever in place. Remove it and the lever assembly should drop down, freeing the cartridge. Suggest googling a Win. 94 disassembly video to see the process. Good luck and use a good screwdriver.

  10. I only use Remington STS/Nitro for reloading for CAS. I quit reloading for trap and now get new Nitro's from WallyWorld at about $7+ a box. Use these hulls for CAS. Anyhow, I earlier bought a bunch of once-fired STS's from Ballistic Products. They show them in stock for $10.99 per 100.  If they are out, you can usually Google some. I prefer Ballistic Products as they sometimes have specials on shipping.   

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  11. Hells Coming - Sorry about the delay in posting and responding. Had a bunch of Christmas stuff to deal with. Following are some pics to give you an idea of what's there: 


    I bought these new in late 2007. They were worked on by Cash Cauldwell at Mid-MD gun repair in Thurmont. MD: "Smooth actions, set triggers to 2-1/2 lbs, widen rear sight notch." I finally removed the sight blades; they are included but not installed. It was easier to use the big U on the sights for CAS. IMGP1217.thumb.JPG.51fc20525938e2df3a78abc0b649f23d.JPGThere is some holster wear as they were used for several years. Only shot w/.38's using 3.0 Clays under a 125gr. RNFP. Always worked fine, but for some long-forgotten reason switched to NMV's in stainless. They have been safe queens for years. Price is $900 for them + I'll split shipping cost. PM me with your FFL info and we can make arrangements after Christmas.






  12. Sorry that I've not posted pics today as got tied up in Christmas stuff. Will do so tomorrow am. They are not consecutively numbered as I mixed them up with a pair of Single Sixes which are consecutive. Will price the Blackhawks at $450 each + shipping by my FFL.

  13. I've got a pair with consecutive s/n's that I used for CAS a year or two. They were tuned by Mid-Md Gun Repair. Have all the accessories. Switched to NM Vaqueros for some reason. I'll post photos tomorrow. We can discuss price later. I prefer to keep one, but if you want both OK. They have been safe queens for years.


  14. I looked at the name change process in Berkeley County, WV. It was $200 cash for the court plus $50 for the newspaper legal notice plus three trips to the court over several months. All because my birth cert. did not have "Jr" on it. Jr is an implied "son of" as I had the same name as my father. Anyhow used Jr. my entire life including having a Top Secret Q clearance for 33 years. The last time I went to renew my WV drivers license, they said "Nope, no fed gold star for you as your birth cert. and SS card names don't match even though my old license had a star. Renewed my passport and then zipped right through the DMV idiocy. 

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