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  1. In my opinion, this is an excellent buy. I once had a MEC 9000 hydraulic which worked great; only problem was I loaded up a years worth of shells in an afternoon and then had to store the massive thing for another year. Sold it and was going to get the above setup, but stumbled across a cheap MEC Grabber. I'd buy it except don't load for trap anymore.


    Ruger Ron, if you decide to split it up, I'll buy the Automate.  

  2. I've just gotten into using Zoom, which is a standard package used in educational circles. My sister-in-law makes a living using it training language teachers. My old Dell 11" laptop has a camera/mic built in. Toying with getting a camera for my desktop which is an older Dell with a 32" monitor, so am interested in responses to Charley Harley's question. BTW - Zoom has a bunch of background options available such as various outdoor scenery (mountains etc.).

  3. Alpo - Our local pocket watch expert is Walker Colt, who is also the top gun in my area (WV, VA, MD). I'll PM you with his email address and  suggest you contact him as he collects and I believe repairs pocket watches. He donates one to CASS each year for the WV Appalachian Showdown WV State CAS Championship. 


    Just tried sending you a PM and got a note that you cannot receive messages, huh?

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  4. For light watching, Col. Marsh of Scotland Yard, head of the Department of Queer Complaints. The Amazon series started in 1956 and stars Boris Karloff. He solves weird, and sometimes improbable mysteries. Another real classic is the series with Inspector Morse of Oxford on Britbox.  Am a firm British mystery fan.


    I'm currently starting Longmire, complex plots and a bit hard to follow at times. Really liked Justified and Bosch.

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  5. Here's a link to an Internet article on the Ithaca Gun Company background: Wikipedia Link.  Ithaca, an American company was in business in Ithaca, NY from 1883-1996. Bottom line is that it is most likely a New Ithaca Double which was made from 1926-1948. They came in seven grades. My pricing guide, the 2017 Standard Catalog of Firearms lists prices in excellent condition starting out at $1,100 for a Grade 1 to $12,000 for a Grade 7. They are excellent firearms.  My first CAS shotgun was an Ithaca Flues model that I ended up selling to a collector. I know a guy who collected Ithaca Sousa grade shotguns. Between he and his brother they had almost 1/2 of them ever made (believe about a total of 18). These sell at 10K to 16K each; Duh! Suggest getting an independent appraisal if it's priced over 1K.

  6. My Panasonic phone system is programmed as follows: If the number is not in my phone book, there is a message to the caller "We are unable to answer the phone at this time, please press one to leave a message in my voice mail." There is no ringing on my end. Stops the junk calls, which is especially handy during the endless election cycles. 

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  7. A Sig AST Air Super Target air pistol cal. .177 pellet gun. I paid $368 + tax on Amazon for it. Will ship for $300 $215 and include Sig case. extra seals, sig pellets, and about 100 25" bullseye targets. This gun has 60 pellets through it. Accept PayPal, USPS MO, check or whatever. First "I'll take it" gets it.


    Background: I shot International Air Pistol for years starting in the early 1980's. Was using a high-end Walther and competing at the Rockville IWLA.  Moved to WV in 2005 and stopped shooting air pistol; sold the Walther. Now that every local shooting competition is shut down due to the Kung Flu, started shooting postal air pistol matches to keep from going totally bonkers, using a Daisy 717 that I kept from 1982. Decided to upgrade it and bought the AST which is shaped like a Sig P210. The grip is like a 9mm, not an international air grip. Been doing good enough with the Daisy, so don't need the Sig. Getting too old for more safe queens.



  8. Widder - The Lyman Reloading Handbook (mine is edition #49) specifically warns against attempting to form .357 Sig brass by necking down 40 S&W cases, as they will be approximately .020" short. They also warn against using 10mm cases due to use of a large primer. Suggest you read this section carefully as there is also a bunch of caution about which bullets to use.  Bullets should be .355" diameter, not .357". Your powder charge is on the mild end of the load with the min. listed as 11.5 of AA#9, it's OK. 


    My suggestion is to buy .357 Sig cases from Starline and to stop making due with substitutes. Also check your bullet diameter and get a Lyman manual. 

  9. My $497 fed tax bill just cleared my account today. I'll use the incoming to pay off my 2016 Camry. Wife is due for a new vehicle after July when her Santa Fe reaches 10 warranty expiration. We are both so old, will just lease the next one. 

  10. I spent 3 weeks bicycling in England and Ireland a while back. Could never figure how to bike a roundabout. Always put the bike on my shoulder and ran across it. The hardest thing is being a pedestrian in London and looking the wrong way when crossing a street. Too easy to get flattened in the center of the place with all the circles, squares, etc.

  11. Finally decided on a Sig Sauer ASP Super Target. It is similar to the FAS 6004 except for the grips and opening catch. Shaped like a Sig P210 and is made by Chippia in Italy. Deciding point was the Sig five year warranty plus Amazon availability. The FAS is hard to find. Cost $368.  

  12. I qualified for the Olympic trials in International Air Pistol being conducted at Colorado Springs for the 1984 Olympics held in LA. Too much trouble to take a weeks annual leave. The tryouts were a weeks freebe at the Olympic Center, just had to pay air fare.  Somehow managed to survive after not going. 

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  13. I'm hunkering down and getting bored. No CAS anywhere for a while. I shot International Air Pistol in competition for a long time until moving to WV, where it is not done near me. Shot it in my basement for a while until starting local IDPA, trap and ASI. Recently all nearby competition shooting has stopped due to the Kung Flu. Sold my air pistols after moving (Walther CP3 and a Bakial IZM). Managed to keep a Daisy 717 for kicks. Anyhow, thinking about setting up another basement air gun range and am wondering if anyone has experience with the latest pneumatic single-stroke air pistols. Not interested in spending 2K for a really good one (compressed air type and having to fiddle with tanks) but would like a decent gun. Seems like all the remaining single-strokes are mostly for plinking. Air Venturi ( mod V10) and Chippia (mod FAS 2004) still make what it possibly seems like I'm looking for in the $3-400 range. Don't want to buy an older used good quality gun and then have to deal with seal/repair issues. Meanwhile, will phart with the Daisy.

    Appreciate any thoughts/suggestions on the matter; thanks.

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