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  1. Loading for a BP match using APP. Noticed powder stopped dropping. Found a tiny bag of desiccant jamming the hopper. Discovered the manufacturer puts them in the APP canister, but does not mention it anywhere. Stopped shooting BP as its too much of a PIA for me.
  2. I was a binocular/camera collector quite a while back. Was primarily into German binocs. Ended up keeping a pair of pre-WWII 6x30 Leitz that were refurbished by the Russians, and a recent U.S. Navy spec 7x50 Fujion. Don't go boating anymore, so the latter just sits in a drawer. Still use the old Leitz's. Suggest getting glasses with individual eye focusing. Price is a major indicator of quality. As a side note, I have an old pair of French binocs that has two range finder markings; one for a mounted man on a horse, and one for a standing solder with a 1' tall hat. These still work OK.
  3. Two options - Send it to Ruger or a light filing.
  4. The spring clip on the lower end of the feed tube keeps the primers in the tube; remove the clip and down they go.
  5. "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn."
  6. The clearest explanation of shotgun evolution is H.H. Greener's "The Gun and. It's Development" written in 1910.. NRA did a reprint a while back. John Wayne liked Greener's.
  7. Cat Brules - Costco currently sells coffins at a very reasonable price.
  8. I bought a new Taurus Spectrum in January; fired 9 rounds, total jamomatic. Sent back to Taurus for warranty repair. They received it on 1/29/20. Checked repair status on 3/3/20, was told it would take 12 weeks to review it. Called them today 6/9/20. Was told they have not looked at it yet and have no idea when they will get to it. Four and 1/2 months and no action. Be forewarned that Taurus warranty service is beyond horrible. They give a new meaning to the word incompetent.
  9. This is OT as far as the photos. I just reviewed a documentary of the HMS Warspite. It was a British battleship built in 1912. It fought in WWI & II. At Normandy, It expended all of its 15" shells on the first day, went back to England, reloaded and then went back and expended all of its new shells on day 2. Then went back to England for new barrels as they were completely worn out. England certainly got their measure of service from this ship.
  10. I'll turn this into a shotgun forum - What barrel length and choke should I use with 00 buck when the looters decide to invade my WV subdivision? Will my trench gun serve as adequate backup? How many 15 round .40 S&W mags should I have ready for my Sub 2000? What's the best last stand handgun: a Glock 20 or a Glock 21?
  11. I much prefer a green dot. My Vortex Venom is red and somewhat blurry, even with corrected shooting glasses.
  12. I have an IAC Trench Gun that I bought just before they were stopped from importation by the powers that be. Got a front barrel band from Numrich, so can remove the heat shield and use it in regular CAS (without a front sight). It's an excellent gun and meets all SAMMI specs, so any 2-3/4" ammo within specs will work. Mine did not require any smithing and is fine in WB. A real tool.
  13. Goody - Thanks, the link is very helpful. I'll stop by the GS tomorrow and look at it further, provided its not been sold.
  14. My local GS has one in decent shape, a 12 ga. w/28" barrels, made in Spain; asking $425 . Google said it was imported in the 50/60's. I did not notice the importers location. Wondering if it's worth bargaining for as I don't need another SXS, but it is cool.
  15. Here's a note on the Wilson Extended Slide Release: Wilson Extended Slide Release These folks know a bit about 1911's.
  16. In my opinion, this is an excellent buy. I once had a MEC 9000 hydraulic which worked great; only problem was I loaded up a years worth of shells in an afternoon and then had to store the massive thing for another year. Sold it and was going to get the above setup, but stumbled across a cheap MEC Grabber. I'd buy it except don't load for trap anymore. Ruger Ron, if you decide to split it up, I'll buy the Automate.
  17. Just renewed SASS and got my 20 year pin; big woup.
  18. I've just gotten into using Zoom, which is a standard package used in educational circles. My sister-in-law makes a living using it training language teachers. My old Dell 11" laptop has a camera/mic built in. Toying with getting a camera for my desktop which is an older Dell with a 32" monitor, so am interested in responses to Charley Harley's question. BTW - Zoom has a bunch of background options available such as various outdoor scenery (mountains etc.).
  19. Alpo - Our local pocket watch expert is Walker Colt, who is also the top gun in my area (WV, VA, MD). I'll PM you with his email address and suggest you contact him as he collects and I believe repairs pocket watches. He donates one to CASS each year for the WV Appalachian Showdown WV State CAS Championship. Just tried sending you a PM and got a note that you cannot receive messages, huh?
  20. For light watching, Col. Marsh of Scotland Yard, head of the Department of Queer Complaints. The Amazon series started in 1956 and stars Boris Karloff. He solves weird, and sometimes improbable mysteries. Another real classic is the series with Inspector Morse of Oxford on Britbox. Am a firm British mystery fan. I'm currently starting Longmire, complex plots and a bit hard to follow at times. Really liked Justified and Bosch.
  21. Here's a link to an Internet article on the Ithaca Gun Company background: Wikipedia Link. Ithaca, an American company was in business in Ithaca, NY from 1883-1996. Bottom line is that it is most likely a New Ithaca Double which was made from 1926-1948. They came in seven grades. My pricing guide, the 2017 Standard Catalog of Firearms lists prices in excellent condition starting out at $1,100 for a Grade 1 to $12,000 for a Grade 7. They are excellent firearms. My first CAS shotgun was an Ithaca Flues model that I ended up selling to a collector. I know a guy who collected Ithaca Sousa grade shotguns. Between he and his brother they had almost 1/2 of them ever made (believe about a total of 18). These sell at 10K to 16K each; Duh! Suggest getting an independent appraisal if it's priced over 1K.
  22. My Panasonic phone system is programmed as follows: If the number is not in my phone book, there is a message to the caller "We are unable to answer the phone at this time, please press one to leave a message in my voice mail." There is no ringing on my end. Stops the junk calls, which is especially handy during the endless election cycles.
  23. Civil Service fed pay is bi-weekly, not monthly. Retirees are paid monthly. You can Google FEMA pay scales.
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