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  1. Wondering if I should practice FCG. It might come around soon.

  2. Thanks for adding me to your friends pard :)

  3. Howdy Pard. Am I on your list? I would like to be.

  4. What's on your mind?

  5. Best pard a poor 'ol cowpoke could ever ask for.

  6. Wallaby ranks right up there as the best of pards. That is for sure.

  7. How could I not be on your friends list? We have been pards at least 10 years and you are the best.

  8. Yup, fer sure a friend. Always a great time with you. (shooting, is what I am talkin' about ):)

  9. WOW! There is no question about friends.

    Luv ya Fannie.

  10. You bet a friend. Thanks for all you do for others pard.

  11. Not just friend, Great friend and pard.

  12. More than a friend. A pard. Thanks for all you do for others.

  13. Friend and Fearless Leader.

  14. Not just friend, but best of friends.

  15. It always makes me smile to see Cloe at a shoot with Dad.

  16. Lucky and BT have been on my list a long, long time.

  17. Friend for sure. Glittery for sure.

    Fun always.

  18. It goes without saying. Irish Eyes and Cross Creek, best of pards.

  19. More than a friend, the Marshal and Marshalette are real pards.

  20. Can you say pard? That is more than just friend.

  21. Great Pard, No great Friend, No, great Gunsmith, No, great Pal, No great Pard,

    OK, I give up, West is all of that and more.

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