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  1. Cover the tip of the antler or dowl rod with a small piece of deer skin to give it some slight 'cushion' when seating the cap.
  2. To my knowledge, only Goex made it domestically. As for a buyer, would be wise for the US government to buy it if they still need it for the US military. Otherwise, I can also see foreign companies being interested, like ones in China...
  3. Found the letter on another site just now. Does not bode well for BP shooters who use the real thing. Suspect supply will get worse and prices will go up.
  4. Given the options you listed, I'd go with the blackhawk convertible; you can load 9mm with lead and use that in CAS as well as the 38 special or 357 (downloaded to 38 special levels). The large sdjustable sights will make it easy to get your POA and POI to match with your various loads. I would suggest sticking with the 4 5/8 or 5 1/2 inch barrels, as they are lighter and easier to get in and out of holsters than 6 1/2 or longer barrels. No real difference between blued and stainless, except price, of course! Blackhawks are running less than Vaqueros and somewhat easier to find. They also are a better choice if you have plans to use them for other activities besides CAS, given the adjustable sights. They also would appeal to a different (and probably larger) resale market outside CAS if you decide this game is not for you.
  5. I don't have a problem with an over the top reload on a '73; eject the spent cartridge, lever to retract bolt, but not enough to bring up the brass carrier, drop a live round into the chamber, then close lever and fire. This is easier for me than through the gate.
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