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  1. Hi all! In a trading mood and want to see what's out there! Have a very well kept stock (nothing done to it outside a steel ERH; sights unmolested and springs all factory!) blued 5 1/2 inch barrel old model Vaquero in 357 that I picked up quite awhile ago for plinking; as it turns out, prefer to plink in calibers other than 38 spec, so it's become a safe queen these last several years. Anybody with a similar conditon/stock safe queen Ruger Bisley in 44 mag (SS or blued, Vaquero or Blackhawk, 5 1/2 inch or longer barrel) (Needs to have no top strap cutting or throat erosion from lots of 44 mags)? Want to trade even! PMs welcomed! Can supply pics to serious parties.
  2. Hi all! Was going though a bag and found all this stuff which I don't have a use for. Maybe someone into crafts could use them. $22 shipped via small flat rate priority box. USPS MO or personal check ok. (I recall using the tacks to tack a hawken style rife many years ago!)
  3. Hi all, I purchased this used but in very fine condition a few months ago (didn't look like the prior owner shot it much; date of manufacture 1975). It has a brass grip frame about as large as a Ruger Superblackhawk and the frame itself is larger than a standard Uberti SAA clone. Nice case coloring and plum barrel and I liked it very much. It worked fine and shot well on, but high with my 44 special loads. I decided to send it off to a well known CAS gunsmith (PM me if you want/need further info; I won't post names here) and asked if he could weld on a bit of metal to the top of the existing front sight and make it taller. He agreed and two months later (this past week), I received it back and am thoroughly upset and dissappointed in the quality of the work. The front sight is taller, but very thinned and tilted to the left. There are some filing marks on the barrel where he must have slipped while thinning the sight and everything has been sloppily covered with cold blue. The only way I can see to fix this would be to remove the front sight and put in a dove tail new sight. I am too unhappy with it, though, and don't want to spend any more money on it (already have over 500 in it); I just want it out of the safe and gone, so I am offering it as is for $200 plus $35 shipping from my FFL to your FFL. USPS MO or personal check ok.
  4. Hi all! Have a few more pocket knives not getting the love and use they need! (I will combine shipping if someone buys more than one!) Top to bottom: 1. CRKT Limited Edition Apache in ATS-34 steel, made in Taiwan. 3 1/2 inch cutting edge, liner lock, aluminum scales. This comes from a time when CRKT was actually trying to make quality pocket knives! Sharp edge with some sort of black coating to blade, good lock up. $35 plus $10 shipped small flat rate priority box. USPS MO or personal check ok. 2. Schrade Old Timer 1250T, made in USA. 4 inch blade, slip joint with a brass liner lock. VERY strong snap! No rust/corrosion! $60 plus $10 shipped small flat rate priority box. USPS MO or personal check ok. (Discoloration on bolster is artifact; is very shiney and difficult to photograph.) 3. JM Browning, made in Italy, Stag scales, liner lock. 3 inch cutting edge with black coating. An elegant dress knife; I took it to the Opera in the past! $45 plus $10 shipped small flat rate priority box.--SPF USPS MO or personal check.
  5. Hi all, Got this many, many uears ago and it's been just sitting on a shelf. Gold colored Eagle belt plate and keeper on a black Leather adjustable belt. Is about 36 inches long, but looks like one could add a few more holes and go atleast another 9 or 10 inches. A friend made the belt years ago. Don't really know the buckle history; bought it off a CW collector, but I don't think it's a real antique. $45 plus $10 shipping small flat rate box. USPS MO or personal check ok.
  6. Hi all! Have a few more quality knives that need good homes! Top to bottom: 1. Hudson Bay Camp knife by Garrett Forge Knives. Hand forged, with a very cool finish, in 2016. 8 inch long convex blade in 1095 steel, 3/16 inches thick, jimping on spine, walnut scales with brass pins. Fold over Mountain man type sheath that yours truely made! Quite an impressive chopper! $175--NOW $150 plus $16 shipped priority flat rate box. USPS MO or personal check ok---SPF 2. Unknown maker, clip point bowie knife with 7 1/2 inch blade, 3/16 inches thick at the hilt with a fine taper to the tip. Nickel silver pins and oval guard. This was bought used and had a fairly small handle. I sent it off to a knife maker who put a larger ivory micarta handle on it. Would be good for someone with medium to large hands now. Hand stiched black leather sheath from original maker came with it. $120 plus $16 shipped priority flat rate box. USPS MO or personal check ok.---SPF 3. English made Bowie marked "P. Henry & Son" (possibly by maker Harry Lovejoy) and "Rough and Ready" (a great Gold Rush style motto!). Brass guard, O1 tool steel 10 inch blade, highly polished, two inches wide, 3/16th thick. 'Blade through heart' emblem on the wood grips which have three steel pins and brass liners. There was some spots of fine corrosion on the obverse side. I cleaned it up but some fine marks were left behind; see picture. It is superficial and tiny. Leather sheath is from the maker. $225---NOW $200 plus $16 shipped priority flat rate box. USPS MO or personal check ok. (Discoloration on blade is artifact; is very shiney and difficult to photograph!)
  7. Hi! A few questions, please! Are the front sights filed down? What kind of minor action work? Thank you!
  8. If you still have them, I'll take the original vaquero hammers for $50 shipped.
  9. Hi all! Decided I need to downsize my knife collection, so here is a Jeff White belt knife, his "Big River" model. A hand made, 1095 high carbon, convex, very sharp blade, 5 1/2 inches long, 1/8 inches thick, maple scales, full tang and a leather sheath. I modified the belt loop to accomodate a cartridge belt; did a pretty good job if I say so myself! A fine belt knife for CAS, mountain-man, bushcraft etc! The 'brute de forge' style finish is typical for JW's knife blades.. $136--- NOW $121 shipped, USPS MO or personal check.
  10. Got it! SASS/CAS is pretty weak in LV, in my opinion, and definitely not what it was 20+ years ago. I've pretty much left it also.
  11. What happened Poe? Last I saw on the wire, you were getting your gear together...
  12. Hi! Still available? If so, about how many rounds through them? Any Black powder? Any pitting/corrosion in the barrels? Interested in any trades? Thank you! SJ
  13. I like to keep my gear clean, so spurs/straps come off first for cleaning and then boots (which also get a rinse down as a minimum). I guess if I had bought cheap gear, I wouldn't bother, but I bought pretty expensive footware and spurs/straps and want to keep them looking good.
  14. Hi all! Going through my hobby box and found all these beads and some fake claws which I see no future use for, so here they are as a bundle! $20 plus $10 shipping priority flat rate mail. USPS MO or personal check ok!
  15. Hi all! Found some more hatbands and a several stampede string; one set uses cotter pins, the others go through eyelets in the brim. Some used, some not. Everything for $20 plus $10 shipped priority flat rate mail. USPS MO or personal check ok!
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