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  1. Hi all! Have a black WB right hand 1911 leather holster by San Pedro Saddlery, lined in pig skin, for sale. $65 shipped; personal check or USPS MO.
  2. Navy Davy, If you are still looking, I have a black right handed 1911 holster that I used for WB that I'd be willing to sell. Can post a pic on Monday, if you can wait.
  3. I've heard that the current 44mag is built on the old larger Vaquero frame.
  4. There are 3 blued 20 inch carbine Rossi 92s in 357 on GB right now (although one is up shortly).
  5. Hi Bill! I strongly recommend you go to a few local matches and watch. You should see how the game is played in your area. You may change your mind on how you want to proceed after you see the local shooters and match set ups. I wouldn't start by setting a price, rather FIRST determine if/how you really want to play the game (speed/to win approach?, historical approach?, TV/Film/Hollywood approach?, etc) then go about determining the price you are willing to pay.
  6. Check out "When Trumpets Fade" from 1998; a very good war film on that battle. It came out at the same time as "Saving Private Ryan" and so was mostly overlooked. I actually think it's a better story than the latter...
  7. Thank you kindly J-Bar for those most gracious words! Me and my pard were thinking about that very match earlier today; one of the most fun I ever attended! Found some pics of me and "Big Mama", my sweet 10g from another shoot! Now where's that silly target?!
  8. I, too, have shot Frontiersman and enjoyed all the nuances of it (including those pesky hot caps falling into my open finger shooting glove; talk about a moment!) I do think it is technically a more difficult category than smokeless powder cartridge ones; from prepping the guns correctly to reloading in between posse chores to trouble shooting on the line with the timer running. So many more things that can go wrong need to go 'just right' to finish without a hangup/fumble etc. There's always that little thought in the back of my mind just before the timer goes off, "is everything going to work ?" I like to think of it as the 'element of surprise' that cap and ball brings to the shooting line. I don't think most CAS shooters can handle that let alone enjoy it as we Frontiersmen do! I also feel there is a bit more camaraderie among the Frontiersmen; we all chose a tougher category, tend to dress differently than the rest (I went to a big match once in TX and immediately recognized the small group standing together at the shooter's meeting!), relish the bigger boom and recoil afforded by black powder (My 10g sxs was a big crowd pleaser, if not a spotter favorite!) and realize we aren't going to win top shooter but don't care!
  9. If someone gets on the wire, especially a newbie, I suggest asking them what their wishes/goals (and limitations for that matter, such as cost) are for CAS and not just assume they have come to it to win "First place" and need speed. Are they drawn to it from a historical perspective? Or maybe a "Hollywood" angle? What about just something to do that is less competitive than a shooting sport they came from? Looking to get a fun thing for the whole family perhaps? Do they have a Mountain man background and want to burn black powder in different guns now? The list can go on; there can be a number of differing reasons to come to this game and it will change the type of gear one might be interested in obtaining. I've seen a number of players in my neck of the woods 'run off' over the years by the perception that trying to win is the main reason to play and everything else is secondary/inconsequential...
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