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  1. Hi all! Have some backup/safe queens for sale! Both in pristine condition with extremely low round count, only smokeless ammo used, and meticulously cleaned! 1. Blued old model Ruger Vaquero, 7 1/2 inch barrel. Has a Ruger blued steel ejector rod housing on it as well. 2. Stainless Steel old model Ruger Bisley Vaquero, 5 1/2 inch barrel; comes with the factory grips and a nice set of after market white grips as well. Am pricing to hopefully sell to shooters who will use them! Please no dealers. Not interested in any trades. Blued Vaquero $495 plus $35 shipping, my FFL to your FFL- SPF! Stainless Bisley $520 plus $35 shipping, my FFL to your FFL. Please post replies on this thread.
  2. Hi All! Have a Pedersoli Remington Rolling block in 45-70 for sale, nice looking with a brass butt plate and trigger guard and case colored receiver, with an inlaid SASS medalion on the right side of the receiver. Bought it at the SHOT show here in Vegas from EMF. The front edge of the receiver to tip of barrel is 28 1/2 inches. I didn't like the splinter fore-end (gets hot!), so had a beaver tail fore-end added professionally; nice hand hold now! Shot it a only a couple of times over the years, extremely well kept; I am fastidious about cleaning, with a bright shiny bore! Wood in very nice shape as well! It's been a safe queen now the last 5 years plus, though, as I just don't have the strength to heft it like I used to. I see they're up to $1300 new on EMF's web site. How about $820 plus $75 shipping in a hard case to your FFL? Please post replies on this thread. Not interested in trades.
  3. If you decide to look at the Pedersoli Rolling Block target model in 45-70 (single trigger), let me know; have one with the SASS emblem on the receiver; has been hardly shot, well taken care of and sits in the back of my safe, lonely...
  4. The slight discoloration on the barrel and cylinder is only oil...
  5. Hi! Have an Uberti SAA with birdshead gripframe, in the rare caliber of 38-40, 4 3/4inch barrel, with custom Eagle Ultra Ivory grips, in most excellent condition for sale. Front sight unmolested, no action work done on it. Used sparingly and cleaned very well! $495 plus $25 shipping my FFL to your FFL. Please post replies on this thread. First to post that they will buy it, gets it.
  6. Hi all! Have a very well kept Uberti '73 saddle ring carbine in 44-40 that I don't shoot anymore (have gone over to '92s). There is some tarnish on the brass lifter, as I did shoot some black powder out of it, but the rest of it is very clean! (I am fastidious about cleaning after every use!). Bore is bright and shiny! No action work done , but is very smooth and amazingly accurate. It was lovingly cared for and I think the new owner will be very pleased! Would like to sell to someone who will use it, so please no dealers. Priced to sell to someone in need of a fine rifle! $825 plus $45 shipping and will be shipped in a hard plastic case, my FFL to your FFL. USPS MO only, please post replies on this thread; first to say they will buy it, gets it.
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