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  1. Howdy! Have a spare 3 die set of LEE 45/70 dies; no box (but I can pack well!). In very nice condition! How about $25 plus $8.50 shipping?
  2. Hi all! Was at Spurlock's gunstore in Henderson, NV recently and spied a pair of SASS Ruger New Vaqueros in .357 in a guncase. I don't know if they are new or used. I have no connection to these or the store, but as I've been seeing newbies looking for shooting irons here on the wire recently, I thought I would bring this up. Here is a link to the store's web site ad: https://www.spurlocksguns.com/product.ruger-vaquero-sass-set-12-consec-serial-357-mag-462-6rd-blk-syn-grip-ss
  3. My first set was a pair of large rowled spurs w/o jingle bobs, that I bought in Nogales, Mexico, while in my teens. (They were not like the ones the OP posted, rather more like a Californio style.) I never used them for CAS or riding, but kept them for sentimental reasons. Eventually, another pard in a local CAS club, the late Borzi Kid, was in need of a pair of spurs and I gifted them to him; he wore them for CAS there after till cancer took him. Over the years, I've collected (and sold off) a number of pairs of spurs. One of my earliest CAS sets was a contemporary working cowbo
  4. Have used KG 12 copper solvent for many years; very effective at copper fouling removal; better than others I've tried.
  5. Why is this being broadcast now; a murder that took place in 2014; seven years ago, which casts a dark shadow on Cowboy Action Shooting as well? Hmm, let me think; CAS has been one of the very few shooting sports that has not really been touched by the anti's rhetoric. It doesn't use any black plastic and the firearms used are not typically involved in current day violent crime. Probably looked like a great opportunity by CBS to now go after CAS as well and also back track/'atone' for their positive review of the game back in 2008; https://www.cbsnews.com/news/grown-up-profes
  6. Hi all! Many things go into home self defense beside firearm choice; situational awareness/planning, terrain around house, nature of home type and building material, number of occupants in home and their age/location, etc in addition to skill with one's chosen firearms. Not everyone shoots watered down 38s in slicked up single actions for CAS and I can see some being more proficient with some well placed stock single actions and lever actions loaded with factory self defense ammo, than with more modern types of firearms.
  7. That article writer is pretty negative about the caliber but does confirm what I also have been told regarding black powder; 32 Win special will handle black powder as well as smokeless, unlike 30-30. My understanding is that is what the "Special" designation meant back then and included the 38 special and 44 special. (As for pitted bores being worse for accuracy in 32 Win special than 30-30, I don't buy that. I expect both calibers suffer with such a thing.)
  8. The original ejector rod housings on old model blued Vaqueros are aluminum and look like they are painted. This finish will come off and looks poor. Check the link to the Ruger web site above with replacement ejector rod housings. These are blued steel and are a real improvement.
  9. Hi all! Found these to 45/44 caliber ammo pouches in the garage; a little dirty, but no rips/tears; stitching still intact. The leather tie on the left one slightly frayed, but still intact. These are very handy to carry ammo to the loading table in the loops and brass away from the unloading table in the pouch. Would like $20 plus $8.50 for shipping for BOTH. USPS MO or personal check ok.
  10. Nevada does not have a DROS system like California. As for selling from a California to a Nevada resident, John Kloehr has it right; ship CA FFL to NV FFL. There are no more legal private party sales in Nevada even between Nevada residents; the Blue Nevada legislature did away with that as of 1/1/20. I have never heard of a legal private party sale between residents of two different states; if that ever was so, it would have been long before I started SASS...
  11. Hi Jackaroo, I was on ADIs web site and I see they've shut down some types of powder production. Please let us know if they eventually decide to stop Trail Boss altogether; thank you!
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