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  1. The prior deal fell through and my spouse, Justin Kase, can't get on the SASS wire at present, so I am re-posting this now. "I have a Pietta 1858 Remington New Model Army pistol with an additional cylinder and Treso nipples for sale. $275>>>>> NOW $235 shipped to your door where legal. USPS money oder and I need proof of age. Not interested in trades. Very clean and shoots well. FYI I just changed my SASS alias from Innocent Bystander to Justin Kase. "
  2. This is back up for sale as the buyer had unexpected expenses come up.
  3. ACW, My pard Justin Kase is having problems getting back onto the SASS wire after a computer crash. He has asked me to ask you to send pms concerning this pistol to me and I'll forward them on to him.
  4. After reading the comments by the chief deputy county administrator, I have a feeling it's going to get all torn down and replaced with a park/playground for kids and baby strollers, soccer fields, a small museum/display on snakes, cacti and lizards, and a large parking lot; nothing of any real value or needed...
  5. If you split up the Bachman gear, I might be interested in the pouch.
  6. Hi all! Sold the 1917 S&W so time to sell the moon clips and extra gear! Have two full/half moon unloading tools. Have 3 metal belt holders for full moon clips. Have one set of 6 dummy 45 acp rounds in a full moon clip. Have 22 half moon clips. Have 149 full moon clips. All this can be yours for $ 120 shipped! USPS MO only. Not interested in trades or splitting it up at present. Please post replies on this thread.
  7. Hi all! Sold the 1917 S&W so time to sell the custom grips. Both were made by Collins Grips and fit my 1917 classic reissue beautifully (no fitting work was needed or done!). The white are made of Corian, the yellow are Micarta. Want to sell them as a set. Not interested in trades. $150 for both sets, USPS MO. Please post replies on this thread.
  8. HI all! Sold the 1917 S&W and now time to sell the El Paso Saddlery 1917 Holster! Also have a Pacific Canvas and Leather WW1/2 canvas half moon clip pouch (holds 6) and an Old Pueblo Leather custom made full moon clip pouch (holds 4). All are in excellent hardly used condition! All this for $135 shipped to your door! USPS MO. Not interested in any trades. Please post replies on this thread. (See my other ads for the full and half moon clips and extra grips!)
  9. Hi!

     Do you still work on Rossi 92s or did you retire from that?


     Sacramento Johnson #6873

    1. Johnny Meadows,SASS#28485L

      Johnny Meadows,SASS#28485L

      Yes, I am still doing all the gun work that I previously did, only in smaller quantities.



    2. Sacramento Johnson #6873

      Sacramento Johnson #6873

       Good to hear!  

       I left a phone message for you; could you please contact me about a persnickety Rossi?

       Grace aka Sacramento Johnson

  10. Thanks Boss, but it looks like I've made a deal with Three Foot Johnson.
  11. Hi All! Bought a Ruger Bisley Vaquero in 45 colt, 5 1/2 inch barrel, Stainless steel, rosewood grips awhile back as I thought I'd like to try that grip frame. Turns out I like plowhandles much better so this has just sat in the safe. Shot a few smokeless rounds out of it, cleaned it and put it away. This is an old model Bisley Vaquero with the larger frame, box stock. Thought I'd see if anybody would like to trade. Am interested in getting another Rossi '92, carbine or rifle (but not the 16 inch barrel models; needs to hold 10 rounds). Blue or stainless steel, 45 colt or especially 44-40, maybe even 44mag. Not looking for anything tricked out or slicked up; anybody got a stock back up that's gathering dust? I'd handle shipping from my FFL on my end and the other pard would handle the shipping from their FFL on their end.
  12. This thread has some info on the Browning 92; https://forums.sassnet.com/index.php?/topic/303985-specs-of-the-357-browning-92/
  13. Hi! For a small metal gun cart which is good for traveling, check out Papadave's gun cart: http://www.papadaveguncarts.com/page04.html I use this myself (no relation to Papadave, or any monetary interest.)
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