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  1. The slight discoloration on the barrel and cylinder is only oil...
  2. Hi! Have an Uberti SAA with birdshead gripframe, in the rare caliber of 38-40, 4 3/4inch barrel, with custom Eagle Ultra Ivory grips, in most excellent condition for sale. Front sight unmolested, no action work done on it. Used sparingly and cleaned very well! $495 plus $25 shipping my FFL to your FFL. Please post replies on this thread. First to post that they will buy it, gets it.
  3. Hi all! Have a very well kept Uberti '73 saddle ring carbine in 44-40 that I don't shoot anymore (have gone over to '92s). There is some tarnish on the brass lifter, as I did shoot some black powder out of it, but the rest of it is very clean! (I am fastidious about cleaning after every use!). Bore is bright and shiny! No action work done , but is very smooth and amazingly accurate. It was lovingly cared for and I think the new owner will be very pleased! Would like to sell to someone who will use it, so please no dealers. Priced to sell to someone in need of a fine rifle! $825 plus $45 shipping and will be shipped in a hard plastic case, my FFL to your FFL. USPS MO only, please post replies on this thread; first to say they will buy it, gets it.
  4. Hi All! Found another safe queen, an Uberti Schofield, blued, 5 inch barrel, 44-40 caliber, with Eagle Ultra Ivory grips (along with the original wood grips.) Few boxes of smokeless 44-40 were shot, then it was thoroughly cleaned and is in fantastic condition! $795 shipped from my FFL to your FFL. USPS MO only, not interested in trades. Please post replies on this thread; first to say they'll take it, gets it.
  5. Capt.: Yes, SPF. Flanigan; the grips came from now retired Collins Grips; they were made for original S&W New model #3s and required some slight sanding on the edges to fit. They could be further slimmed down but I wasn't that persnickety about it.
  6. Hi All! Found another safe queen! Uberti S&W New Model #3, 45 colt, 6 1/2 inch barrel, nickel. Picked it up at EoT a few years ago, shot a few boxes of smokeless out of it, (did try some 45 colt BP loads and they also worked fine!), dressed it up with some nice micarta white grips and an El Paso Saddlery holster (all included) and put it in the back of the safe . It's in very fine condition and was cleaned immaculately after each use. (You can read about this model in the current "Guns of the Old West" issue, Fall 2019.) I'd like to see it go to someone who will use the dickens out of it and have priced this package at a very attractive price, definitely below the MSRP as found in the above article. Given this, no dealers, please. I want this to go directly to a cowboy action shooter who will use it. Not interested in trades at this time. My FFL to your FFL: $895 shipped, USPS MO only, no personal checks. Please post replies on this thread--SPF!
  7. Hi all, I know it's a long shot, but am looking to get a rifle for my pard. Only interested in Winchester 1892 in 357 made by Winchester or Browning, short rifle or carbine. No antiques, no Rossi's, Chiappa's. No work done on it; no action jobs etc. Looking for one with minimal use; perhaps someone's back up, still stock. Willing to go into the $800's and shipping to my FFL. Thanks for looking!
  8. Can you give the crown height and brim length on the white one? Thanks!
  9. Howdy! I have two pairs of the OMV Eagle gunfighter grips, both ultra ivory, one set checkered, the other set smooth. I bought them new and realized I don't like the slim profile so they just sit. Let me know if interested.
  10. Hi Curly,

    Gave it to a new sass shooter looking for gear; he didn't care about the name thing!

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