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  1. I think the market is revealing that just about any gun has value at this time, even ones that are used and slow to reload.
  2. Hi all! Looking for a nice clean Ruger Blackhawk in 357; prefer SS and 4 5/8 inch barrel (could go to 5 1/2 inch if price is right), low round count, and STOCK; no action jobs etc.
  3. Howdy! That is not a 'budget rig'! That is Galco's Texas Ranger rig long discontinued; MUCH better quality than what they currently sell for CAS. Double layer holsters and belt (all smooth lined); very well made! I know, cause I use Galco Texas Ranger gear also! Good Luck with the sale!
  4. Now THAT's a door prize! Bet that cowboy or cowgirl got a big surprize and thrill out of it! Good for Taylor's!
  5. Howdy all! Just ran across one of these. Never heard of this before; very nice in the white receiver and half ocatagon half round barrel, short rifle in 357. Seems to have been a limited run. Was Taylor's selling these at the recent EoT? Any more info on them? Thanks!
  6. Hi Grizz, Do you have any more of this left? "250 pieces - 357 - once fired - brass - polished - $ 35.00 shipped (Have estimated 3 lots of 250 count)"
  7. Just got a call from my friend; he had his FFL bid on one on GB and got it; yes, he really wanted that rifle in that caliber!
  8. Unfortunately, without computer access at present, he's not able to bid on auctions. He understands how rare these are and I'm sure he'd have gone after that one on GB if able. Thanks for the tip, Goody; will pass it along!
  9. I looked over the Henry web site and all they list is the non-side gate model in 41 mag at present. As for cost of the Marlin, he's well aware of the cost and is prepared for it.
  10. Hi all! I have a friend in California who wants to get into CAS but wants to go with 41 magnum caliber (as that is what he already reloads for). He can't access a computer at present, so asked me to see if I could find one. He really wants to get a Marlin (does not want a Henry without a side loading gate). Any one have one in the safe collecting dust? (It would need to go to his FFL in California.)
  11. Hi!, Go to ebay and do a search for "Jeff White Knife"; you'll see a number of them listed for just a bit over your price range (but below $100). Many of these will work as simple fairly period correct knives. (I have no connection to these knives or the seller who uses the rifle and colored blanket as background.)
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