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  1. The "spam" thread that was reported (8x!) yesterday was removed and the "guest" poster has been banned. If y'all are referring to a different thread, feel free to REPORT it as inappropriate.
  2. The SASS Range Operations Committee (ROC) ruled (as of January 2018) that the HRA single-shot rifles are LEGAL Long Range and Plainsman sidematch arms. As such, they are NOT restricted to Open category in Long Range events. The basic design was ruled to be "close enough" to other single-shot rifles of the period. Consider THIS as "official notification" until such time as the Shooters Handbook is updated to specifically include those rifles as LEGAL.
  3. In January, 2018, the ROC ruled that Henry Repeating Arms' SINGLE-SHOT RIFLES are SASS-LEGAL for Long Range and Plainsman sidematches.
  4. Agreed on the second point...the Henry single-shot rifles are LEGAL for LR sidematches (and Plainsman).
  5. SASS homepage "Alias Lookup" indicates that "Skatter" is an existing alias.
  6. Too early for me to remember, but found this write-up on them: In 1953 and 1954 Wheaties cereal boxes contained little license plates for each state, the Canadian provinces and some US Holdings - one per box. You could also order sets of the plates directly from General Mills. These plates are frequently found on web auctions, at flea markets, etc. They are all dated 1953 or 1954. In the late 70's, early 80's there was another set of state plates issued through cereal boxes. These are more rectancular than the 53-54 series. In addition, almost all cities of any size issued registration plates for bicycles. This started almost as soon as bicycles hit the streets and continues to this day. They originally were metal of varying shapes and sizes and eventually evolved to a "sticker". During the war years (wwII) some were made of a fiberboard material. A fellow in Montana has published a book on bicycle license plates. SOURCE
  7. I was going to suggest applying for a "medical exception" to allow "specialized footwear", but, given that additional information, yer on yer own!
  8. Additional regs: No compound bows allowed. Bows and arrow shafts must be made of wood - No fiberglass allowed. Arrow fletching must be made of natural materials (feathers) - No plastic or vinyl. Tomahawks & knifes thrown must stick in target to count. KD hits with warclubs may be restruck until down. Any scalps taken are 10-second bonuses.
  9. Only legal in the optional (non-SASS) "Wagonburner" category. Moccasins MUST be worn!
  10. Ammo loops on holsters (for R/P ammunition) are specifically allowed. REF: previous post from SHB p.3 Wes Hardin holster
  11. Available from Brownells: 100-028-565MB Rifle Viper Boresnake w/Den .416, .45-70, .458, .460 Cal Mfr Part: 24019VD
  12. Ammunition can carried in ANY manner as long as it is not used for STAGE RELOADS. SHB p.3 SHB p.4
  13. https://treasurepursuits.com/how-to-test-silver/
  14. A "spacer stick" of some kind in the magazine tube would be necessary with this modification. E.g.: Photo by Driftwood Johnson
  15. 1860 Henry Modification A leather lace-on “heat shield” wrap around the barrel and magazine tube of the 1860 Henry rifle has been approved by the Range Operations Committee. The proposed modification is a reasonable solution to a well-known safety concern regarding the use of the 1860 Henry rifle in SASS competition. As many shooters choosing to use that model also shoot in Black Powder categories, the lack of a forearm can be problematic as the barrel heats up. That can lead to possible safety issues in maintaining control of the firearm while shooting. Advising the use of a glove while shooting one discounts the fact that a glove can be a hindrance when shooting revolvers.
  16. Try explaining that the Browning Hi-Power was so named due to the 13-round standard magazine capacity; NOT the 9mm chambering! (this often comes up in discussions regarding limiting magazine capacity to 10 rounds...or 5 as has been proposed by the nidjits in OR) Thinkin' I shoulda held on to the AR6430 9mm carbine that I traded off to a member of the Salem SWAT team many years ago (32 rd mags)
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