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  1. The vertical 180 (straight UP) violates the 170 during stage engagement. There is an exception re retrieving/restaging vertically staged long guns.
  2. The 3-sided angular facade does not change the orientation of "UPRANGE" & "DOWNRANGE". REF: SHB pp. 42 & 45
  3. SHB p.15 This is one of those conditions...unless any part of the round is in the chamber. (as Lassiter mentioned)
  4. Here's a similar one (stag handle, though) that sold for $100 on an ebay auction: LINK
  5. Back in the midf-80's I had four handguns stolen. Two were recovered and returned within a few weeks (I tracked the thief from OR to CA and had an undercover LEO waiting to buy them). The other two were covered by my renters insurance. The company cut me a check based on current Blue Book values. A year later, I was notified by the Linn Co. Sheriff's office that one of them (an unfired NIB Colt Agent) had been found in Lane Co. ... I called the insurance company to inform them that I had it back in my possession and asked what their policy was regarding recovered items. They said that their employees had first option to buy it as the company now owned it. After I informed them of the condition it was in when discovered (no longer unfired, with blotched bluing due to blood contact), they said no one in the office was interested in purchasing it. I offered them half of what they had paid on it and sent them a check. The 4th revolver has never been recovered.
  6. Call Federal. For an outrageous deposit fee, you can be added to the wheel.
  7. Federal corporate offices have a big wheel in the board room that is spun every 7 days to determine where that week's production will be shipped. Retailer names are replaced monthly. Sometimes the arrow lands on the same distributor 2-3 times in a row. SHIPPING WHEEL
  8. OK...I give up. SASS' policy has ALWAYS been to keep any and all ammunition challenges and tests a SECRET from the general membership. I will submit a proposal to the BoD & Range Operations Committee to amend the SHB and RO Course materials to make reporting and publishing the results of ALL ammunition challenges & protests at ALL match levels MANDATORY. (don't hold yer breath)
  9. "Similar manner" refers to "...they will be asked to provide five rounds from each suspect firearm, already loaded at the loading table." (text correction added to "the list" of edits)
  10. Power factor and minimum velocity regs do not apply to BP category ammunition. SHB p.25
  11. I'm personally aware of at least one shooter's .44 Rem Mag loads being tested for exceeding the max velocity standard. (also passed...they were just a LOT hotter than what everyone else was loading by comparison) Ammunition tests are NOT generally posted on the SASS Wire (or anywhere else for that matter) for public consumption. There is no possible way that anyone could claim that such tests are NOT being performed.
  12. The purpose of establishing and codifying PF/MIN VEL and BP smoke standards (as well as testing procedures) was to discourage shooters from riding the very edge of the minimum requirements. Failure to enforce the regulations by challenging and testing suspect ammunition at ALL match levels has apparently lead to some shooters (and match officials) ignoring violations of those standards. If a shooter is using "pocket pistol" loads (smokeless or BP) in main match firearms and is not called on it, they will continue to do so. Enforcement of existing rules and standards is NOT considered "being a hard@$$". Either "make the call" or quit complaining about noncompliance.
  13. I foolishly traded off a Great Western .357 Atomic many years ago (pre-SASS). When I originally received it in lieu of a $50 debt payment, it had a broken bolt and a hair trigger. I took it to an LGS where it was repaired using Colt parts. A couple of months after I'd swapped it out, "Guns & Ammo" magazine had an article mentioning how desirable they had become to collectors.
  14. So does Cimarron. Dixie Gun Works lists .44 Russian only (in stock)
  15. Using JB Weld or Loctite to prevent an adjustable sight from moving does NOT make it a "fixed sight" legal for those categories that require one. The only approved method for conversion of the S&W reproductions is: SHB p.35 Taylor's NM #3 "Frontier" model has the same adjustable sight. If yours is an original, I don't know of the sight parts would interchange to convert it to fixed sights.
  16. That was the initial call...apparently resolved after some discussion:
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