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  1. Since it was "Pre-CAS" (by about 10 years) the write-in votes were under my "legal" name. FWIW - I DID have an "alias" back then (given to me by a couple of co-workers)...I still occasionally run into folks from the past that don't know my real last name because of that. Here's your
  2. No, thanks! "Pre-CAS" history prevents me holding any public office (although I was once a write-in for a Circuit Court position)
  3. The “rest of the story” (via PM from the Timer Operator) - edited END of STORY
  4. Obviously, more information is required to make the correct call in the OP situation. @JohnWesleyHardin, please provide: Shooter’s category and S.A.S.S. badge number. Height, width, & weight of the targets. Height, width, weight, age, & gender identity of the shooter. Height, width, weight, age, & gender identity of the timer operator. Target distance from the shooter, as well as spacing between targets. Model, barrel length, gauge, and choke of the shotgun used. Factory or reloaded ammunition? Powder, wad, shot size, hull, & fps specifications. Date, time of day (GMT), and location coordinates. Weather conditions.
  5. 2018 "Blue Book" values from $1300 (100%) to $1000 (98%), dropping to $475 (90%) with a +50% premium for the "Gallery" model.
  6. It's just fine. Leave it alone.
  7. I received the same from the NW Regional CRO (supposedly). The direct contact email addresses are listed on the SASS links to the RO Instructors. Common (apparently) for scammers to use a website's contact list by pretending to be the head of the organization and request "help" in purchasing gift cards or such for donations or gifts. Same happened to me twice with a fake "from" address for the President of the OR State Shooting Assn. I have an email address as a Director that forwards to my personal email. The request was for $2000 in "gift cards" for the other board members as "surprise" appreciation awards at our annual meeting. Wanted me to scan the cards & codes, then email to confirm purchase...to be reimbursed at a later date.
  8. If you "click" on "HOME" while on the Wire it should take you to that same place with a menu/index page with all of the forums listed. The FAQ's is at the top of that list.
  9. This thread is "pinned" in the SASS Wire FAQ forum:
  10. Thank you. Generally, "pinned" posts on the Wire have an expiration date, particularly those pertaining to rule changes & clarifications. Once the change/clarification is codified in the SHB, those types of posts are "unpinned" and archived. The YouTube videos were created relevant to a proposed rule change (finalized in 2015), but can still be located by a YouTube search. There is also a "live link" to the video playlist in the SASS 2015 TG Summit Agenda . The Territorial Governors' "YES" vote can be found in the TG Summit Minutes Dec 2015 (Item #3)
  11. No call. Stage hadn't even started yet (incident occurred while staging the rifle). Send the shooter to the ULT to clear the rifle and verify that there is no obstruction in the barrel. Move to LT to reload rifle for a RESTART. SHB p.46
  12. SOURCE quote posted by Hellgate on Highroad (2005)
  13. It takes practice. ...and where the holster is located on the belt. REF: the "demo" videos in the above linked 2013 discussion thread. Those were presented to prove that Cav/twist-draw is not inherently unsafe. (previously, that style of draw was legal in all categories EXCEPT Gunfighter)
  14. Gunfighter-style shooters ARE allowed to use cross draws, just not for both revolvers at the same time: SHB p.7
  15. SASS Affiliated Clubs (link)
  16. SHB p.7 - "GUNFIGHTER STYLE" regs
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