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  1. S&W 686 CS-1 2M Mag-Na-Ported 3" barrel Eagle "Secret Service" grips
  2. Suggestion: Please READ the Forum Guidelines' "General Rules of Conduct".
  3. Verified on the Colt's Manufacturing LLC search site: Year of Manufacture 1862 Model 1860 ARMY (.44 CALIBER WITH NAVAL ENGAGEMENT SCENE ON CYLINDER)
  4. The question that has been resent to the ROC is whether ANY shotgun round fired downrange that misses a shotgun target can be assigned as a "shoot where it was" HIT on a target that is down (for whatever reason) before the shooter begins the shotgun string. This would only apply when there is no "order of engagement" specified...unless the down target is the first one of a designated order. Any other scenarios will be addressed separately after this basic question has been answered. The consensus ruling of the Range Operations Committee will be "posted and pinned" on the Wires as soon as all members have responded. Sidebar commentary that is not relevant to the discussion will be dismissed.
  5. If he was a Posse Marshal, Match RO, Rangemaster, or MD, he would.
  6. Your references to "wrong target type" and "benefit of doubt" in relation to the quoted hypothetical question make no sense whatsoever.... IMO., they are completely irrelevant to that situation.
  7. Here's a situation for the "X shots fired...X KD's down" group: SG round count is +6 "Engage the 6 shotgun targets from left >-> right" Target #6 is already down (for whatever reason) Shooter misses the first shot at the left target (#1). Re-engages and knocks it down. Next 4 shots take down #'s 2, 3, 4, & 5 (SIX shots fired...SIX KD's down) IF that first shot (a MISS on #1 until it was re-engaged and knocked down) counts as a HIT (i.e. "shoot where it was") on target #6, does the shooter get the PROCEDURAL for "Shooting the targets in the wrong order"? OR Must the shooter fire a 7th round downrange to negate ALL penalties??
  8. That shot was NOT a miss:"A MISS is defined as the failure to hit the appropriate target type using the appropriate type of firearm..."SHB p.21
  9. It would....HOWEVER! A set screw (requiring a hex wrench) is an approved modification for Walkers (REF: SHB p.36) This method has also been approved:
  10. Considering all the comparison photos and information provided regarding currently available reloading equipment, the Range Operations Committee has determined that 12-gauge shotgun ammunition produced by using the "QuikLoader" as directed complies with the 2018 ruling and current rules. There is a distinct visual difference between "sized down (necked)" and "tapered" ammunition. ROC majority opinion (August 2018) 1) The factory-produced ammo in question is LEGAL (re the tapered factory ammo presented at that time) 2) Any similar factory-produced ammo is LEGAL 3) Any similar home-rolled ammo is LEGAL 4) Ammunition manufactured or modified by using a "sub-gauge" die remains ILLEGAL under the existing rule: - Shotgun shells shall not be sized down (necked) by the use of any die not manufactured for the specific gauge. - "Coned" shotgun ammunition (partially-crimped or ogival crimped is not allowed. SHB p.26 ....................TAPERED (LEGAL)......................................................QuikLoader (LEGAL) ................ **************************************************************************************************** ........................NECKED (ILLEGAL)................... ...................CONED (ILLEGAL)................. *********************************************************************************************
  11. FWIW - I happen to have the email discussions among the ROC members (which in 2005 included members of the Wild Bunch) on that item archived. Whatever "campfire stories" came up with regarding "greasing wheels" can be tossed in that fire. That is NOT, nor has it EVER been, a component of acquiring approval of a proposed modification. The "Lightning Rod" (and any similar modification) was specifically ruled as ILLEGAL.
  12. Yeah, that's it. It was specifically outlawed in the rules because the WB & ROC members didn't each receive one for "testing".
  13. Private medical transport. I'm not allowed in the building unless the patient requires mobility assistance.
  14. Is OK. (I had an hour to kill in the parking lot waiting on a patient).
  15. 1888 Marlins - Marlin Firearms Collectors Association (marlin-collectors.com) The History of the Marlin 1888 Rifle - 1895Gunner
  16. I found the magazine website in two seconds. The article in question is available by SUBSCRIBING to the publication. The referenced text has just been posted on the other post. Guns and Ammo magazine Nov issue - SASS Wire - SASS Wire Forum (sassnet.com)
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