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  1. "undocumented"?? SHB p.6 SHB p.15
  2. WR TG Meeting - 2017 SHB p.15 SHB p.46
  3. https://www.theblaze.com/news/seattle-police-chief-violence-chaz
  4. It's SEATTLE...need anyone say more? (read the article, the CITY surrendered the territory) The "occupying forces" were begging for food early this morning. https://www.rt.com/usa/491474-seattle-anarchists-commune-problems/
  5. Still another way to look at it, if you choose to violate the forum guidelines, expect appropriate action by the Moderators. THINK about that before hitting "Submit Reply".
  6. Generally speaking, the "s" word gets flagged (or reported) when spelled out. Substituting "*" or "!" for the "i" doesn't actually change the meaning, other than getting it past any "alarm systems" in place on the forums. Apparently that is acceptable for some reason. (same as typing $#!t or @$$). How is that any different than a current thread titled "F the NFL"? (does anyone really need a translator for that "F" ??) I wouldn't be surprised if the Moderators began taking a MUCH closer look at the language used on the forums.
  7. I would think that Uberti uses the same barrels as for their .44 S&W Spl 1866 & 1873 rifles.
  8. Ol' #4's past performance in the shotgun sidematches at WR proves his point! (this from a multiple 3rd place clays shooter)
  9. It is the Timer Operator's responsibility to ensure all targets are reset before calling up the next shooter. REF: SHB, RO1, RO2. That implies "reset PROPERLY". IMO, if a shooter notices that a target is not reset the same as it was for all previous shooters on a stage, it would be reasonable to request that it be fixed. That is not the same as asking that it be set differently than for everyone else for any possible competitive advantage.
  10. The only references are HOW...not WHERE. If instructions are necessary (e.g. vertical staging or pointed into a side berm for safe downrange movement), they should be clearly written into the stage directions. REF: SHB pp.15-17
  11. https://youtu.be/rghbEFH169w
  12. The "hat regs" from the SHB for the TWO categories that require a hat to be worn are referenced 7 posts above yours.
  13. My point is that the 2016 U.S. Regional map (with total member numbers) fails to include the SASS members in Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, & South Africa. SASS Affiliated Clubs
  14. That's a total of U.S.A. members at the time.
  15. SHB p.8 (Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl) SHB p.9 (B-Western)
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