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  1. That IS the reason bandoliers may not be secured...and ammo loops on suspenders are NOT on the list of approved methods for carrying stage ammo.
  2. What kind of "mistakes"? REF: SHB p.19 re "COACHING"
  3. This is the basic concept upon which the ROC made the "NOT LEGAL" ruling. (the question was asked & answered in the linked thread referenced above):
  4. That quote is from an outdated version of the SHB. The current version states: SHB p.27 The "copper washed" prohibition has been deleted, as it is not the same as "plated".
  5. No. That would be a procedural. SHB p.15 SHB p.22 - "Procedural Infractions"
  6. Most likely considering the source: "American Grassfed Association" A search of "grass fed vs grain fed" brings up a LOT of conflicting data!
  7. It is the only film listed as having an 1881 Marlin in it. "...contemporary western crime film..." None of the other firearms featured come close to being "cowboy" guns: 1 Handguns 1.1 Smith & Wesson Model 686 1.2 Glock 17 1.3 Beretta 84FS Cheetah 1.4 Beretta 92FS 1.5 Beretta 92FS Inox 1.6 Colt Commander 1.7 Ruger KP94 2 Rifles/Carbines 2.1 Colt M933 2.2 Colt Law Enforcement Carbine 2.3 M4A1 carbine 2.4 M16A2 2.5 Marlin Model 1881 2.6 Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM 16 2.7 Winchester Model 70 3 Shotguns 3.1 Ithaca 37 Nickel
  8. "Hell or High Water" (2016) imfdb "Lever Action Rifles"
  9. The exception to the 170° rule (REF: SHB p.3) does NOT allow pointing an unholstered revolver uprange at any time.
  10. FWIW: Some of the comments on this (and the linked discussion thread) are in response to questions regarding firearm handling procedures that are affected by installation of the device. Others (e.g. de-cocking mid-stage issues) are replies to "WtC?" inquiries and the application of rules that apply with no exceptions related to the modification.
  11. "Hard interpretations" without an application of common sense based on the reason for the convention (i.e. preventing movement with a live round under the hammer) are why the exception was written into the "preamble" of that section. The provision to override a convention via stage instructions applies as long as the action required is safe. The original list of Stage Conventions contained a few items that could NOT be safely overridden...those were subsequently removed.
  12. Sounds like the Black Badge PIN Instructor could benefit from a refresher course (or, at least, a more thorough study of the SHB)
  13. In case of miscount while loading a rifle at the LT requiring unloading the rifle completely, the options are: 1) Lower the hammer on each round in order to lever them out or 2) Remove the magazine endcap.
  14. Just borrow a revolver and ammo from another shooter to finish the match. No penalties (except maybe for any misses incurred while shooting an unfamiliar firearm) Then buy a LEGAL backup for the category.
  15. Are you suggesting that he carry the broken revolver for the remainder of the match and just take the misses for "unfired rounds" on the rest of the stages?
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