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  1. "Search" the SHB and the RO1 for the word "percussion"...read ALL references found.
  2. Primarily in the major metro zones. Open the link above and click on the "MAP"s for those two main issues. The parallels between the gubernatorial votes (so far) and the votes on the BM are quite similar.
  3. NO. This LINK should answer your question.
  4. Tube-fed lever action rifles are specifically EXEMPTED.
  5. Have you tried contacting PGW to ask them? PGW CONTACT link
  6. Just one example of the TO's responsibilities: RO2 p.7 If someone is reluctant to take on the duties of a TO, leave that job to someone who will.
  7. IMO...some of y'all would benefit from a review of current rules regarding violations and penalties.
  8. Current rules: SHB p.27 Regarding an EMPTY remaining in a discarded long gun: SHB p.16
  9. It's a MISS for the unfired/ejected round. On a "no miss bonus", a round MUST still be fired (unless it is designated as an "optional reload" target). REF: RELOAD CHOICES
  10. I received this response regarding the photo in question from someone who was present at the event: They are obviously not "on the line" ready to shoot...no ammo in the belts and no revolvers holstered.
  11. I have one of these that came with a GALCO (Jackass) shoulder rig for a S&W 686.
  12. Here's a link to your original ad: SPF Shotgun Belt 12 guage Leather 25 - SASS Wire Classifieds - SASS Wire Forum (sassnet.com) If you want it DELETED, "REPORT" it. (Or reply to this post)
  13. Cowboy Gunsmiths - SASS Wire F.A.Q. - SASS Wire Forum (sassnet.com)
  14. You will learn the answers to most of these by attending a match.
  15. "Traditional" and "Modern" categories (based on revolver sights) were eliminated in 2009. Current "Age Based" categories allow "any main match revolver". and "Revolvers may be shot in any SASS legal shooting style – EXCEPT Gunfighter." "Cowboy" is an open category with no age parameters. REF: SHB pp.5-10
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