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  1. ROC RULING re Sewing R/P AMMO LOOPS ON SG LOOPS: NOT "TRADITIONAL DESIGN" NOT ON THE LIST OF APPROVED "METHODS OF CARRY" (SHB p.11) = NOT LEGAL. Applicable rule = P+misses for "Use of illegally acquired ammo" This will be codified in the next edit of the SHB.
  2. Stand by for a ruling on the OP question by the ROC.
  3. Really?? Ammo belts must be worn so all ammo is positioned at or below the belly button. SHB p. 11
  4. What do EoT winners have to do with the inquiry?? Or do you mean "black PIN" RO Instructors??
  5. RT*M...see post #8...the LeMat is a PERCUSSION revolver in its original configuration.
  6. Thanks! (This notepad hasn't been fully charged yet, thus the lack of color)
  7. Maybe if the comment is repeated often enough, folks might start using the correct terminology.
  8. You're not alone.The CHAMBER restrictions apply to centerfire & rimfire CARTRIDGE revolvers. REF: SHB p.8
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