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  1. I repurposed a pair of 16" ag implement tires from a display model field weed wiper. Northern Tool is a good source. Been working fine going on 15+ years. ...but I carry a bicycle tire pump to top off the air occasionally.
  2. I've been using single loop ammo belts/slides since I started CAS 25 years ago. I can pull two rounds from anywhere on the belt without an empty loop between pairs. Same method when using any model shotgun (SxS with or without hammers, '97, or 1887). I have one double-loop snap-on slide that came with a complete gunbelt setup.
  3. GUNFIGHTERS should be able to adapt to any firearm sequence. IMO, there is no such thing as a "Gunfighter UNfriendly" stage. Any GF who would whine when presented with "split pistols" on a stage dishonors the name.
  4. I would suggest that anyone wishing to use an original or replica of that design submit an application for approval of same for competition use.
  5. Do you mean the rule against sewing R/P loops on to SG loops? ...and there is no prohibition re using suspenders to hold up ammo or gunbelts. (Although a navel check might be in order for the gentleman in the ad)
  6. The ROC also discussed that and other related practices. Currently working on a comprehensive clarification on those and other recent rulings to be included in the next edit of the SHB.
  7. The question regarding equipment was asked and taken to the ROC for the answer. Regardless of any individual opinion to the contrary, it is a function of that Committee to make such rulings based on the parameters codified in the SHB. BTW - Failure to recognize the competitive advantage of having rifle reload ammo placed out in front & away from the shooter's body (as it would be using the method in question) doesn't negate that advantage.
  8. That is an opinion that has not been confirmed. Since this most recent ROC clarification states that Carpenter pants and overalls are LEGAL (without any modifications) there is no requirement to remove the "tomahawk" loop.
  9. That is covered in the RO3 manual. ...also in the SHB p.3
  10. If they are mounted similar to this: it is NOT LEGAL
  11. Color did not enter into the discussion. Which ones would not be legal?
  12. Primaries since I started CAS have been third gen .44 Specials Broken one main spring and one bolt spring in 25 years NO problem with finding parts ... also have a pair of nickeled .45s that haven't seen a match yet.
  13. Pretty much...that's one of the reasons why they are OK. The cargo/BDUs are NOT.
  14. I was recently informed that Tex prefers removal of the "hammer loop". But that has NOT been verified.
  15. ​ROC RULING CARPENTER/PAINTER PANTS = ACCEPTABLE ​CARGO PANTS = ​NOT ​!! History of the basic designs Carpenter/painter pants are basically overalls without the bib or suspenders which date to the 1700s as working outerwear. "Cargo pants" are based on 1938 British military design with the leg pockets for carrying battle gear (wound dressings) TOP = CARPENTER PANTS = LEGAL BOTTOM = CARGO PANTS = ILLEGAL
  16. 1) Lunch order forms filled out at registration for deli sammiches or burgers with chips, drink, & cookie. $6.50. Runner takes orders & $$ to store nearby. Food delivered by the end of 5-stage monthly. Lunch, visiting, & club meeting while scores are computed. Awards & prizes afterwards. Steel is put away by everyone able to help as the stages are completed. Others have a post-match potluck or club-provided meal served after the steel is put up.
  17. YES...your proposal is not the same as sewing R/P loops on the front of SG ammo loops.You are simply modifying shotgun loops into R/P loops as I understand it.
  18. ROC RULING re Sewing R/P AMMO LOOPS ON SG LOOPS: NOT "TRADITIONAL DESIGN" NOT ON THE LIST OF APPROVED "METHODS OF CARRY" (SHB p.11) = NOT LEGAL. Applicable rule = P+misses for "Use of illegally acquired ammo" This will be codified in the next edit of the SHB.
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