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  1. I handle the bulk of our outgoing UPS shipments @ w**k. Have shipped out a fair number of firearms (including The Judge & Kate's when they were flying cross country from the NW Regional to the NE Regional) Most have been warranty returns for our regular customers. UPS regs require notifying the driver that the package contains a firearm. Most of the local drivers just say, "Thought so." and carry on. No damage claims filed in 40+ years.
  2. This discussion is indicative of one the problems associated with an "anything goes @ the monthly match level" policy. We see firearms, equipment, and accoutrements being used on a regular basis and eventually everyone assumes those items are legal, regardless of whether they actually are or not. I don't currently have immediate access to my meeting notes at which we discussed the percussion SAA for main match use in any category other than the BP cats. Two past members of the ROC have the same recollection regarding that model revolver as I do... That it was NOT APPROVED as a main match firearm except for those countries where civilian ownership of cartridge handguns is prohibited.
  3. Another source: http://www.tedblockerholsters.com/Cowboy-Shoulder-Rig-2_p_94.html
  4. I don't recall the original source, but check OR-OSHA or Grainger.
  5. Workin' on that, for sure! I've got great people helping keep me on the road to recovery!
  6. Thanks to all my SASS family for their prayers, support, and encouragement. ...and to my good friend Mudflat for posting updates here on the Wire. Hope y'all had a Merry Christmas (I know I did!) Wishing everyone a Happy & Healthy NEW YEAR!! ~ PaleWolf Brunelle ~
  7. That would be the elusive (never codified) 5-foot rule.
  8. "Ammunition with bullets recessed below the case mouth is disallowed." SHB p.12 That is what the rule ACTUALLY says... AT or beyond the mouth of the case is LEGAL.
  9. I repurposed a pair of 16" ag implement tires from a display model field weed wiper. Northern Tool is a good source. Been working fine going on 15+ years. ...but I carry a bicycle tire pump to top off the air occasionally.
  10. I've been using single loop ammo belts/slides since I started CAS 25 years ago. I can pull two rounds from anywhere on the belt without an empty loop between pairs. Same method when using any model shotgun (SxS with or without hammers, '97, or 1887). I have one double-loop snap-on slide that came with a complete gunbelt setup.
  11. GUNFIGHTERS should be able to adapt to any firearm sequence. IMO, there is no such thing as a "Gunfighter UNfriendly" stage. Any GF who would whine when presented with "split pistols" on a stage dishonors the name.
  12. I would suggest that anyone wishing to use an original or replica of that design submit an application for approval of same for competition use.
  13. Do you mean the rule against sewing R/P loops on to SG loops? ...and there is no prohibition re using suspenders to hold up ammo or gunbelts. (Although a navel check might be in order for the gentleman in the ad)
  14. The ROC also discussed that and other related practices. Currently working on a comprehensive clarification on those and other recent rulings to be included in the next edit of the SHB.
  15. The question regarding equipment was asked and taken to the ROC for the answer. Regardless of any individual opinion to the contrary, it is a function of that Committee to make such rulings based on the parameters codified in the SHB. BTW - Failure to recognize the competitive advantage of having rifle reload ammo placed out in front & away from the shooter's body (as it would be using the method in question) doesn't negate that advantage.
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