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  1. 39 minutes ago, Equanimous Phil said:


    My slides are single-looped (as double loops are prohibited in some categories over here) and therefore quite "streched", but there's still enough room for all my other things (knife, pouch, ...)



    ?? Which categories and why is that different than the SASS rule:


    "Shotgun ammo loops may not accommodate more than two rounds per loop, and rifle/revolver ammo loops shall accommodate only one round per loop."

    SHB p.4


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  2. 13 minutes ago, Quizcat said:


    I believe I read in the SASS rules that the position of the shotgun shells has to be below the belly button, and that bandoleros are not permitted due to this SASS rule. 



    Read that section again.

    SHB pp. 3-4

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  3. 1 hour ago, Idaho Cowboy said:

    Thank you,

    I thought I read somewhere no straw hats?


    Straw or palm leaf hats are not allowed in the "Classic Cowboy" (SHB p.8) and "B-Western" (p.9) categories.

  4. Having the loops oriented in a vertical configuration (straight up & down) on a laterally angled (slanted) bandolier would offset the ammunition (i.e. similar to stair steps).

    How would that possibly facilitate pulling multiple rounds at the same time?? 


    (aside from the fact that, being ruled as illegal, the penalties would be a "P" + misses)??


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  5. 15 minutes ago, Black RZR said:

    I ended up with pyrodex P...I used my 125 poly coated rnfp. I used just enough powder for the bullet to compress a little. I shot ten through my open top. Nice smoke at first then I ran out of light. Lots of fire:D:D:D:D:D it was AWESOME!!! Yeah I'm good with the dark side. My alias is Black RZR afterall. (I had no intention of trying black powder when picked it) 


    Go clean your revolver NOW!


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  6. 9 minutes ago, Dusty Devil Dale said:

    Thanks for clarifying on the MSV. 


    Quick reference is in the "Penalties Overview" section of the SHB pp. 22-24: (also available as a pdf doc )



    Minor Safety Violation (MSV) infractions include:

    - Leaving empty or live round(s) in a magazine, action, or carrier of the long gun in which it was loaded.

    - Open, empty long guns that slip and fall – but do not break the 170° safety rule or sweep anyone. 
    - Cocking a revolver before it reaches 45° down range. 



    Note that the first two of the three refer to LONG GUNS.

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  7. 2 hours ago, Dusty Devil Dale said:


    .., or become a minor safety when he arrived at the ULT with a live round in the revolver magazine cylinder-- just as it would be a Minor Safety to get there with a live round in the magazine or on the carrier of a rifle.

    NO. Unless the unfired round is under the hammer, (SDQ) there is NO MSV for an unfired round in a revolver.



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  8. The simplest explanation of  "A miss cannot cause a procedural" (i.e. Double Jeopardy") is that a round fired at a target "out of order" & fails to hit it is only a miss.

    It would be a "P" only if the target was HIT "out of order"



    Two rifle targets 30 feet apart.

    Stage instruction is to alternate 10 shots starting on the right target. (R-L-R-L-R-L-R-L-R-L)

    Shooter fires first shot at the left target (obvious due to the target spread), but misses it.

    That is only a miss.

    No "P".
    If the shooter then fires the 2nd shot at the left target, alternating from that point (with no additional misses), the score for the rifle string is
    1 miss.

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  9. Quote

    Shooting string – shots from one type of firearm prior to use of the next type of firearm engaged. 

    SHB p.45


    Engaged – attempting to fire a round at the target. 

    SHB p.44


    "Two 5-shot sweeps" is a single shooting string, with each fired shot assigned to a target.

    The targets MUST be engaged/hit "1-2-3-4-5-1-2-3-4-5"
    In this scenario:


    5 pistol targets shot in p1 thru p5 sweep same direction both pistols. Shooter fires 4 out of first pistol and holsters before firing the 5th round on the 5th target. Fires all 5 in correct sweep from 2nd pistol.

    P AND a miss


    The 5th "unfired round" in the first revolver is a "miss" (under SASS definition).

    The 5th round fired is assigned to target #5, whether it is fired from revolver #1 or #2.
    If that round hits target #1, it is a "

    If the 5th round from revolver #1 remains unfired, it is only a "miss".

    NO MSV.

    SDQ if it is under the hammer.



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  10. 1 hour ago, Major BS Walker Regulator said:

    Ms. Allie, the answer to your first question is, not of traditional design.


    That is basically the reason the ROC ruled against allowing them.

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  11. 22 minutes ago, Shooting Bull said:

    I don't have first hand answers to either question.  Second or third-hand I've heard The Judge himself said bandoliers couldn't be secured because they would then be suspenders, not bandoliers. Again, don't take that as gospel. 


    That IS the reason bandoliers may not be secured...and ammo loops on suspenders are NOT on the list of approved methods for carrying stage ammo.




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  12. 1 hour ago, travelin kid #51083 said:

    I have noticed a trend over the last couple years, I have asked a couple other cowboys over the last couple months in parts of the midwest if they have noticed it, and they agreed with me on this matter.

    Shooters holding the TO's responsible for their mistakes on a stage. It seems to be a growing trend. Due to this trend I see many unwilling to take the timer on a posse. 
    Anyone else noticing  this trend?


    What kind of "mistakes"?

    REF: SHB p.19 re "COACHING"

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  13. 1 hour ago, Sedalia Dave said:


    You need to post a sketch or picture of a mock-up. 


    This is the basic concept upon which the ROC made the "NOT LEGAL" ruling.

    (the question was asked & answered in the linked thread referenced above):


    bandolier 2.jpg



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  14. 1 hour ago, Equanimous Phil said:

    But the SHB (p.26) states for revolver and rifle bullets:

    "May not be jacketed, semi-jacketed, plated, gas checked, or copper washed. It
    must be all lead. Moly-Disulfide, polymer coated bullets, or equivalents are


    That quote is from an outdated version of the SHB.

    The current version states:




    - May not be jacketed, semi-jacketed, plated, or gas checked.  It must be all lead.  

    Moly-Disulfide, polymer coated bullets, or equivalents are acceptable.   


    SHB p.27


    The "copper washed" prohibition has been deleted, as it is not the same as "plated".



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  15. 44 minutes ago, Ozark Huckleberry said:

    One other question -- if you shot duelist, instead of holstering the first pistol, couldn't you just stage it on the barrel instead of holstering it, go shoot the SG, then come back and shoot the second pistol and holster both when finished?



    That would be a procedural.



    Revolvers are returned to leather (re-holstered in a safe condition) at the conclusion of the shooting string, unless the stage description specifically directs otherwise (e.g., “move to the next position and set gun on table or prop”).  A shooting string is defined as shots from one type of firearm prior to the next type of firearm engaged. 

    SHB p.15



    Not returning revolvers to leather (unless otherwise specified). 

    SHB p.22 - "Procedural Infractions"

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  16. 15 minutes ago, Sedalia Dave said:

    More than a little propaganda and a few omissions in that chart. ;)



    Most likely considering the source: "American Grassfed Association"
    A search of "grass fed vs grain fed" brings up a LOT of conflicting data!

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  17. Quote

    The first item on the list is the original drawing of our beloved logo, the SASS Marshal. Created by Bill Hahn back in 1982, the priceless one-of-a-kind artwork will be cataloged, framed, and protected as will the original John Dwayne drawing and the originals of our many END of TRAIL posters.

    SASS Museum News

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