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  1. If the shooter is jumping the clock "willfully" "in order to gain a competitive advantage" an SOG would be warranted on top of the "P".


    But go ahead and assess the MDQ for "unsportsmanlike conduct" (CHEATING) for repeat offenders.

    A round fired at the stage starting position would NOT be the same as one discharged in the loading area.

  2. A shooter MDQ'd for "jumping the clock" would have legitimate grounds to appeal that call...and would win.

    The call is (and always has been) a "P". 


    Procedural errors are simple, unintentional mistakes made as a result of “brain fade” or confusion, where the competitor engages the stage in a way other than how it was intended.

    SHB p.21

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  3. 5 minutes ago, Flying W Ramrod said:

    Not thinking the ability to "gain a competitive advantage" by not holstering is worth more than 10 seconds. Unless you positively know the shooter would have dropped a revolver or would have spent more than 10 seconds reholstering.


    The amount of time saved by "willfully" doing something "in order to" offset any part of the 10-second Procedural penalty is irrelevant.



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  4. 13 minutes ago, Branchwater Jack SASS #88854 said:


    Agree that you can only get one procedural penalty per stage. However, consider the following...


    According to the SHB, if revolvers are not returned to leather at the end of the shooting string, the shooter would be awarded a procedural.


    In the event that a shooter already had a procedural and then, to save time, did not holster, could the Spirit of the Game penalty apply?



  5. The SOG penalty is in lieu of a MDQ for cheating ("unsportsmanlike conduct").

    How about we simply dispense with the 30-second SOG/FTE penalties for cheating and simply MDQ anyone who intentionally engages a stage improperly after receiving a procedural?

  6. To use the "speeding" analogy:


    Let's imagine I'm scheduled to be somewhere at a certain time, but my vehicle battery is dead. (Unintentional delay).

    Once I jump the battery and get on the road, I intentionally break the posted speed limit in order to make up for the delay but get pulled over and cited by PD (which would further delay my arrival time); then decide to drive even faster once the officer is out of sight, I'm guilty of breaking the law twice...whether I arrive at my destination on time or not.



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  7. The rule states "in order to obtain a competitive advantage" whether one is obtained or not.
    The phrase relates to the reason/purpose for performing an action.

    Subsequent assessment of a 30-second SOG for that attempt would certainly negate any advantage.  



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  8. 5 minutes ago, Creeker, SASS #43022 said:


    They are in competition with others.

    And to assign a Spirit of the Game penalty.

    The infraction MUST be a willful decision

    AND it must create an ADVANTAGE over the competition who did not do the same.


    Creating an actual "competitive advantage" is not necessary.
    It is the willful intent to do so (whether realized or not) that meets the criteria for an SOG penalty. 

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  9. The video is similar to an SOG penalty assessed at EoT in the past.

    The first "P" was immediately followed by multiple procedural violations that could not be assessed due to the "one per stage" rule.

    Going "two-handed" in a Duelist category and purposely dumping rounds on single targets (with multiple firearms) instead of alternating in order to reduce the impact of the initial 10-second penalty IS "a competitive advantage" in that it affects the shooter's score vs. that of others who shot the stage properly.


    In both cases (at EoT and in the video) the two factors for determining whether an SOG was warranted were verified by asking the shooters WHY they engaged the stage in that manner. 
    "Because I can only get one "P" and "to make up the time for the "P" = SOG 

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    "Armscor makes an entire line of ammunition right here in the United States at its factory in Stevensville, Montana. All Armscor ammo is new production with polished casings, uniform crimps and consistent overall length"


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  11. 17 hours ago, tregokid sass#45143 said:

    Congrats to all of the Wild Bunch State champs!!  We all Work hard at doing well in any competition. With Wild Bunch you really have to be on your game! I understand that it`s not for everyone and the shooter count is low but when i got my "medallion" in the mail i thought it was a joke. it`s the size of a golf ball !! In 2018 it was twice that size! Must of used all there money on the new digs!!


    I would suggest taking any complaints regarding WB "medallions" to the WBAS forum.

  12. On the Kirst Convertors I have the back plate does not fit flush to the cylinder when loaded like the Howell versions

    The chambers are not rebated for the cartridge rims, so it is easy to see which chamber is empty from the side/top:




    kirst vs howell wire.jpg

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  13. That is NOT why the topic was locked down.



    •    Any attacks against the forum moderators, or any employee of The Single Action Shooting Society® will not be allowed. If you disagree with an action taken by a moderator, please contact the Wire Forum Administrator. 


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