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  1. SASS Club: Mattaponi Sundowners (sassnet.com) West Point Gun Club – News and Information about the West Point Gun Club
  2. ARMSCOR USA "Armscor makes an entire line of ammunition right here in the United States at its factory in Stevensville, Montana. All Armscor ammo is new production with polished casings, uniform crimps and consistent overall length" SOURCE
  3. SASS Wire Guidelines Try calling: 970-385-4141
  4. I would suggest taking any complaints regarding WB "medallions" to the WBAS forum.
  5. On the Kirst Convertors I have the back plate does not fit flush to the cylinder when loaded like the Howell versions The chambers are not rebated for the cartridge rims, so it is easy to see which chamber is empty from the side/top: .......................................KIRST.......................................................HOWELL................................
  6. That is NOT why the topic was locked down. FORUM GUIDELINES
  7. OP question has been answered (with SHB references) multiple times.
  8. What "benefit"?? The shooter FAILED TO HIT the target (for whatever reason)...that's a MISS.
  9. Under the SASS definition of a MISS, there is NO difference. SHB p.21 SHB p.44
  10. "Rifle called for 10 + 1. Shoot first 10 then load one and shoot buzzard..." Shooter only fired 10 of 11 required rounds = MISS.
  11. 5-second MISS for the unfired 11th round. SHB p.21
  12. If the cylinder is empty, the revolver wouldn't be loaded. SHB p.28
  13. No. Stock risers/combs, Monte Carlo stocks, cheek-pieces (wood and lace-on), and such are considered to be "target" shooting configurations: SHB p.34
  14. FWIW: That is likely from his email address. Portugee John Phillips used to shoot at R.U.C.A.S. (Renton, WA). Avatar photo is from their website. SASS membership may not be current, so alias would not be listed.
  15. From the Classifieds Forum Guidelines: SOURCE
  16. Those stages would require a Gunfighter to shoot Double-Duelist-style. SHB p.7
  17. It was determined to be a potential safety issue due to the possibility of a GF-style shooter inadvertently cocking one of the revolvers for a 6th shot. Allowing the holstering of both revolvers mid-string (or between shooting strings) would make it extremely difficult for the T/O to observe that neither revolver is holstered with a cocked hammer.
  18. There's a reason that - Failure to adhere to loading and unloading procedures (SHB pp. 22 & 28/RO1 pp.28 & 34) is a STAGE DISQUALIFICATION. Those are some of the PRIMARY safety protocols S.A.S.S. has in place.
  19. In January, 2018, the ROC ruled that Henry Repeating Arms' SINGLE-SHOT RIFLES are SASS-LEGAL for Long Range and Plainsman sidematches.
  20. Yes. IMO....357 Silvertips (duty issue at the time) felt like .38spl wadcutter target ammo (to me) ...at the expense of lots of NOISE! & FLASH! (particularly at night). I had the S&W Performance Center send a 3" RB 629 to MNP for the same treatment.
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