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  1. Page 22 Cowboy Chronicle January 2013
  2. I would suggest a Cimarron "Thunderball" (Pietta). Recently acquired a 3.5" SS .357 version. 4-click action and smoooth right out of the box.
  3. Maybe because it's NOT A LISTED/APPROVED MODIFICATION? REF: SHB pp.32-33
  4. Duelist Category - Duelist – Duelist style is defined as shooting a revolver cocked and fired one-handed and unsupported. The revolver, hand, or shooting arm may not be touched by the offhand except when resolving a malfunctioning revolver problem or when transferring the revolver from one hand to the other. SHB p.6
  5. YES, you can. It appears someone may be confusing "cleared" (as defined) with being verified as clear by the ULTO? Cleared – no live or empty cases in or on the chamber, magazine, action, or carrier. SHB p.42 REF also: Safety & Handling Conventions – Rifles (SHB pp.14-15).
  6. The original post stated: I would rather sell all in one lump sum and to be picked up in Lake Charles, La.
  7. The SASS Wire Saloon is the Social Gathering Spot to discuss topics not directly related to shooting in SASS Cowboy Action Shooting. Which posts are offering items for sale? (NOT referring to those requesting item ID verification or possible collector values) Any posts in violation of the Forum Guidelines should be reported to the Moderators.
  8. Many state highway departments have switched from rock salt (sodium chloride) to magnesium chloride ice melt as it is less corrosive and safer for the environment.
  9. I remembered seeing the double version some years ago. Memory clicked at the OP's request. Enjoyed this scene from the series: The Young Riders - Riders New Rifle
  10. RO1 p.24 Do you think the PM should always be the TO for example? NO.
  11. On page 2 T-shirts - SASS Wire Saloon - SASS Wire Forum (sassnet.com)
  12. SOURCE #HH-24 – QUIGLEY S SHARPS INDIAN RIFLE SCABBARD Quigley Case As close as we could make to the original, including hand cut, laced on, suede fringe and hand painted Indian designs. Edges are double stitched and The interior is smooth pebble grain leather to reduce moisture retention, suede crumbs, and reduces wear on the blue finish of the Sharps. Note: the scabbard is one sided suede and the fringe is two sided suede, therefore the fringe will always be a darker shade. Made from the Australian prop master’s photos from the movie, and personal examination of the original Quigley scabbard donated to the NRA. A very heavy duty quality scabbard. Color may vary because of photos taken. Our version ~ $449.95. (Price increase is pending so order yours now)
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