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  1. I might buy a copy just to see who wrote the article using the term "assault rifle" to describe the 1860 Henry.
  2. Is Northwest Reloading the same company as Pacific Northwest Munitions?
  3. Too late to call to "arrange pickup" (no location listed) Phone number is in Whatcom County, WA (probably Bellingham) Contact Us - Pacific Northwest Munitions
  4. It has been discussed before. Biggest problem would be the logistics of setting up pre-match inspection of all four of an individual shooter's firearms by qualified personnel. Another question is whether all four firearms would be required to be "stock" in order to qualify.
  5. ...which is exactly why the RO1 version will be replacing the SHB version.
  6. I've added a recommendation to the list of edits to make the SHB definition on page 13 match that of the RO1 text: - If no starting position is given, the shooter shall stand upright with revolvers holstered, hands at the sides not touching any firearm. (SASS default) RO1 p.21
  7. I was replying specifically to the bolded circumstances presented in a "What if?" situation related to the OP.
  8. See previously quoted rule: SHB p.22 also: SHB p.27
  9. Question as to how an empty case from a Marlin ended up on the shooter's hat?
  10. 'Mornin'! Yes, that would be a good trick, wouldn't it?
  11. In that (extremely RARE instance considering the rifle in the OP is a side-ejecting Marlin) it would be a NO CALL...IMO.
  12. SHB p.22 - Minor Safety Violation (MSV) infractions
  13. Something like that would likely include numerous links to YouTube "How To" videos. Why not just search YouTube for specific channels or vids on the subjects?
  14. Short for "side order"...same as a menu that lists the main course (e.g., steak) with a choice of "sides": Example from local eatery
  15. Before anyone points it out, I didn't feel it necessary to clarify that "LEGAL in all categories except for "Classic Cowboy/Cowgirl" obviously excludes FRONTIERSMAN as well.
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