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  1. "Inadvertently left rounds" refers to a case in which a shooter only fires four of the five rounds on a stage where 5 rounds were required to be shot. In that scenario, that round is a miss for the "unfired round" (which is consistent with the MFC) It is a clarification regarding the fact that unfired rounds in a revolver do not also incur a MSV penalty for "rounds remaining". Also referring to a shooter who has a misfire of some kind in a revolver; then loads another round in the empty chamber to complete the shooting string. The shooter is not required to eject the unfired round before reloading in that case. There is no penalty as the "round remaining" was left in the cylinder on purpose (not "inadvertently"). That would also apply if a shooter loaded an extra (10th) round for a 9-shot revolver sequence (as in the OP) and, instead of firing it (incurring a "P"), stopped firing once the sequence was completed. The shooter would not be required to eject that extra round "on the clock". Again, left in the revolver unfired on purpose (not "inadvertently"); therefore no miss.
  2. The section to which I referred states that. (which is why it was mentioned, rather than posting the entire section of the SHB) There is NO PENALTY for overloading the rifle unless the extra round(s) is left in the firearm or fired during the stage engagement. There is NO MISS penalty assigned to any extra rounds as long as the shooter fires the number of rounds required by the stage instructions. (unless the extra round is used to replace an ejected rifle round).
  3. - SHB p.22 REF also: Loading and Unloading Area Conventions SHB pp. 28-29
  4. Showing anyone at the LT that a revolver hammer is down on an empty chamber wouldn't necessarily indicate how many rounds were loaded.
  5. All firearms brought to the line MUST be cleared at the ULT. (SDQ for failure to show clear). IIRC, hers was a non-firing "prop" gun.
  6. Since SASS rules require long guns to be cleared (used to require "action open" as well) the only way to enforce compliance is to attach a penalty for failure to do so.
  7. Another point of clarification regarding overloading a REVOLVER in the OP scenario: If a shooter loaded 5 + 5 for a 9-round revolver string, but only fired the required 9 rounds, there would be NO PENALTY for the extra round in a revolver. (as long as the hammer is down on a fired case).
  8. ?? Which categories and why is that different than the SASS rule: SHB p.4
  9. Read that section again. SHB pp. 3-4
  10. Straw or palm leaf hats are not allowed in the "Classic Cowboy" (SHB p.8) and "B-Western" (p.9) categories.
  11. Having the loops oriented in a vertical configuration (straight up & down) on a laterally angled (slanted) bandolier would offset the ammunition (i.e. similar to stair steps). How would that possibly facilitate pulling multiple rounds at the same time?? (aside from the fact that, being ruled as illegal, the penalties would be a "P" + misses)??
  12. Quick reference is in the "Penalties Overview" section of the SHB pp. 22-24: (also available as a pdf doc ) Note that the first two of the three refer to LONG GUNS.
  13. The simplest explanation of "A miss cannot cause a procedural" (i.e. Double Jeopardy") is that a round fired at a target "out of order" & fails to hit it is only a miss. It would be a "P" only if the target was HIT "out of order" E.g.: Two rifle targets 30 feet apart. Stage instruction is to alternate 10 shots starting on the right target. (R-L-R-L-R-L-R-L-R-L) Shooter fires first shot at the left target (obvious due to the target spread), but misses it. That is only a miss. No "P". If the shooter then fires the 2nd shot at the left target, alternating from that point (with no additional misses), the score for the rifle string is 1 miss.
  14. SHB p.45 SHB p.44 "Two 5-shot sweeps" is a single shooting string, with each fired shot assigned to a target. The targets MUST be engaged/hit "1-2-3-4-5-1-2-3-4-5" In this scenario: The 5th "unfired round" in the first revolver is a "miss" (under SASS definition). The 5th round fired is assigned to target #5, whether it is fired from revolver #1 or #2. If that round hits target #1, it is a "P". If the 5th round from revolver #1 remains unfired, it is only a "miss". NO MSV. SDQ if it is under the hammer.
  15. That is basically the reason the ROC ruled against allowing them.
  16. That IS the reason bandoliers may not be secured...and ammo loops on suspenders are NOT on the list of approved methods for carrying stage ammo.
  17. What kind of "mistakes"? REF: SHB p.19 re "COACHING"
  18. This is the basic concept upon which the ROC made the "NOT LEGAL" ruling. (the question was asked & answered in the linked thread referenced above):
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