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  1. Them dang subs can't do what those vids done....'light em' up 1
  2. Rumour has it that Wallaby has a new walking aid...36-24-36
  3. Happy to help out a lttle Capt..best wishes Mohawk
  4. Your a lucky cowboy Tex...fantastic craftmanship work as always Yul....
  5. I cast & use close enough to pure lead in .45,. 38 ,44-40 ,38-55 ,45-70 & have had no problems.
  6. I would be a no call based on your video...there was not a clear change of hands, the offhand was always in contact.
  7. Gunworld who have most of those signs are about an hours drive from me..great bunch of people, they got a heap of complaints re the Santa billboard & were told to take it down ..their reply was 'NO .
  8. You raised a point that was mentioned to me, from what I'm told 'dangerous driving was the relevant part as reckless was for whatever reason not involved..this happened in a country town of 12,000 people ,Greg was highly respected. & will be sorely missed.
  9. Alot of clubs would be envious of that set up BB..well done.. it all looks great & the paintings add a good touch
  10. Just learn't today that a drugged up a'ole that admitted on social media that he was going to drive as fast as he could thru a stop sign at an intersection has been given a miserly 8 years with possible parole in 2023. This is after he killed a good friend of mine & his wife had to have the lower part of her arm amputated at the scene after their car was hit & rolled ..this deliberate act happened in Sept 020, a good man taken early & a legal system that I wouldn't give the time of day..& they wonder why people get pissed off !!
  11. USE the Citori often & it will loosen up..play around with height & length of the stock to get what you want...much cheaper & works. Don't forget the pattern board ,it's your best friend to determine what you need, same goes for cast & pitch.Straight versus curved butt pads also play a big part
  12. The carts are awesome..on a side note I noticed the sign''Chamber flags are mandatory'...happens a lot down-under, didn't think it would in your neck of the woods...
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