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  1. It ain't necessarily so...the things that your liable to read in the bible......
  2. Howdy Yes there is a virus & most certainly we all must be careful, will ever the light of day tell the true story of how the virus came about..IMHO there are many goings on that just don't add up. !! Anyway what I was referring to as in 'why does this happen...at present in our southern state of Victoria [ Australia ] there is the normal precautionary measures of social distancing, health preventatives, stay at home as much as possible etc..except now the Army have been brought in to help patrol the streets,Police are handing out fines & in some cases being a bit overboard with there actions towards people who aren't necessarily doing the wrong thing. Now don't get me wrong some people are just plain arrogant & need some 'stern advice ! I'm sure that this is also happening in other places of the world & that's what worries me...am I conspiracy thinking, well yes I am. There are leaders & followers, Australia is a little fish just following with no real understanding other than there is a virus, it's what goes on elsewhere that worries me. WHOOPS!!..My apology for incorrectly stating that the Army are patrolling the streets. a friend who is actually involved has set me straight in that they are involved in an advisory capacity only..sorry !
  3. My wife wanted a light load..so I now use it as well..13g with 13/16 of reclaimed shot..works well but I do go heavier if they are 'pesky targets or have been put out a bit further !
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