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  1. SASS stickers (5). Pm your address and I'll send them out.
  2. I guess I'm just not a Stevie Nicks fan.
  3. Mick Fleetwood and Stevie Nicks out for a ride?
  4. Unless it's Domino's....then just eat the box, it tastes better.
  5. I've seen what happens when a homeless person gets into a closed jobsite on the weekend, takes a dump and there's no toilet paper around.
  6. Other way around. If you see a mountain pass, you may have a problem.
  7. The mosquito is the unofficial Florida State bird.
  8. Hell with cutting my hair.......she's gonna be painting my house.
  9. Yes and many other lines from the movie.
  10. A WHOLE PACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, I'm changing costumes and coming back.
  11. That's my answer. My gal crafts and uses glitter. Seems like I craft, the neighbors craft and anyone that comes in the house crafts too..........whether they know it or not.
  12. I doubt that they will do this in Florida in July.
  13. Take the sign down. Make the caption "We're all going in.....some of us ain't comin' back".
  14. Depends on which direction your traveling doesn't it? I know, I know.......
  15. The only one who ever wore red and lived was Scotty.
  16. Yes and a helleva lot more talented. Sorry Pat
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