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  1. "Gas lines about 10 years after the 60's".... you mean the 70's? Purely political and not based on ANY scientific discovery or information.
  2. I'm for un-docking it and returning it to Earth using remote control operation. See if it would have survived re-entry. Pick up the crew using other, established methods that are as safe as space travel can be.
  3. Look, it must be Italian...it says frajeeley.
  4. Yeah, I know. Returning the troops back to the US was much more important than airplanes, tanks, trucks and the like. I just wish there had been a way to offload the materials where the troops were picked up for later return to the US but I'm glad for the return of our men back to our own shores so that they could restart their lives and attempt to leave the horrors of war behind them.
  5. We got snow in Pinellas County once in 1977 but it didn't stick or ice up the roads/parking lots. We had to resort to playing on rain slicked parking lots. There was one parking lot in particular that was perfect for the task, the St. Pete Junior College campus parking lot in Clearwater. It was paved very smooth and then blacktopped so that it was slicker than ice after a decent rain. We had fun there for several years but too many folks played there too often, someone got hurt and they put gates up at the three entrances and locked them after hours. It was fun while it lasted.
  6. I saw a documentary about an underwater WWII graveyard for warplanes, there were dozens of them at that one locations and probably hundreds of locations like it around the world. You're right, in some instances, they just rolled them off, didn't even remove the guns on most of them.
  7. I would correct them once. There are many towns, cities and rivers with Native American names in Florida. The locals can usually pronounce the names, or short names, just fine as they grew up hearing the correct pronunciations of the names. The tourists, transplants and seasonals completely assassinate the names sometimes to the point that have to have them show you the name in print to know where they are talking about. It's okay, I've done the same thing more than once.
  8. Back then, humans only had four toes.
  9. Rinse and dry (dry in the oven)...Yeah right...my wife would be...unhappy.
  10. Chain gangs were right popular in the South back when. I believe a lot of criminals would think twice their activities if chain gangs (and public hanging) were returned as a punishment.
  11. I wonder if they make one out of AR 500. If so, how does it compare to regular cast iron? Does blood need to be wiped off or does that add to the seasoning of the pan? So many questions...
  12. The guy behind, now under the trailer, nosed dived it under braking. I've witnessed similar crashes like this twice. Drivers weren't paying attention, the received careless driving citations.
  13. I smoked for 45 years...2+ packs a day...Marlboro 100's. I had no problem talking with a cigarette in my mouth, got easier the shorter the cigarette got. The real problem was using your hands while trying to work while smoking...that's why you had to put the cigarette in your mouth to begin with. That's my answer to the question. Funny video.
  14. ***SOLD PENDING FUNDS*** For Sale - Dillon Square Deal B in 9mm Luger. Price includes: 1 - Dillon Square Deal B reloading machine set up for 9mm Luger w/small primer assembly. 1 - Set of 9mm Luger dies, shell plate, #3 locater pins, powder measure w/9mm powder funnel. 1 - Dillon strong mount w/plate and nuts/bolts. 1 - Dillon bullet tray and nuts/bolts. 1 - Small primer pickup. 1 - Dillon primer flip tray. 1 - Extra seating stem/die. 1 - Extra decapping stem/die. 1 - Extra decapping replacement pin. 3 - Extra locating pins (#2, #3 and #4) 1 - Dillon "No BS" lifetime warranty. Price - $425 + Shipping (if applicable). - Price DOES NOT include shipping. - Payment to be by USPS MO or personal check from SASS members. - Machine will be shipped AFTER payment has been recieved.
  15. I used all of mine up using a wrist rocket. They probably have reverted back to sand by now.
  16. Yeh, but Marshal initially posted on the 13th...back when, according to Boeing AND NASA, "It isn't a major problem". My hunch is that it IS a major problem and they don't want to have to be answering questions as to why it was destroyed on re-entry and killed two astronauts. Who knows what is really going on, I seriously doubt they would tell the public unless it became obvious. I don't trust NASA and sure as hell don't trust Boeing for honesty these days.
  17. Must lead to the abyss that Nancy Pelosi crawled out of.
  18. I don't think that sharks care if their food is carbonated or not. Kinda reminds me of the Keep On Truckin days of ole.
  19. No, not really. I appreciate the thought though. Actually, the cartoon would have been better with no caption...would have got the keyboard, monitor, speakers, desk items...everything in front of me. As it was, got the leading edge of the desk, caught some floor and shirt from coughing after. So thanks.
  20. Thanks...thanks alot. I was mid sip on that one.
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