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  1. Oh, great. A woke dog that identifies as a cat.
  2. HA!! Fake news, it's never gonna happen.
  3. What's to see? It's overheated and the radiator boiled over.
  4. Hey, a little WD-40 and it'll start right up.
  5. What did the Grateful Dead fan say when he ran out of acid? Man...this music sucks!
  6. Obviously the first shrink he went to was a bad shot with a slingshot.
  7. Typical Woody Harrelson, got stoned before they took his picture... even talked Same Elliot into it.
  8. My post wasn't a cut on EV's. If gas appliances are eliminated, EV's will be the least of the power company's problems.
  9. Are you kidding me? The electrical utility companies are $hitting their pants. They don't have enough power generating capacity to supply all of the EV's, let alone supply all of the new electrical appliances if gas is eliminated. Just more brilliant ideas from leftist lobby money paid to the people that pull the strings of the befuddled.
  10. Gonna need the Holy Hand Grenade...or you could just go down there and "Chop it's bloody head off."
  11. Hey, when it's cold, it's cold...what can I say.
  12. Wouldn't that emulate a tape measure depending upon temperature?
  13. Notice that the tattoo is not higher on his leg...
  14. Old Italian cobbler hooker with anchovy pasta
  15. Not until you mentioned it. Just another way to hurt yourself around machinery. Listen to music/whatever while working with moving parts...stupid.
  16. That would still hurt, but it wouldn't be the first time. Twice, I've seen the immediate aftermath of two women getting scalped. Pulled the scalp right off their heads leaving a large portion of their skull exposed, bled all over the place. Loose clothing can have the same results...sometimes worse results. Loose long hair and clothing have been a contributing factor in many injuries in the construction fields. Jewelry is another. People just don't realize that all it takes is a 1/2 second of inattention and their lives, and their loved ones, are changed forever. For this reason, I never wore jewelry, kept my shirt tucked in, watched my feet/shoelaces, kept electrical cords from wrapping and tried to keep my attention on the task at hand. Can't say that it always worked, but at least I tried to keep it to a minimum.
  17. He got very lucky. I've never seen a beard get caught in a machine, but I have seen what happens when long hair gets caught in a machine. Very gruesome and bloody. Long hair and machinery with moving parts don't mix.
  18. Out of curiosity, why do you avoid frozen/canned Brussels and canned peas/corn?
  19. The old joke... Game warden pulls up to the guy fishing with dynamite and sez "Hey you can't fish with dynamite, it's against the law" The guy tosses a lit stick into the game warden's boat and sez "You gonna fish or is ya gonna talk?"
  20. Dale Gribble. Love that character. I miss that show.
  21. May be unpresidented but the right side looks like Diane Feinstein.
  22. I don't know but better send Lawyers, Guns and Money.
  23. Yeah but you have to watch that neighborhood, a little old lady got mutilated there late at night.
  24. Vic's actually. But if you must know, I was looking for a place Lee Ho Fooks, gonna get big dish of beef Chow Mein.
  25. I saw a werewolf with a Pina Colada in his hand, His hair was perfect.
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