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  1. I suggest a bladed weapon such as the one used in Braveheart on William Wallace....in the same manner and usage.
  2. The balloons haven't been any match for the F-22's although that's not a surprise. I doubt Bullwinkle will be much of a match for them either...but just wait until Rocky shows up, not gonna be so easy then.
  3. Yeah, well...it wasn't written by Tom Jones. Just performed it.
  4. I'm pretty sure that I still bear the scars of those damn pedals.
  5. There's a difference between an acupuncturist, masochist and a sadist. I'm not sure where that fine line is however.
  6. No, that's just another reason. Water labeled... Diet Water Zero Calories Gluten Free That's why they not only fly right by us, they take long, curved detour paths around us.
  7. I gotta tell ya, I've BEEN fired from a company for refusing to do stupid/faulty installs. Just because some salesman, architect, designer or engineer hires my employer to install their design or product...I'm the one that has to live with the result of the installation. As I said, I've been fired from a company for refusal to do what they told me to do. After 43+ years of electrical work, I can sleep with a clear conscience and a good feeling about my work, ethic and integrity. I've saved more than a few contractors money over the years by pointing out flaws in their planning, logistics and actual, real world jobsite problems. Been in some, shall we say, "interesting" conversations in 43 years. Up until he passed away a few years ago, every time I would run into an old co-worker he would remind me how I (supposedly) told the owner of the company that we worked for "You're a dumb m**********r". I always told him that I'd forgotten about that, I didn't.
  8. Unfortunately, I have. If I was the installer, I would have refused to install it.
  9. That's got to be photoshopped. Surely no one can be THAT stupid.
  10. Alligators on acid...that would not be good. I know, it's a mushroom shown but think about it...drug plane goes down in the Everglades with psycho-active cargo aboard. First, it was the rednecks out froggin that "seen the plane go down", then...South Florida. Make a good horror movie though. Sharknado, only with gators racing out of the swamps. Heck, I'd go see that.
  11. I am far from a Tom Brady fan...way far away. Can't stand him actually. That said, the reference pictured above is a photo shopped picture of Antonio Brown, a classless idiot with no integrity At least Brady had class.
  12. I still have the giant paper. Naw, just kiddin'
  13. Same here. Don't even need a clock with hands to tell time. A stick and a compass will do just fine.
  14. It'd be nice if the honor system still worked, it can't with the internet. I've had good luck with the Classifieds, but I'm always vigilant. Money is too hard to come by, or to retain, to get ripped off by some scammer. I don't like being suspicious all the time either...but it's become a necessity in the real world.
  15. Guest's cannot post a For Sale on the Classifieds. They can sell to you on "the side" however. I going to hold off on reporting him, just to see if he actually posts pictures. If he does post pics, what do you you want to bet that they are either stock pics or pics from another website somewhere.
  16. Another person has PM'd me that he has "Winchester Model 57 magazines for sale". I replied and asked him to post pictures/prices on my post here in the Classifieds. I doubt that will happen. Name is Couture, joined mid 2022 and has four posts on various threads. They look like "feeler" posts. He may be real but I doubt it. Getting to where you can't even post a WTB or ISO anymore without some scammer trying to rip you off.
  17. Here's another scammer. Just joined today, PM'd me about my ISO Win model 52 mags. These people must really think we are stupid. He wants me to "PM" some guy named Frank who has just what I am looking for. Boy, these cockroaches really come out of the woodwork. Scammer info; Name - chetany (joined today 30 minutes ago, never made a post...just a PM to me) Name/E-mail of person who "has what I need" - Frank/frankraymond0283@gmail.com
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