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  1. Ah yes, the lesser known tale of Ronald Bell.
  2. And hope that they don't hit the metal rings and bounce back...bad enough on a wall dart board and why wearing flip-flops while playing darts in not advisable...just trust me on that one.
  3. Piglet arrives, unannounced, late at night...Pooh discovers honey baked BBQ ribs.
  4. Ah, the exotic Italian, edible loafers.
  5. And if he's still determined...take him to your mother-in-law's house.
  6. Well, at least the trailer under-carriage got a good wash.
  7. I kind of doubt that there are many spring breakers at Ft. Myers beach this year.
  8. Is that Daniel from Fear The Walking Dead? If not, it should be.
  9. Wait until they find the dog that buried it!
  10. Mrs. Ed while Mr. Ed is off at the local watering trough?
  11. Depends on your definition of "ride them right" and "danger".
  12. Doubles as his quiver and lucky horseshoe.
  13. For some reason, this reminded me of the penguin and the ice cream joke.
  14. Guarantee you, the order is wrong.
  15. Oh come on...at least they could toss the dog a finger or two.
  16. I never liked Reggie Jackson. Nolan Ryan must have liked him...he threw fastballs BY him...
  17. My gal and I went to Home Depot to get some metric threaded bolts which we found easily. She then told me that she needed some metric washers to go with them but didn't see any. I told her to ask the HD guy that was there in hardware and stood behind her, trying not to laugh, while she asked him. He looked at her for a second and then at me while I'm grinning like a loon. He tried to play along but couldn't...he started laughing, I started laughing...she wasn't laughing. It's now a joke between us. Anytime I go to HD, she'll ask me to pick up some metric washers.
  18. During 45 years of being an electrician, I can honestly say that I didn't fall for many of the "go get the xxxx tool. I grew up using most of the construction type tools used. There are a few that I fell for though. It was much, much more fun sending helpers for non-existent tools or giving them misinformation. One of the best ones was giving a helper an old rubber hammer and having him drive an 8' ground rod with it...not allowed to damage the top of the ground rod you know. Damn if he didn't bring back a beat up stick about an hour later...and the ground rod was driven. I kinda feel bad about that now...naw, not really.
  19. No wonder they're getting video, rarely see it sinking from the port side.
  20. On a rare occasion, I have said "I just want you to know, I have nothing against your horse". I then let them figure it out. Some do, some don't.
  21. Speaking of that...has anyone seen Snoopy lately?
  22. Yeah, they're on the slow balloon from China.
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