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  1. Wow, I haven't thought about a TG&Y in many a year.
  2. I hope it's a lithium hellfire that he's sentenced to.
  3. When I was a kid, if a girl showed her underwear...I'd look and tell my friends that I saw a girls underwear. Back then, the girls didn't really care if anyone saw their underwear...hell, the Coppertone billboards were everywhere. Was I a perv or just a curious kid? I consider myself as a curious kid. Didn't know anything about girls, what was the mystique? I didn't know, but I was willing to investigate. Now, as an adult, still don't know anything about women, but I like to look at my gal in underwear. Still curious I guess...I'm not dead yet.
  4. He's not smarter, just lazier. He actually started fishing from shore before the snow started melting.
  5. It was a while ago...long while... that I had Capt. Crunch for breakfast. Personally, I liked Cocoa Puffs as a kid.
  6. I just noticed...cereal boxes were just a little longer than my little brother's arms back then. The prizes in Capt. Crunch (and that looks like Boo Berry, yuck) weren't all that good anyway... at least that's what I heard anyway.
  7. Boy, I can just hear William Shatner now.....
  8. An engineer dies and goes to hell God calls down to the devil one day. - Hey devil, how's it going? - It's going great, ever since you sent that engineer down here things have improved tremendously. We have A.C. , cold water, refrigerators, ice...all kinds of things we couldn't have before." - Engineer? - Yeah, the one you sent two months ago. - I never sent an engineer down there, you'll have to send him back. - I'm not going to send him back, not a chance! - If you don't send him back, I'll have to take legal action against you. - Oh yeah? Where are you going to find a lawyer?
  9. Naw, that's a GE panel. Looks like circuit #'s 11 and probably 13 are frying the buss bar.
  10. Actually, the gloves would be to protect from burns, not electrical shock. Even though linesmen's gloves look like leather, that's just the outer glove. The inner glove is made from something like (or may be) rubber, hence being called rubber gloves by electricians in the field. 100% pure water is an insulator and not a conductor. This used to be an actual question on the Journeyman's exam.
  11. That'll work...twice maybe...if it's not a FPE or Zinsco panel. After such a quality job of replacing the cord end, I can't wait to see the picture of the smoked receptacle replacement. Oh, one other thing...might want to wear a good set of leather gloves while plugging it in. Just sayin.
  12. No stems, no seeds that you don't need...that broccoli green is some bad ass weed.
  13. I hope that you scrubbed it real good with steel wool and Dawn first.
  14. Unfortunately, these days the kid would get suspended or expelled.
  15. His wife probably checked the rings for expiration dates.
  16. Can't be a pirate. Still has both hands and there's no parrot skeleton on his shoulder.
  17. I'll Be Blacktopping... https://abc7.com/arnold-schwarzenegger-pothole-socagal-gas-tweet-service-trench/13124384/
  18. And I don't think that it's photoshopped (colorized maybe) like the Mongolian with an AK-74 and a snow leopard.
  19. It's A Small World. Don't hate me, I didn't make the damn song up.
  20. That's cause you threw that fake ball so many times...now he's an umpire.
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