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  1. Why are all most of the mags out of the pistols and rifles? Doesn't make sense to me.
  2. Sorry Joe... could have gone to the rest of next week without seeing that.
  3. That horse there doesn't exactly look healthy either.
  4. Dad - Wrong son...Animals ARE music. Son - I gotta get outta this place. Dad - I agree son, if it's the last thing you ever do.
  5. What's worse is that it probably identifies as a 1911.
  6. Does anyone else wonder why the dog has parachute?
  7. Quite obvious that the pigs have been watching WAY too many Ned Beatty movies.
  8. Was this picture taken after mowing sally fields?
  9. Prototype of the DUKW boat used in WWII. Later versions featured a lower profile, albeit less headroom, improved personnel protection and shorter tail feathers.
  10. Loves being an American...while driving a vehicle with the steering wheel on the left right side? Wonder what country he is visiting?
  11. Every once in a while, I used to try a bite of treats that I would give my dog. Beggin Strips DO NOT taste like bacon...trust me on that.
  12. Motor is not running...blade bar is up...no wonder it's hard to push.
  13. For me, it was a Go Fund Me back in the '60's. There weren't any safeties and DAMN SURE wasn't any self propel. Ahh...good times.
  14. Gonna end up at the pub anyway...with some good rub.
  15. The problem comes when you call down to the helper to make a cut or a pipe bend at xx" and he has his own tape measure, as he should. If you notice, it's a Stanley 35' tape measure...one of the most useless, short lived tape measure ever manufactured. Being a 1/4" short is just one of the problems with that pos.
  16. Ah, the Huggie Bear bell bottoms.
  17. Wow, I haven't thought about a TG&Y in many a year.
  18. I hope it's a lithium hellfire that he's sentenced to.
  19. When I was a kid, if a girl showed her underwear...I'd look and tell my friends that I saw a girls underwear. Back then, the girls didn't really care if anyone saw their underwear...hell, the Coppertone billboards were everywhere. Was I a perv or just a curious kid? I consider myself as a curious kid. Didn't know anything about girls, what was the mystique? I didn't know, but I was willing to investigate. Now, as an adult, still don't know anything about women, but I like to look at my gal in underwear. Still curious I guess...I'm not dead yet.
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