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  1. I never had to show ID to get into a bra although some bras were harder to get into than some bars.
  2. Who is he kidding, she was on his radar the whole time.
  3. Looks like one of those rawhide chewy things for dogs.
  4. Waiting for the doors to open at WalMart in 980 AD.
  5. At this point in life, cremation is the only way I'll have a hot body!
  6. Just wait until fire is discovered... It's too hot in here. It's too cold in here, I'm freezing.
  7. There's a Halloween joke on this very subject...
  8. If I was the cop, I'd ask her to pop the hood so I could see if it was a Ram-Air IV 400 motor...I can see a nekked woman at home!
  9. I don't wave that things I can't see.
  10. Yeah, it was pretty cool and completely unexpected. In all honesty, I kind of felt bad for Mr. Clayton-Thomas as there was only about 20 people there for the 1st show, not very many for what I considered a top rate musician as was his (mostly brass) band that was with him. That didn't stop them from putting a first rate show at all. There were more people in the audience for the second show than the first, but not many more. A unique night to be sure and one that I will think about and remember for a lifetime.
  11. I sat and partied with David Clayton-Thomas when he was doing a show in a bowling alley bar in Largo, Florida in 1983 or 84. We talked and had drinks for about 1 and 1/2 hours in-between his shows, just me and him. Real nice, down to earth guy. Still had the big, powerful voice and did all of Blood, Sweat & Tears hits and not so famous songs.
  12. We have drivers that drive on the left side of the road here in the US also. We call them drunk drivers.
  13. Yeah, IMO the AFI breakers were, and still are, a solution to a problem that (for the most part) didn't exist. Lobbyists and big money started influencing NEC many years ago and hasn't stopped. The AFI requirements have added completely unnecessary costs to new and some remodels.
  14. I know. I'm talking about using them on something land based.
  15. For aircraft, yes. For other applications, well...that depends.
  16. I really wish all homeowners would do just what you did. It would even be better if the original electrician's as-built blueprints, or copies, were retained/stored for future reference. Ya done good Alpo!
  17. That's the way it's supposed to happen. Sometimes bad things can happen if somewhere in the circuit "daisy chain" there is loose/bad/improper connections. Zinsco/FPE breakers are famous for not tripping right away, if at all, thus creating an unintentional welding type situation. Usually, the switch doesn't last long either, expecially if it's a cheapo 15 amp rated residential type switch. I have used this method many times but only on newer type buildings and only after checking panel manufacture. For non-professional electricians, I do not suggest this method. Breaker locators aren't that expensive or, if in a smaller type location (house or similar) you can just plug in a radio, turn it up loud and turn off breakers until the music stops.
  18. Hey, don't laugh...it works on most makes of panels EXCEPT Zinsco and FPE panels. If you use this on those type panels...be prepared for a ruined cord end, receptacle and switch. On the bright side (really bright side) you'll get a free lesson in welding and welding theory.
  19. I don't know if it is law or not. I was first told that the Close Door button was disabled on all US installations by a good friend of mine who was a lifetime elevator installer/maintenance tech/repairman. Although he jokes around a lot, he wasn't joking about this. Before I retired, I worked in conjunction with at least 10 different elevator repairmen and I asked them all the same question..."Has the Close Door button really been disabled throughout the US". The answer was always the same - Yes. One told me that it has to do with the American Disabilities Act, but I don't know that for a fact.
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