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  1. My grand score is 0 and proud of it. BTW - A zero score means you've done all 20. Just got to read the instructions guys!
  2. Photoshopped. Streets don't cross streets..
  3. I guess it would all depend upon the circumstances. It's really a one shot .45acp derringer, hardly an offensive gun. Nostalgia aside, still a pos though. Still would like to have one.
  4. Isn't the car on the left a Superbird?
  5. It was a short range (5' mol) last stand weapon. A cheap pos then and an expensive pos now. I'd love to have one.
  6. Things in CA/LA haven't changed much over the last 50 years have they.
  7. In the South, that's why they have cold beer and sippin' sacks.
  8. What, no shower curtain and hole in the floor?
  9. When told about Cobain's suicide Ted Nugent said "Good, I hope that toxic slut of his does the same thing so that their kid has a chance at life". I never had any like for Cobain but a couple of Nirvana's songs were good.
  10. Neil Young for one. I remember reading something when he killed himself that he wrote that in the suicide note. Don't know why I remember that or if it's correct. Edit - I just looked it up, Cobain wrote that line in the note.
  11. Couldn't find a picture of Cobain. David Spade kinda looks like him...we'll go with that.
  12. And now are under investigation for assault. I feel sorry for the good people that are forced by economic/family/employment reasons to live in the cesspool that California has degraded into. https://www.foxnews.com/media/witness-to-sikh-employees-whooping-thief-7-eleven-during-calls-it-courageous-police-launch-probe
  13. Also doubles as a Houston Astros communication signaler.
  14. That's why the dog catcher has to wear so much protection.
  15. As a kid raised in Florida, I loved watching Flipper (tv show) and Sea Hunt. Being so young, I couldn't understand why the dolphins at the beach didn't play with us like on the show. True fact - In the original movie Flipper, they didn't have many special effects, let alone CGI. They actually speared a wild dolphin and beached it so they could save it for the film. The scene in which the dolphin gets speared was real. I didn't learn that until I was in my late 40's...what a disappointing bubble buster that was.
  16. When's the last time ANYONE wore underwear for surgery?
  17. Won't work with your shorts, or anything else on. At least, that's what I heard.
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