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  1. Maybe if you add a match to the equation.
  2. How ironic that using "archaic and outdated methods" to participate in a game in which it is mandated to use firearms/dress of a pre 1900 design is now frowned upon.
  3. Actually, the cabbage ones aren't bad if you put mustard on them.
  4. I forgot about band. I had a beat up, hand me down trumpet that I audibly tortured my parents, brothers, neighbors and teachers with. Hearing any Col. Bogey rendition these days brings back not-so-fond memories.
  5. Although the suggested "improvements" are good ideas, I suggest that the old "90's methods be left in place to retain the longtime customers that have supported YOUR clubs throughout the years. I'm not joining an anti 2nd Amendment company like Facebook. I will not get an account with anti 2nd Amendment companies like Pay Pay, Zelle and the like. In other words, no electronic cash transfers. I know how to use a printer to print out match applications. My nose isn't stuck in a cell phone 24/7 I know EXACTLY where my checkbook is and how to write out checks to pay for match fees. I'm not too lazy to do any of the above and I'll be damned if I'll support companies/owners whose ideas and policies are complete opposites of mine. Add the "new" ways, just don't get rid of the traditional methods also.
  6. I watched a group of bikers wearing sunglasses only hit a giant herd of Love Bugs while they were doing about 70 on the Suncoast Parkway some years ago. No windscreens, all wearing armless vests patched from Ohio. They pulled over mighty quick.
  7. When I was in school sports, football and baseball, my parents had to pay for pads, uniforms, cleats. baseball bats and gloves. The baseball team had bats but they sucked and weren't your lucky bat.
  8. Yeah...but isn't this why we have trees?
  9. I appreciate the detailed match results and promptness of posting match results.... Thanks! Congratulations Bucky, Halle and the rest of all the new Florida State Champions.
  10. Divine intervention or not, fate caught up to him exactly 19 years later.
  11. You had to boing, boing, BOING....not that I ever played it.
  12. I've given primers and powders as gifts. No one complained. Both are what I consider consumable type gifts. If they're happy with their gift, I don't give a darn what happens to the gift after that.
  13. You'll need to get Charlie to delete your info in the quote also.
  14. Putting your address, or phone # or E-mail, on a public forum is just asking for bad people to do bad things. I suggest deleting your private info from public view. Just a heads up.
  15. Looks Joe Dirt got another car out of impound.
  16. That would have sucked. Mike Nelson was one of my heroes when I was growing up!
  17. We're gonna need a bigger boat...and some new undies.
  18. Redneck flea and tick control.
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