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  1. That was great. The lib put up more of fight that I thought she would. I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't want to fight either one of them.
  2. Must be Sicilian coyotes, you just got lucky they never made to your bed.
  3. I haven't seen it yet but spoiler alert posts don't bother me. Now I get to look forward to a "cat" fight between a leopard and a house cat!
  4. I've never seen any of those before, pretty cool!
  5. Not me. Pipe in the "It's a Small World After All" song. That would be great!
  6. Sorry Buckshot, Doc O. R. Vet done beat you to the draw. I see if I have another one around here somewhere. Edit: Didn't find one but if I do, I'll give you a shout.
  7. Just renewed for the 25th time. I don't use the decals for anything so I thought that one of ya'll might like it. Just PM your name/address and I'll get it in the mail tomorrow.
  8. I really hate to say it guys...ya'll need to give up on Trail Boss being made any time soon. From what I've read, not going to happen in the near future. Clays is more likely to come back before TB will. I really suggest finding a different powder to use. Plenty of other powders out there.
  9. When I bought my last house, the insurance company was very specific that they would not insure against dog bites from German Shepards, Dobies, Rotties, Pit Bulls, Chows and Great Danes. If I had or got one of those breeds, I would have to sign some sort of waiver absolving them of any claims related to the dog.
  10. Last time I was at Sam's Club, one of those floor scrubbers was coming at me head on but it stopped at my cart, went around it, got back on the same side that I was on and said I'll Be Back.
  11. I took a tour of the USS Requin WWII submarine in St. Pete, Fl. when I was about 9 or 10 years old. If I remember right, it was a "Trench" class sub. I'm not a claustrophobic type person but I was inside that boat. No way would I want to serve on that boat or any like her. Took a bunch of guts to serve on a sub I'll bet. Don't know what happened to the Requin but hasn't been in St. Pete in many years. Probably sitting at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico as an artificial reef, if I had to guess. Edit: Surprise! She has been restored and now resides in Pittsburgh. USS Requin (SS-481) - Wikipedia
  12. Too bad they couldn't get close enough to kick a field goal and win 4-3.
  13. A sheep dog in Georgia (US) save his flock of sheep from a pack of 12 coyotes. He got pretty torn up in the process but managed to kill 8 of the attacking coyotes and drove the rest off. That's one bada$$ dog there. Story below. https://www.foxnews.com/us/georgia-sheepdog-fights-off-kills-coyotes-pack-attacks-sheep
  14. I have to admit, I'd rather not see this on a CAS match gun...however, if it falls within the rules, then I have no problem with it.
  15. No grief here. Just don't like being told what my image of "Cowboy" should be.
  16. Does that blue plastic timer, plastic tables with ponchos made in China on them and spitting distance targets kill the vibe also? Just wondering...
  17. Maybe they just get some lousy coke. The coke back in eighties was tightly compressed. Chopping a small amount with a credit card would have bounced it off of the mirror and onto the shag carpet. So much for rambling on about nothing for the next 20 minutes. Oops, there goes $200 bucks.
  18. "Cowboy image"? Perhaps, you'll explain to me why your version of "Cowboy image" should be mine also.
  19. If Elizabeth Warren made one using an authentic Navaho loom, same wool, same dyes, same everything supplied by Navahos...would it be a reproduction or the newest one made?
  20. I was thirsty, sorry about that.
  21. I just saw this...there are some tax/IRS considerations with Venmo and the like. IRS warns Americans about $600 threshold to report Venmo, Cash App payments | Fox Business
  22. There was a guy that worked on a jobsite that I was on that had a "truck" much like this one. Pretty sure that it was a V-8 motor running on 3 cylinders dragging a pile of rust, behind it, around town. Wasn't quite as bad as this one...but real close.
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