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  1. This one is just a cash grab, no more, no less. Always liked the 60's, 70's and early '80's Stones. After that, it became a getting as rich as possible by producing mediocre, at best, music designed to make the millions of Stones fans buy an overpriced album. I'm glad they're still around but...how many "Farewell" tours is it going to take before Stones fans finally figure out that it's a money grab? Oh well...It's only rock and roll, but I like it. "You're too young to die"...A little Jethro reference...I got it. To me, this is the Stones...
  2. What are they calling the tour...Steel Wheelchairs Tour? I'm with Rye. No thanks.
  3. Actually, Dawg lives on a peninsula of the peninsula to be exact.
  4. Since Tesla has a factory in Shanghai, I doubt that it is a fake.
  5. I was going to ask that very question me own self. I do know that Bill Gates just bought $93,000,000 of AB stock.
  6. You may want to look at packaging requirements for live ammo. I don't think that loose ammo, in a bag, is permissible by law. Just a heads up.
  7. I lived at an apartment complex during the latter part of the '80's that had a large retention pond in back of it. The pond had real good bass fishing and about 60 - 70 Muscovy ducks residing between the complex pond and another pond across the street. A Chinese restaurant went in at one end of the pond. Within 2 months, there were no more ducks anywhere to be found. I NEVER ate there!
  8. Anyone that's married to her for more than a 1/2 hour at a time, probably wishes he'd get beaten to death.
  9. And somewhere, William Shatner is starting to freak out.
  10. Wait...you're out in the wilderness, some wounded guy comes stumbling up to your camp...and you don't have questions? Doesn't seem like an Alpo camp to me.
  11. Wow! If I ever get the chance to witness something like that...I'm all in.
  12. Not all of them explode, in fact, none of them explode. A few short out quickly due to salt water intrusion...the rest that were immersed are ticking time bombs.
  13. Girls and (root) beer aren't the answer??? Just what kind of fighter pilot is he anyway?
  14. Looks like a scrap yard to me, not a WalMart...but I get the point.
  15. My old friend Jerry flew the Jug in the ETO during WWII. He showed me numerous pictures of battle damage both to his plane(s) and other pilots' planes. The damage on some of the planes was incredible and it was amazing that they was able to return to base. It was indeed a flying tank. RIP Jerry
  16. Many, many years ago, I had a roommate that bought the Blondes Have More Fun album buy Rod Stewart. Played Do Ya Think I'm Sexy over and over. I asked him if he'd sell the album for $5.00, he said yes. Took the album out to the parking lot next to the duplex and Frisbee'd it off the pavement, retrieved it..did it again and again. One of the best $5.00 I ever spent.
  17. I don't know why, but every time I hear the name Popeye...I think of this from when I was a kid (with the theme music)... He's Popeye the sailor man Lives in a garbage can He eats all the worms And spits out the germs He's Popeye the sailor man!!!! Toot, Toot
  18. Cypress Sun


    Send him a PM. He usually answers them quickly.
  19. The last time I dated a press, I got my tit in a ringer.
  20. It's not just larger EV's that are having the problem. It's anything with a lithium type battery. It's been happening to golf-type carts, atv's and the like, that were flooded or people were stupid enough to go driving around in salt water flooded areas. It gets even worse as many EV's and ICV's that were salt water flooded will be sold to unsuspecting buyers. They are ticking time bombs. Once any vehicle has had salt water intrusion into the electronics or has gotten into body cavities...it's done, it's just a matter of time. Same thing with all of those 1st responder vehicles (including fire trucks) that were driven through salt water flooded areas under the guise of "rescuing" people from knee deep water. What vehicle doesn't have the electronics eventually fry or deteriorate will rust out in short time.
  21. Or trying to get your dog off the couch to get a bath. Ever wonder how they know? No matter how much you try to hide it...they know. I swear that my old dog's fur and couch turned to Velcro. Of course, when he got out...wild man to get dried off.
  22. Drop them by chopper...no way they'll find their way back.
  23. I wholeheartedly agree that it was getting very stale and seemed to be more and more geared towards promoting mediocre (at best) new country music artists than providing a good story. I still would have liked to see a final conclusion to the series after watching it for years since the beginning.
  24. By refusing to participate in further episodes/filming/production of the series. He put his new "endeavors" ahead of prior commitments (Yellowstone). Everyone has their personal struggles to contend with and he has his. I feel that he dumped on the Yellowstone series and therefore the fans of the show.
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