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  1. Obviously a fake. No way a lizard is going to last that long with a game dog around.
  2. Thanks for the music and memories. RIP Mr. Carmen
  3. Good job! Something that small takes a lot of patience and skill. Judging from this and other items that you've made an posted pictures/videos of...you have plenty of both!.
  4. Not to worry, Hannah Guiterrez-Reed is the armorer.
  5. He's standing right next to Al Gore.
  6. There Goes Another Love Song - Outlaws Btw, they still do concerts at the Capitol Theater in Clearwater Fl every few months.
  7. I forgot about the neck, ears and sideburn shaves. He does that every time. Guess I just don't think about it after all these years. They require the same "continuing education" certificates here also as he has them posted prominently. Ya know, if one really thinks about it, your barber is probably the person that gets the closest to you while you're in a vulnerable position, that you least know yet for some reason, trust. I've been to my barber's house, had drinks with him and his wife on occasion...but how many do that? Glad to have a long time barber.
  8. Most young adults think they are bulletproof and never gonna die...they do stupid s***. Be glad that your son wasn't with them that night. Sometimes it doesn't work out that way.
  9. I saw one about 30 years ago or so in Florida. Got dark(er) for a few minutes. Meh. I can't believe the money some folks are spending on travel, etc. to see it but it's not my money. I'd much rather watch a good meteor shower any time.
  10. I'll never forget the first time (and only time) my barber used a straight razor to give me a shave. I had only gone to him for a few times at that point. I always was a horror movie fan and my gal (at the time) had just rented Dressed to Kill, with Michael Caine as a killer that killed with a straight razor, and watched it a few day before. My barber announced that he was going to give me a shave "on the house" because he didn't have anything else to do. I didn't really think anything about...until he pulled out that straight razor and started running it back and forth across the strop. That's when that little thing in your head says "There's no one here but him and me...I hope he's not some kind of deranged killer". Even thought I was highly apprehensive about it, I let him do it. Gotta tell ya'll, I wasn't impressed. The shave was okay but not as close as the Trac II razor I was using at the time. He never offered to do it again and I never asked him to do it again. I'm still going to the same barber 42 years later. I sure do hope Fred, my barber, never retires.
  11. So you can track it AFTER it's stolen? Best to be pro-active, not re-active. Don't leave your guns in your vehicle, take them into the room with you. If you leave the room go out for a meal or such, put them back in your vehicle, park near a window at the restaurant and request a seat that you can see the vehicle from. Take every precaution that you can. Sure, it's a pain in the a** but so is filling out a police report, insurance report (if you have that type insurance) and replacing the stolen items. I've seen way too many people have their guns/leather/ammo/accoutrements stolen from their vehicles in hotel parking lots at large matches. I don't want it to happen to me.
  12. Uh huh...and he loves her for her cooking and sparkling conversation.
  13. That's what they were going for in the US before the plague. Winchester SP @ $60 per K. I'd buy as much as I could at that price...things are going to get pretty nasty by November 5 and I think things will be in short supply again.
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