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  1. I had one of those TVs, it didn't have landing gear either.
  2. It isn't often that I agree with you 100%, but you are spot on. Great post Creeker!
  3. My grand score is 0 and proud of it. BTW - A zero score means you've done all 20. Just got to read the instructions guys!
  4. For the last three years before I "retired", I worked mostly as the ground man on a 65' bucket truck repairing parking lot lighting, signs, etc. It was an easy job most of the time that paid well and I was glad to have a no brainer (for the most part) job at the end of my career. I got to where I could spot panhandlers coming just by their mannerisms. Most of them I headed off by asking them for money before they could ask me, that worked most of the time. We did monthly maintenance on the aging 55' - 1000 watt metal halide parking lot lights at a place named International Mall near Tampa International Airport. International Mall has 4 entrances consisting of 2 main entrances at either end of the parking lot and 2 sub entrances in the middle. International Mall is a mall for the rich and wealthy. It is very common to see $500,000++ cars in the parking lot mixed with the lowly $100,000 cars. Every time we would go to that mall for maintenance, we would use the west entrance with dual turn lanes into the mall. Every time there was a skinny black man of about 50 years old that would walk the turn lane island with a cardboard sign that usually said "Please Help". One day we were working on lights at that entrance when he approached us asking for a water, which I gave him. We started talking and after about 5 minutes, I asked him how much money he made every day working that entrance. What he told me was astounding. On normal days, he made anywhere from $150 to $250 daily for the 3 hours he "worked". During the Christmas season he would make $500 to $750 daily for the 3 hours he "worked". That's all CASH...free and untaxed. When he finished "working" he would walk about a block down the street, away from the mall, and drive off in a fairly new upper end black Cadillac. I've watched other panhandlers get into similar vehicles and drive away. Most of the ones that would approach me in the parking lots were on foot and always had some pre-concocted sob story that was too intricate to be close to being true. I always loved the ones who came walking up to me begging for money...with a cell phone in one hand and a cigarette in the other. This being a family type forum prevents me from revealing what my words were to these people. I won't give panhandlers money or anything else to support them or their drug/alcohol addiction.
  5. Saw one on a corner with a sign that read - "Won't lie, want beer". I gave him a dollar, the only one I've ever given money to. Original question - The cartoon bucket is filled too much with money. Start with 5 or 6 one dollar bills. It's enough that people think that other people have donated to your "cause" but not so much to make people think that you'll be rich by the end of the day. For many of the people that panhandle, that's their job...and they make damn good money doing it. I've witnessed panhandlers first hand, many times over the years. Watched some pack up, leave their "station" and leave in expensive vehicles. Others really didn't have a pot to piss in.
  6. Come on man...how could you not like Arnold?
  7. Photoshopped. Streets don't cross streets..
  8. Many different reasons for the decline in membership and active participation in CAS/CAS matches/SASS membership but (IMO) the major reason is that discretionary income has decreased or dried up entirely. Plenty of reasons for that also, inflated prices being the leading cause. I estimated that a normal monthly CAS match cost about $85 to attend. That's ammo, fuel and match fees. Doesn't include vehicle insurance, maintenance, etc. To begin in CAS with competitive equipment will run $4,500 to $5,000. No, it's not as expensive as some other games or hobbies but when it comes to putting food on the table or paying the mortgage...CAS loses. I've been shooting CAS since 1997 and a SASS member since 1998. SASS have been on the decline since about 2004 or 05. Many different reasons for the decline not the least of which is the complete lack of effort on the part of SASS to promote themselves and CAS...but that's just one chip off a big iceberg.
  9. I must confess that I leave my volume set on mute most of the time so I didn't hear the audio. Looked like the Pacific Northwest to me.
  10. Maybe the Beach Boy (I think there's only one still alive) will make a new song about it "Loggin USA".
  11. I guess it would all depend upon the circumstances. It's really a one shot .45acp derringer, hardly an offensive gun. Nostalgia aside, still a pos though. Still would like to have one.
  12. Isn't the car on the left a Superbird?
  13. It was a short range (5' mol) last stand weapon. A cheap pos then and an expensive pos now. I'd love to have one.
  14. It wouldn't be for me, it would be for all of the people asking WTC.
  15. Aren't you just so glad you asked?
  16. Okay, a short time will be fine.
  17. Things in CA/LA haven't changed much over the last 50 years have they.
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