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  1. I have just started to wet tumble, the lead level was up to 24.0 

    Did one fairly large batch of 45c deprimed, no pins, Dawn and lemishine.  Real clean, dried them in a disposable baking sheet sitting under the wood stove.  


    did a batch of 45 70 that had been soaked, but not cleaned, deprimed them and used the pins.  Really clean now, but man those pins are evil.  Probably save them for the BP stuff only.  


    Lead has come down by 3 points, but here in New England we are not shooting much these days.  

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  2. 27 minutes ago, Eyesa Horg said:

    I also like the convenience of just going down to my room and making what I need, compared to trying to find them available! A MEC 600jr. would be an inexpensive loader to start with.

    The ability to custom load for this sport, or any other, makes the initial investment worth it.  Especially with trying to find commercial rounds for a designated purpose, in the quantity we can go through. 

    Without doing current calculations, $7.50 a box feels about right.  Shot being the single most costly component.  

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  3. Well the lightest load is one that reliably gets the bullet out of the barrel and has enough pressure to reseat the primer.   (found all of this out with experience) 

    When using trail boss I used 5.4g with a 200 g bullet.  Recoil is mild enough gives about 700 fps and has a reliable POA.  

    Also takes any knock down presented.  


    With Trail boss becoming impossible to find, I have switched to Titegroup, 5 g under a 200g bullet same velocity, but more perceived recoil.  And boy it is small pile of powder in the large 45c case! 


    Just got some Clean shot, and yet to make up a load for it, but I am optimistic as it seems a fair number of people use it.  


    Less recoil and a slower/lighter bullet may be achievable, but if they squib or do not "do their job" what good is it? 





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  4. I keep a spray can of remoil, small bottle of gun oil, multi tool gunsmith tool kit, and a shotgun bore brush. Lead wipes and an old dirty rag for wiping down things.  

    Timer, spare ammo, picker materials and a squib rod.  

    I don't want to cart around more stuff than I need.  

    For multi day shoots spare guns, real tools and cleaning stuff is in the conveyance 

  5. LGS in my area has a bunch of LPP and SPP by Remington. 

    I am just a little hesitant to purchase 1k and find out they do not work in the cowboy guns. (Yes they have had work but work with Winchester and federals, I asked for them to do so as what use is a gun if it will not function) 


    so does anyone use the Remington primers?  


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  6. I started with a Lee Pro 1000.   Added the case collator 4 tube set up with the feeder funnel, as well as the 4 tube bullet feeder set up, additional bullet tubes and a couple more primer trays.   Granted this was 16 years ago, but with a scale, powder funnel and some other accessories I found I needed I spent maybe $450.00 

    The press dis sometimes need some tweaking, but so does a Dillon or any other press, it is a machine, and things get out of time.  


    The Lee press was frustrating at times, but usually it was something I was or was not doing, like keeping it clean!  


    The three hole set up does not allow for a powder check, my solution was a small dowel, with a sharpie mark at the edge of the case with my preferred powder load carefully measured and in the case at "normal" operating speeds, I kept the dowel in my left hand, and placed in into every case before the bullet feeder placed a bullet on the case.    This simple solution quickly became the norm, and with every pull of the handle you get a loaded and consistent loaded cartridges.


    Filling three or 4 primer trays, and the extra bullet feeder tubes prior to a loading session, I could load 300 or more per hour, which I also found was about my limit for loading before the ADHD kicks in and my mind wanders from the task at hand. 


    I loaded on this press for 10 years, 6-8k per year until a fellow cowboy was down sizing and I bought a used 550.  Which for all intensive purposes has about the same load rate, but without the auto index, which I do miss. 







  7. 17 hours ago, Cockney Rebel said:

    Unfortunately I forgot how much of a mental game it is too.  The MD set some easy stages but I miscounted my shots on a Lawrence well sweep with pistols and went to holster after 4 shots, the MD called that I had one more but my body was already moving to holster, my brain froze and I dropped my pistol with one live round…Match DQ!  No one’s fault but my own.

    I believe we may all have had a day or two when our brain just says "NOPE!" and things like this happen.  IMHO it's about how we handle the situation, get upset with yourself for a minute or two, take a dep breath, and posse back up.  There are probably very few people in SASS who have not had a MDQ at some point for some reason.  On the plus side you still get to see and be with your friends and hopefully still get the lunch after! 

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