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  1. Howdy Nawlins, I shoot 45's in my 73, before each match I spray the carrier/bolt and get a little into the action of rem oil, then wipe off the residual oil. Internally I use Shooters choice all weather firearm grease, which claims to be stable from -60 to 350 degrees. As for cleaning the gun, when I notice the rem oil not loosing things up enough it gets cleaned probably every 100-120 stages so 1000-1200 rounds. I should clean it more as it does run so much nicer, but after 10 rounds with titegroup powder it's back to being dirty, why bother
  2. Chicago Screws can be found at your local tack store. If you ALWAYS have your holsters in the same place they work. If you arrange the holsters per stage, or push em back when working they are not a good choice. If you are referring to holsters coming UP with the gun when drawn, there are other methods to fix this. One of which is some silicone or the like on the inside of the holsters, you want a slightly snug fit but not have to wrestle them out. (i use KG9 but I believe they have stopped making it, or so I have heard) Another thing to do is get some small pieces of fairly firm leather, mark where the bottom of your belt is on the holster, below this attached a small rectangle of leather with rivets or Chicago screws, make sure when the holster goes onto the belt this flap is on the outside of the belt, this will work as a hold down for the holster.
  3. We have a club here in Connecticut that likes shotgun targets, they even made 10-10-8+ window decals 6 to 8 shotgun per stage at a monthly is normal, at their annual 6,8,10 Shotgun stages, plus make ups. It is known to those of us in the neighborhood to bring plenty of shells. But to the OP, my belt holds 12 and I have a pouch where I keep 4 to 6 more, as I have been known to forget to restock the belt. I also wear a separate SG belt that sits just above my gun belt.
  4. My answer to the OP question is yes and no. As a squaw paw shooter @Eyesa Horg if I can move to the pistol shooting position and draw/transition my left gun then I will restage on the table and while doing so draw the right one. If the movement dictates drawing the right first then usually that goes back to leather while I am drawing and presenting the left gun tot he right hand. The key to safely staging the first revolver is to PUT it down, do not drop it from 4" above the table, put ti where you want it so it stays and does not fall or break the 170. Practicing and having the option and knowing you are going to do it does save a fraction of a second and as CBB(I believe) said those tenths add up.
  5. I have shot two matches with my new pair. Much brighter and crisper than the 14 year old pair I had been using.
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