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  1. Hello to All, I am offering a BRAND NEW, NEVER WORN pair of Frontier Classics men’s trousers, dark walnut brown in color. Button fly, belt in back, in size 42 waist and 36 length. Price is $45.00 shipped to you. Thanks for your time, and stay safe out there. Regards, Sgt. Q
  2. Hey Pard, zip is 95624. I’ll clear out some old messages and see if that helps.
  3. Thank you sir, hope those folks get lots of help down there. Wish the duster was one size bigger…
  4. I will take the Wrangler xxl shirt with snaps, if it is still available. PM me with details. No rush, if you want to hold off until after Christmas, that is ok. I will need to wait til the 26th or 27th to send payment.
  5. Hello to All, I am offering an Imperial Russian Navy belt buckle, with the two-headed Romanov eagle superimposed over crossed anchors. I really do not know if this item is original or replica, but it really doesn’t matter, as it has been converted into a regular trouser belt configuration. I got it some 25 or more years ago from an acquaintance who made frequent trips to Russia and was a nut for naval do-dads. Because it has been altered, it is not collectible, so I am selling it as a replica. Would work for a gun belt, if you wanted to use it that way. The buckle will accommodate up to 1.5” wide belts. $35 shipped to you. Any Russian Bill personas out there? Thanks for your time. Regards, Sgt.Q
  6. Hello to All, I am offering a brand new, never fired Howell 5 shot conversion cylinder for a Pietta 1860 Army. I am asking $260 shipped for this item. Thank you for your time. Regards, Sgt. Q
  7. I will take the 1862 if it is still available. Send contact info- I will be out of town for a couple of days, but will send payment on Tuesday, assuming we have a deal.
  8. If you can push that up to a size 12, I have a pair you can have for $50 bucks. Brown, with mule ears.
  9. If the #3 holster will fit a Pietta Remington New Model Army (also known as an 1858 Remington) I will go $50.00 for it, if you are open to offers.
  10. Hello to All, I am offering a very fancy sheath knife of a sort popular in the 1850s-1860s. The blade is seven inches and the grip is four inches. 11 inches overall length. Perfect for a gambler impression or a Civil War soldier. Included is a black border stamped leather belt sheath. I have no information on the age or maker of the knife, so I offer it as is. $40.00 shipped to you. Thanks for your time.
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