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  1. I am going to pass on this item. A friend wants to buy my Uberti Remington with the conversion cylinder. Sorry for the false start.
  2. Hello to All, I’m selling a Lyman marked, Uberti made .44 calibre New Model Army revolver. Overall very good condition, although the grips have shrunk a little and are slightly small on the grip frame. Front sight has been reshaped a bit, but not disfigured. Photo shows all. $175.00 shipped to your door. Thanks for your time.
  3. Hello to All, I am offering a small, playing card sized tintype carte de visite group photo of four very smartly dressed couples. I have no idea who the people depicted are, or exactly when the image was taken. Perhaps not the bonniest couples, but a fun image. $20.00 shipped in a bubble wrapped envelope. Check is fine, or cash. Thanks for your time.
  4. Hello to All, I am looking for an R&D conversion cylinder to fit my PIETTA- made Remington 1858 new model army revolver. Does anyone have one they’d part with? Please PM me if you have one. Thanks for Your time.
  5. Hello to All, I am offering a PIETTA-made pocket model .31 caliber 5- shot revolver. My hands aren’t able to operate it, so I never shot it (arthritis). I am asking $220 shipped for this little gem, a real bargain. Checks or money orders, please- I. Don’t do PayPal. Holster and flask are available seperately, if you are interested... we can talk. UPDATE- price reduced to $200 shipped. Thank you for your time.
  6. I have an Uberti-made stock that fits my Colt Signature model like a glove. Hope you find one.
  7. Need any powder flasks? I’ve got a dandy rifle stock shaped small flask - think pocket revolver size. I’d throw in a Colt or Remington type flask, your choice. Or, I have a nice basket weave pattern brass flask, or maybe one with a nude Greek god type figure in a forest setting. That one will get noticed! Other items might tickle your fancy, if the flasks don’t.
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