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  1. 15 hours ago, Pugilist sass1006 said:

    Sorry for delay in response, Cancer treatment kickin my ass this week. Will fix you a great package in a couple of days.



    Sorry to hear that!  Without knowing your cancer or treatments, just want to suggest to you to look into Keytruda immunotherapy as it assisted me after 10 chemo treatments to beat Stage 4 metastatic colon cancer and possibly it could help your battle as well. Good luck and God Bless!

  2. A long time ago I had heard that there was a discussion between Hugh O’Brien and Audie Murphy on who was the faster draw, Hugh was starring in the Wyatt Earp TV series and was boasting about being the fastest draw, even faster than Audie Murphy!  Word got back to Audie on the set of one of his western movies and Audie, chuckled and said why don’t they have a show down, but with real bullets. Hugh never took him up on it. 

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  3. 4 minutes ago, Reverend P. Babcock Chase said:

    Howdy Nimble,


    Some '87s had a lever with a loop that was two pieces the lower one moved a fraction of an inch down when cycled. Some kind of a locking/unlocking deal I believe, kind of like what I think ;you see on some Win. 95 rifles. My Chinese '87 had that welded shut when it was slickered (the weld has since let go with no seeming difference in operation).


    By the way, the gun in the review operated better than any unmodified '87 I've ever seen, especially mine.


    Rev. Chase 

    Thank you sir!  You are a gentleman and a scholar. Appreciate the “lesson”. 

  4. 14 hours ago, H. K. Uriah, SASS #74619 said:

    Looks pretty good.  I've got one by Chiappa, their "Terminator" model, which has an 18.5" barrel and a pistol grip stock.  (And a solid lever)  Not SASS legal in that config for some reason, but fun.  I assume Cimarrons Terminator will be similar.   

    If the 28" barrel version has fixed/full choke, I'll be interested.  If screw ins, I don't know.

    Solid Lever?  Not sure what you mean?  Got an original, but haven’t shot it. Thx in advance for the clarification. 

  5. On 1/22/2024 at 10:14 PM, Abilene Slim SASS 81783 said:

    I’m guessing .44 mag has more marketing appeal, perhaps a holdover from Dirty Harry movies. .45 Colt just sounds old and .44 Mag must be better than .357 mag, because bigger is always better, right? 

    Hunting boar, deer, etc usually is more successful with .44mag, but I have a friend who loves .45 Colt and continues to bombard me with articles about .45 Colt abilities.   Perhaps the other reason is the “tactical” rifle perspective, and most view .44 mag as tactical round. 

  6. 11 minutes ago, The Surgeon said:

    Could be a nice alternative to a Ruger if its as reliable. 

    I would think it is as good if not better than the Gaucho they had a long time ago. Limited Lifetime Warranty, with CNC machined parts should be smooth enough for most, but I am sure there will be those who will want to modify them and we will hear more then. But at $606, they are priced comparably. 

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  7. 2 hours ago, Griff said:

    If you're gonna spew nonsense, be prepared to be schooled!  Winchester Repeating Arms became defunct when it went into receivership in 1931, subsequently bought out by Western Cartridge Company in 1934, a subsidiary of the Olin Corporation .  So, "Winchester" hasn't made arms since 1934.  Olin made Winchester firearms until 1983 when the New Haven plant was sold to the US Repeating Arms and produced firearms with the Winchester name under license from Olin Corp.  They ultimately got swallowed up by Fabrique National, who closed the New Haven plant in 2006.  And subsequently were granted a license to produce firearms with the Winchester name in their Miroku subsidiary's plant in Japan.  Similarly to how Browning Firearms were made there.  (Browning is also an entity owned by FN).


    Second, the Winchester mdl 94 is an engineering marvel from the genius of JM Browning.  A medium power rifle in a slim, trim, quick handling lightweight carbine.  Just as  Thomas G. Bennett requested.  The mdl 94 was first produced in a pistol cartridge in 1969, a 44 Rem Magnum.  The 45 Colt was introduced in the mdl 94AE in 1985.  Parts are mostly interchangeable,, except the bolt for an AE won't work with a top eject (pre-'83, USRA receiver).


    Thirdly, the mdl 94 and mdl '73 share a similar length factory lever stroke, so it doesn't really lose anything to a factory '73 in that regard.  The stroke is a little "clunky" as the bottom of the receiver drops out of the receiver in order to facilitate the longer rifle length cases.  The factory lever stroke on the mdl 1892 Winchester is slightly shorter than the mdl 94 and mdl '73, minutely longer than the Marlin mdl 1894.   A well tuned Winchester mdl 1892 was THE go to rifle for CAS prior to the development of the short stroked '73.   A properly set up Marlin in the hands of a skilled shooter was a good match for the 1892.  Any of which is far better platforms for a pistol length cartridge than the mdl 94.  

    Thanks for the info, I didn’t know any of it, including FN owns Miroku!  I enjoyed the “lesson”!

  8. Thanks Cockney, gave it to my friend last night and he was touched!  Appreciate the opportunity of buying it and your quick shipping!  Made me a little homesick for my parents’ place in Green Valley where we will visit and then go to Tombstone so I could walk around healed!  Have a great day!  

  9. On 12/7/2016 at 10:48 PM, John Boy said:

    Virgil Ray Hality

    Col Nathan Riddles

    Mohave Gambler

    Howdy Doody

    Pigeonroost Slim

    Mean Matt McCord

    Big Ed - driven off the Wire by Chiz!

    Boy do I feel foolish I just responded to 2.5 year old post!  Well if it’s old news it’s old news. And I think Phantom’ ok, but we just have our differences of opinion on certain topics. 

    However I still and will miss all of the people posted!  As I said I learned a lot. 


    Unfortunately Big Ed passed on. I meant in outside of Tombstone and ordered two “Duke” style holsters for my son’s Colt Nebraska Commemoratives and then in Old Tucson Studios where he had opened a shop!  I consider myself a big man at 6’1” but I had to look up to Big Ed!  I remember the rest in your post from way past too. 

    For those of you missing Phantom, he and I spar occasionally here on the Wire. He is back unless I got the wrong Phantom  

    we do miss all of their wisdom!  I learned a lot from the lot of them!

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