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  1. I think he meant in the United States of America Not Mexico. Lol
  2. Does anyone really think Iran is going to stop the pursuit of nuclear weapons!
  3. He probably didn't know that they don't sell 45 ammo anymore. Idiot. Thank goodness nobody was injured.
  4. Well anyone who replied is a bone head - of course except me. Lol
  5. Augustus Goodnight- 118° and still dressing the part ! Crazy
  6. I bought one of $9100
  7. What no Home Depots in Camp Verde.
  8. No red caps or shirts with guns on them. Put cap in back pocket and turn shirts inside out.
  9. This is the SKB I bought at Goodwill for $9.72. Picture shows 2 rifle cases and 2 pistol cases. There's room for 2 more of each. Wheels and metal locks. I went to the Goodwill store in the retirement community in Sun City Az. It has lots of golfers and x golfers. Boy did I get lucky!
  10. Throw it Across the room then it will be a UFO! Dilemma solved.
  11. Just got back from Goodwill picked up SKB hard case golf club travel case. Life time warranty it is airline approved and it has Wheels. After 25% off it came to $9.42 . Thinking it will hold 4 long guns in soft cases and many pistols. Its 48"×12"×11" Soon as I get someone to get the soft cases out of the attic I'll have a better idea what it will hold. Did I mention it was $9.42 !
  12. 90 % of mass shootings happen in gun free zones. I would never carry my gun open, makes u the first target. I carry in gun free zones and no one would ever know it unless I had to use it ! I can't see a 80 year old greeters stopping anyone carrying a gun!
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