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  1. Well he's gonna need a perfect match at Landrun, tell him I'm Comin and Hells Comin with me.
  2. Come on= it's to keep them Safe. Lol
  3. This is the only Match in the world that people worry about getting in ! That's the reason so many shooters get their apps in the first day! Waiting is definitely worrisome so please send out Emails to the lucky shooters. Lol
  4. I didn't mean for people not to send there apps in. I've been on the waiting list before and got into the Match!!!
  5. Estrella why ? If you shoot offen it's to far west and to much drive time. Not only that the I-10 sucks! ( heavy traffic) Just my opinion.
  6. If your app wasn't delivered by Wednesday u might want to worry.
  7. Sold out! 400 applications the first day and they're only Taking 320 . ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ☆JUST FOOLING ☆
  8. Apps in the mail and already halfway there.
  9. Let's not! So you're the one that likes Rank points! How many Btt will it take to be #1 Well I guess you can tell it's raining here in Phoenix = can't go outside and play.
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