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  1. If it is safe to walk from a to b as instructed, why complicate things? Go to the unloading table as directed. Put down all four. Solve the malfunction. Holster and pick up long guns. Go to loading table as directed. Put down all four. Go get needed items to finish loading. Finish loading. When called, pick up and go play ciwboy.. Don't overthink it.
  2. Cap n ball guns that are loaded can be safely transported like any other live/loaded handgun. Holstered works best. "Safe direction" otherwise. As long as muzzle control is appropriate, and the shuffle/transport is per Timer Operator direction, and no one gets swept, no big deal. Folks over think this stuff on edge cases. Shooters can and do run with loaded revolver(s) in hand at the line. Safely. Walking a gun should not be a major concern, again as TO/RO directed. Some rules are arbitrary, yes. If folks refrained from arguing when they done wrong, the rulebook would still fit in a pocket.
  3. "Safely assist shooter through the course of fire" Avoid arguing edge cases unless I am there. As unloading table person. I try to make sure the shooter arrives timely, and doesn't wander early.
  4. I keep saying it, and will again here. Four down first. As soon as you the shooter get to the unloading table, put down the long guns then -immediately- table your pistols. Every. Single. Time. Four down on the table, first. Don't talk. Don't listen. Don't clear. Dont sign scores. Dont holler for tools. Dont argue. Don't-nothing- until four down on the table, first. Ideally, do nothing but clear until done. Broken gun last. Then converse, cuss, coach, gloat, whatever. And table officer, keep the kibbtzers away until four down on the table first, and clear. You too. Four, down, first.
  5. Uniquetek.com sells a very good 66/73 magazine plug wrench. I always have one in my gun-aid kit.
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