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  1. The new Mercedes! http://sundown.me.uk/technology/mercedes-aa-class.mp4
  2. Using closed captions, when available, works for me, especially watching British tv. Using wireless bluetooth headphones is good if you can set them up to your system, added bonus is that it allows you to watch tv without bothering anyone else but does tend to isolate you from others watching programs with you. There are also settings on some tvs that alow you to decrease background sound and enhance voices. Sound bars are ok, but check closed caption first
  3. I think the original ones were brass, and well done. I think they changed them to steel in the 70s as needed to replace them, used to see the old ones for sale in antique stores. I haven't seen any for years on Highway 101 or El Camino real as the old 101 is known as as it passes through the various towns.
  4. Yeah. I know they have to pay bills too, but no thanks.
  5. I shot FCD with mine for 7 yrs. As slim says, they come with Army and Navy sized grips, they clean up easily with ease from shooting BP, and they are the most natural pointing pistol I have ever shot. And you can buy new barrels and a cylinder and change calibers if desired. I have a 45 cal pair and shoot 45 Schofield bp loads, they are a fairly light pistol.
  6. It's a request, not a mandate. So I could just say no. No to the request and no to the jeans, I've worn Wranglers since the 70s anyway
  7. Hey! If you ever find this... go get some REAL powder to fill those cases-- BLACK Powder!

  8. I"ll add a comment!

    You are a great dancer, will try to meet up in Prescott to do more

  9. Thought I would stop by again to say hello!You added more interests info, nice personal photo--MDJ

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