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  1. I feel your pain, fellas. My '04 Mazda SUV has nary a scratch on her and just turned 160,000. Unfortunately, she has this phantom electrical problem that I'm afraid might do her in. I have things like dash lights going off and on, instrument lights going off and on, radio works sometimes etc. We'll have to see what happens next. I've warned Uno that she may decide she's tired of me and turn herself into a car-b-que. We'll see.

    Have your car checked very carefully for mice.

  2. I made one out of a 3/16 nut driver. Cut a slot the proper width and ground the OD to fit my Remingtons. Also opened up the area around the nipples on the Remingtons. So far it has lasted 4 years. Screwdriver handle is easier to handle. If you are careful when filing the slot it will fit better than most nipple wrenches and won't deform the nipples.

  3. I had my roof replaced 2 years ago. The contractor was recommended by my agent. I upgraded to architectural shingles for not a lot of money. His crew tore off and installed 28 square in 13 hours and cleaned up. The company is in Foristell Mo. If you are interested in him giving you an estimate send me a PM and I will provide you with his number.

    His original estimate was within $40 of the adjuster's.

  4. My MIL is German. She makes Christmas cookies every year. Her Anise cookies are very light. Most of her cookies are ground nuts held together with meringue with a simple icing. Some like her almond bread are very hard and intended for dunking. Out of the 3 dozen or so I received on Dec. 23rd I have 2 left.

  5. I have a 686-2 with 4 position front sight. Made for the silouhette game. I never adjust the front sight. It is the most accurate pistol I own. My fun gun is a 19 2 1/2 inch barrel. I also used to own Colt revolvers. Prefer S+W.

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